Thursday, February 25, 2016


It's almost Friday! The end of work days on Thursday are soooo goooood, aren't they?!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My favorite song from the mix in the previous post is definitely this one.. MUCH YES WOW. Someone dance with meeeeeee..


Wow, this is a really great mix, she thought, as she drowned out the thoughts of all the things she needs to accomplish. Essential mixes, they are just that, aren't they?! Thanks to Julius for this one.

It is going to be my soundtrack while I reconstruct my shoe rack that fell over.. some days are like that, our job is to find the music that gets us through them. *Almost* Friday. Hang in there, mates.


Remember when you'd be talking to a person you were dating/crushin on, on the phone, and you're just laughing away, asking questions like, "If you had the choice to either save the world but end your life, or live on with a person you despise, what would you do?!".. and in the middle of the conversation you hear *scuffle, scuffle* *incessant dialing*. "MOM. MOM!! Hello!! MOMMMM!!! I'm on the phone!! MOM!!!!". She answers you with "Are you on the phone?!". Gawd. Yes, Mom. You messin' up my game, Mom. Hang up, Mom.

We were so lucky. Kids, today.. they'll never know what that was like.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I have been doing so many things lately! Until the past couple of weeks, I have not blogged in a LONG time.. which means you guys haven't really seen or read about Vegas yet! Or.. Mexico, for that matter.. or Chicago.. or all of my latest Toronto shenanigans. Oh my lanta, where has the time gone?! It certainly flies when you're making your way through the world dancing and all, trying to attend every music show ever, doesn't it?! I'm about to head to Ice Fest, but thought I'd let you know I'm going to catch you right up:) THIS BUSY LADY HAS SOME BLOGGING TO DO.

Come back soon.

Monday, February 22, 2016


If there is a girl in the music world who knows what she's doing, it's FKA twigs. If there is a girl in the music world who knows what she's doing, it's FKA twigs.

FKA twigs, she knows what she's doing.


In light of my latest posts, I thought I'd throw in this song. Music is one of the best healers. In the morning.....

Stay up..


image via

Truly a tragic ending to such a sad story. So many thoughts to all of Cooper's loved ones and friends. The sadness in this city really goes to show just how unfortunate situations can go, and just how much this kid was loved and admired. Always hold your friends and family tight.

If you are able to, please lend some monetary support to the Nemeth family via their GoFund Me page, HERE.

Any amount of support helps, and from what I have read, along with funeral costs, part of the proceeds are going to a charity of the family's choosing.


Babe alert. Wild Belle with the hippie funk flex.

Friday, February 19, 2016


It is extremely important we all keep our eyes open right now. So many thoughts with his family and friends during this time of urgency.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Kanye has always been good at one thing, and that's knowing his music. His sample of the above gem in "Fade" was top notch. HE'S ALWAYS BEEN GOOD AT THAT. There's one thing he knows and that's music. Can you imagine going through this guys collection?! OROROROROROR.. can you imagine what he plays at his dinner parties?! I'd like to think it's curated heaven. Only a few people have the ability to explore music in such depth, and he's one of them.

However.. he's made better albums, and the hype surrounding this one was too high. There's no fluidity, no consistency, and how many producers were on this album?! BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE TOO MANY. Although, it did have me laughing the whole time. His disses were kind of hilarious. He is one funny man. I'm going to listen to it again though, because I liked it, and probably need to appreciate it more. Julius told me that Pitchfork gave this album a 9/10, so who the fuck am I?! "I Love Kanye" for instance, although somewhat expected and unbelievable was kind of what he needed on this album for us to like him a little more, and also, totes made me spit out my beer from laughter. Whatta guy.


Let's be real, I'm always late to the party. All parties! Music parties, dance parties, movie parties! I'ma be late for that. HOWEVER I AM NOT THAT LATE TO THIS ONE. I am finally listening to "The Life of Pablo". When I get sad and emotional, I music really well. Better than regular. Be excited. Drafting thoughts.


What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way
what a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you
what a wicked thing to say you never felt this way
what a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you
And I don't want to fall in love
No I don't want to fall in love
With you


I always imagined myself as a roamer. I pictured myself as a successful writer, writing on a mountain, sipping a beer, admiring, thinking, living. That's not what I am right now. That's not where I am. But I'm still holding onto the fact that that's who I am.

