Monday, December 30, 2013


Friday, December 27, 2013


Thursday, December 19, 2013


I'm fucking exhausted, forever, aren't I?!

Totes becoming my mom.

Work-a-holic. 7 days a week.

What is life.

I want ice cream.

I'm an old baba.

I turn my phone on silent a lot now cuz I'm like shhhh, no. It's sleepy beddy times, talk to me never. Even when I'm not sleeping yet.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I was on a Montreal bus with this song playing in my headphones, on loop. It had just dropped, and made me so sad, in an appreciative way. I was on a Montreal bus with this song playing in my headphones when I got a text message that my cousin had passed.

Santigold came on in the car today, and I completely lost it. Some how it placed me on a bus in Montreal and I hated it. It's still not fair.

I don't believe in God like when I was little, but if you exist in any universe, any dimension, any world, or if any particle was taken by the wind or the rain, I swear.. part of that comes to me whenever I hear this song. Miss you, you fuckin' punk. Life sucks without you. Life fuckin' sucks, and I wish you were here to tell me to shut up.


There is something so beautiful about Gambino. This man has so much talent. I haven't listened to "Because the Internet" yet. I don't personally iTune, and I refuse to listen to it until a hard copy is in my hands. With the exception of "3005", of course. I'm terrified to listen to it. I mean, the whole Instagram thing, the whole depression thing, the whole suicide and drugs thing makes me teeerrified. I won't not listen to it, though, because I'm also just as insanely excited.. As much as I'm expecting this album to be dark, I'm also expecting it to be an honest masterpiece.
I also hope, that Gambino can find himself again, and enjoy his work. I've always thought that multi-talented intellects find themselves depressed because they know too much. They see too much bad, and see too much good. They seem to have escaped the blindfolds we all put on.

Anyways, this freestyle kicks butt and so does he and please buy his album, and if he ever quits music or acting or writing or film-making or producing or stand-up, then for fuck's sake, support that too. Do you Gambino, you're the best at whatever you decide.. and if "Because the Internet" ever ends up being the last thing you create, I'll be sad but thankful. You the man, dawg.


This song is delicious. All kinds of sexy for this one. Oh lawd.
Twrk, Koreless, ugh! Gah! Something! So great!


Monday, December 16, 2013


Pick your poison.

Excuse me.

I want to drown in this man. Seriously soak it all up and just, ugh. Yes. Best. Two vids for one song?! Yes please.

Let's not forget Abella Anderson.

We see you, girl.


Monday, December 9, 2013


The winter blues are seriously getting to me. I'm so emotional. Up down. Up. Down. Down. Down. Up. Up. Up down. I'm going to try and get back on regular sleeping hours and hopefully that will help. Ugh whatever, I'm so sad I don't even care right now. Sleep is stupid. I love sleep. What are these.

It's probably like super cool right now to be sad anyways. I'm like totally trending.

Just wanna be a loner loser for the week.
Loner loser is sometimes my favesies.

What does it all mean though.


This is the best.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


It's so cold out, that your eyelashes get ice crystals on them once you're outside, then they stick together. Your scarf has ice on it from your breath and turns damp once you get inside. As soon as you approach your destination you think, "I CAN'T CARRY ON, I WON'T MAKE IT". Your thighs sting, you can't feel your feet, and your hands are useless..

This weather has definitely put me in hibernation mode. I haven't been partying, I've stayed sober for more than a month now. Which is cool, everyone needs a break sometimes.. but I am so fucking bored. I want to go out and listen to good music and high five all my friends, now I don't necessarily need alcohol to do that, but my schedule hasn't even allowed it. I'm tired at 10 pm. I've been working six days a week. The errand list never gets finished.

How much do I complain about this?! Haha. Prolly too much. Listen, I'm not super mad about it. I'm just a little exhausted. I never feel like you should party unless you worked hard to deserve it. Partying is a reward. It's a break from the hard work. Unless you're like, constantly getting belligerent and doing drugs and stuff, then you should just go get a job and organize yourself.

Wow, this entry is going to so many places. What was my point?

Oh yeah, it's cold and stuff, so I'm in hiding mode.. but I miss y'all and will appear soon. Keep a beer cold for me. Thanks byyyyyeeeeeee!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Oh, Mikey Bolts. Marry me.


The things she's saying though.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013