Monday, March 15, 2010



with drake dropping so far so gone in february 2009, j. cole's the warm up which dropped last june was waaaaay overshadowed. his style is different or maybe just a throwback to ol' school rhymin. lyrical, witty, spitting fast but clear enough for us to get the punchlines/metaphors. who was the last rapper you know reppin' north carolina? PETEY PABLO?!?! or the ville as cole likes to say it. after hearing "lights please," which is a deep song bout the world's problems/freaking a girl, jay-z had no problem making j. cole his first signed artist on his new label roc nation. hov even being nice enough to allow j. cole to have a verse on a "star is born," off the blueprint 3, which was flames!!! k so this mixtape obviously helped j. cole blow up, but if you get the chance listen to "the come up," just as dope! if you don't appreciate this, you don't appreciate hip hop.

here's a link in case you don't know what a j. cole is?!

notable tracks:
welcome - sets the tone for the mixtape. spits hard
grown simba - love the lion king analogy
lights please - reason he got signed, this girl sounds crazy
world is empty - death gotta be easy cus life is hard. grind music
dreams - girl of my dreams? can i stalk you for a minute??!!
winter break (interlude) - GO INNN!!!
knock, knock - smoooooth. let's get lifted


Jeppree said...

holy Hip HoP, batman! haha this is too much hip hop for me to absorb so i can't really comment on your post today. You should work for streetz FM. I'll apply at 102 clear and replace Delilah.

peace, Bro!

(haha im still laughing about finding out you're a blogger)

syntifik said...

hahaha WHO CARES JEFF.. im just glad ur commenting!! i love comments..! ill email you my other blog when i get a chance.. i've actually been blogging since 2004.. six years of blogging and shit! you've been missing out! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

We should play basketbal, i dont know that pic just makes me want to play.


Anonyboss said...

Hey this guy looks like Chris Brown lol. I don't get how some people can just "get famous", especially rappers. In my opinion, some people like J. Cole and Drake are just lucky that they chose the right tracks to mix with their rhymes. cuz alot of people make tracks and "think" they sound good, so thats why i say Drake is lucky for picking tracks that Fans "think" are good too. I think we all heard better and we all heard far worse. its just crazy trying to realize how many people are out going for the same thing, playing the hip hop game.

Anonymous said...

i love j cole!!!! n i love ur playlists....always dope shit! get on botch.

syntifik said...

bianca: down any day baby! let me know when you have a day off..!! & we shall ball.

anonyboss: agreed, we must combine our lyric skills and whip up something to "beamer benz or bentley" that shit is hot fire right now. so many people are trying to get on.. i was on worldstarhiphop looking through all the vids, saying shit like, "i dunno who that is.. dunno who you are.. i can't even say ur name".. and wowzers.. i will never be able to keep up with the madness. drake is lucky, he's okay, i'm not his number one fan or none.. but i get the attraction. you like him?

anonymous: thanks.. i will get on.

kanJay Chedda said...

sick mixtape!! J.Cole is definitely appreciated! his flow is better than Drakes, and you know i love Drake so that's saying a lot to me. He's like the next generation Nas, so I was wondering when you'd mention him on your blog. Grown Simba is sick! my fav track on the mixtape...he also kills Wale on Beautiful Bliss, his verse is so much better than wale's 2. that is all i've got to say off the fly about this guy. Ciao!

syntifik said...

wowww.. j cole is better than drake.. i is really surprised you said it though. agreed about beautiful bliss.. THAT VERSE IS FIRE!! "and dinner with hov hoping that he pass the baton.. he just pass the patron.." and when he goes into the "im rough sex, im on deck, im up next, im success, so fuck stress.." ohhhh myyy godd. love him!