Saturday, October 27, 2012


A few Halloweens ago I bumped into you at a party. I had to go to the bathroom and when I opened the door you were in there. On the floor. With an open briefcase surrounded with fake money. I wasn't even phased, didn't wonder why you were on the floor at all, but I did have one question, "HEY! YAY! What the hell is all this fake money for?!". You replied, "It's for throwing, Jesus you're dumb. Here. Let's get drunk.", and handed me the hugest bottle of the most disgusting vodka I have ever tasted.
We danced and threw money all night.

Still trying to tone down my excitement of the thought of possibly running into you tonight. Wish it were true. Miss you like crazy. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A mandatory class. A mandatory class which you essentially need to complete the semester. A one time class. Five hours of your life. The class is on October 24, 2012. Your semester ends November 5, 2012. Fucking sounds easy as shit, right?
Your class is cancelled. They tell you five hours before you have the class to make sure you can't get into the others because they're all full.

I'll tell you what that is! TONS OF FUN. It's also kind of wack.

So should I just drop out now, or walk out wih my pants down, my hands in the air, asking, "WHO WANT IT!"?

Friday, October 19, 2012


Having the most terrible day ever, might I quickly add before I head out the door. I have to get this quick rant in so I can actually breathe tonight. Didn't get the placement I wanted, got told I was trying to make myself something I'm not, CRANKY as fuckskies, my phone battery broke, told I was dressed inappropriately, a 92% final grade in a class is no good to my Asian mother (I don't even study mom, cut me a break!), criticized for being a vegetarian today, dunno why my blog html is getting all fucky, out of smokes, lost $40.00, missing a lot of my friends. LOVELY LONER BOTCHEEZY WHO CAN'T FUCKING HANDLE WHAT'S ON HER PLATE RIGHT NOW. HAND ME A PILLOW TO SCREAM IN, PLEASE.

Hi. Heading to rum paradise now. Oh, alcohol. You silly, silly, terrible, lovely, so yum yum, vice.

Have a good weekend, as I attempt to let my week go, I wish you adieu.

Wrote this in five. Enjoy.


Cuz I have fifteen minutes before I head out the door:)



I know I owe a picture post, AND I WILL DO THAT! SORRYSORRYSORRY.

Here's a snap from a night with one of my fave ladies.

Hope that can hold ya for a bit! XOXO!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


You may remember me from such blogs as, my livejournal.. or .. this one; which I have neglected a lot for the past few. I have no good reason, either. I mean, I have been in school, but it's not like I've been studying my ass off or anything. Quite the contrary as of late, actually.
I'm super tired. It must be that whole winter creep. As soon as I get home, I just want to go to bed. Waking up is extremely difficult.. but blah blah. First world problems.
Thanksgiving just passed. I'm Canadian, we get ours early. It was our first without Anthony. Every year, it's tradition we gather around the table and take turns saying what we're thankful for. No one was really into it this year. It was really sad. Everyone felt it, but no one said anything for a long while. Then after our dinner, there was a huge piece of cake left, and I asked who it was for. "That's for Anthony!", my cousin shot at me. It was sweet, lovely, but made me cry all over the place. We ended up carving an "A" into the icing.
Ugh, I miss him so much. I came across a picture from a concert we went to last December, he was in the background, smiling his ass off. Looking mad geeked out. I wanted to place myself back at that moment and give him the biggest hug, and tell him how much fun I was having. Super bummed. I don't even want to think about Christmas. He always gave out the best gifts, and always wrapped in newspaper. Last year he got me a Wu-Tang record and a batman tee. YOU GUYS. It's still, not, real.
I know together we're moving forward, but I feel a lot of that is because we have to. I just fucking miss you, dude. I miss you so much. Don't ever take small moments like concerts with your fave people for granted.

Saturday was a friend's birthday where he wanted everyone to dress up (formally vintage). I don't understand people who show up to theme parties not themed. Especially if you knew about it beforehand. I mean, if you're randomly showing up because you heard about it, or coming from work, fine. But the whole "too cool" to participate is all sorts of silly to me. Regardless it was super fun. Conversations with strangers and wine make for excellent Saturdays.

Deadlines and tests and exams are hitting me from all directions. One of my e-mail accounts is on lock and I have a shit load of things just cyberly milling around until I can re-access them.

It's cold out now, and tea and soup are my current boyfriend.

My mom rules.

And there's your life update.

Thanks for stopping by. Xo.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


How things should be.