I feel like I'm a risk taker by heart, but not by mind. I'm careful and strategic, I'm planned and organized. That's my mom. My mom has always been have a savings, pay off your shit, attain things, attain stuff. Now my dad, my dad was skiing in the winter, skydiving in the summer, drinking cocktails in the jungle, and basically.. always just working toward an adventure. I think both my parents exist in my being in some sort of way. That.. is both a gift and a curse. The gift is that I do not believe in luck, I believe in effort. The curse is that sometimes I hate how cautious I am.

The guy I dig is a nomad. He's able to pick up and leave whenever he wants. He's built himself to let go and live wherever anything takes him. I admire that sooo much. I'm almost.. jealous about it.

I've got to do more, you guys. I've got to be more. I owe myself that. I wrote in my diary at the age of 6, "I like to write". SOO.. I at least owe it to her right?! Whether that be at school, in notebooks, on napkins, or here.. I owe that to myself.. my 6 year old self.

I need to do what I want, I don't really know what I want, but that's okay. I think everyone reaches this point more than once in their life. I hit it like every week. It could be something simple like, "Tomorrow I'm going to fold my laundry". JUST DO THAT. OR DON'T SAY IT. Stop making these tiresome goals that are less. No one's encouraging you here, you need to do it yourself.

Every single trip I've been on, I've thought, "I should just stay". I've thought that. Every trip. That should say something, shouldn't it? Whether you make yourself to stray and return, or continue on adventures, you shouldn't give that up, and you should make that happen. I really don't know what's best for me, or maybe I do, but don't want to.. but if I don't find out now when will I?

I'm dedicating the next month to myself. There will be a lot of tears, and a lot of booze, and probably some mistakes.. ugh. I am not looking forward to that part. Just excuse me while I pre-cry a little bit...

Hey, Botch, what's happening? I'm not really sure but hopefully I find out soon. See you guys thereeeeee..!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Well so far my Valentine's weekend has consisted of re-watching Mad Men in its entirety and a lot of pizza. I am on season 5. OH, and a ton of music exploration which led me to the above gem. Hi, Cudder.

I get these strong cravings to do a lot of nothing some nights. I adore nothing, especially in this cold. Brr. But if there's anything my nothing has brought to the world, it's Jerry Folk's "To My Soul". Go ahead and play this for your Valentine. If you don't have a Valentine, play it for yourself and thank me later.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Some pals made a mix in celebration of a new night they'll be playing. "New New Thursdays" at Maw's Garage will officially be bringing you Friday, on a Thursday. The night starts next week, and aside from some tunes, there is also NO COVER. Perfect for when you're done with the work week, but it's only Thursday (that would be me - every week).

The above mix is a fusion of new and old hip hop and r&b. Go ahead and give it a listen, treat yoself.


We've had a decent winter. We've been spoiled, actually. I'm Canadian, I'm fine! Right?! Well. Tomorrow is going to be -44C. For those of you that don't deal in Celsius, in Fahrenheit, that would be.. really fucking cold.

My music mood changes with the weather. I always find myself reverting to the same kind albums, or similar sounds. Elliot Moss is no different. He has a winter calmness to his voice in this one that warms you right up. The lyrics are poetically tragic, and I absolutely fucking love it. Sad songs hit you hard in the chest, and for some reason, that goes well with the winter blues. Perfectly, in fact.

Man, remember Awolnation's, "Sail"?! Whoever thought we'd find something with such a reminiscent sound. OR MAYBE THERE HAVE BEEN A FEW.. but this one grabbed me on the butt and told me to come cuddle on the couch. Tea in hand, volume up. Right up.

I won’t keep watching you
Dance around in your smoke
Who can flicker out?
You’re not the light I used to know
I don’t believe in safety nets
Strung below that make it alright
To let go
You gotta hold on

Or it’s gonna
Slip, slip, slip through your
Slip, slip, slip through your hands
Whoa, whoa, whoa

What’s the matter?
You don’t have enough rain
To make up your storm?
Oooh whatcha look so sad for?
Where’s the light I used to know?


Oh look, we found ourselves doing bloggy type things today. That's cool, right?! Maybe this will encourage more blogging. At least, that's what we're aiming for.

Friday, February 5, 2016


You know how we continue to like Kanye, regardless of how much hate we hold for him?! Why do we do that?! Simply because he's talented.

Martin Shkreli, highly villainized by the public, sits in this interview like trash in a bag that's made out of gold.

I have spilled all of my feelings into a bowl of whats and I don't know how to sort them. Dangerously likable, he speaks less arrogantly and kind of makes you wanna have a beer with him (while listening to the $2 million dollar Wu-Tang album on loop just in case we still hate him).

BRB. Gonna watch some dictator speeches and make sure I'm still normal.

Chris Brown still sucks, right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016