Wednesday, March 31, 2010


some days i really love wednesdays.. you get that fuck yeah it's almost the weekend.. some times the day goes fucking shitty as fuck. time is slow and your eyes wanna shut down.. today was fucking beautiful. the weather was bomb.. and i went to the mall. i'm not a mall person, i hate the mall and everybody in it.. you'll probably see me in a mall at a maximum of like 4 times a year.. and that's a generous four.. i didn't hate today though.. i had a good day with my cousin and came home happy and ready to lay down in my bed.. but even with that, i still gotta say what's wack..


CIGARETTE TAX TELL ME HOW A PACK OF BELMONTS COST ME $14. wtf is that shit!? i was aware that cigarette tax was going up 50 cents.. but i didn't realize it would hurt me that bad til i actually had to buy a pack. i is getting robbed. cigarettes in the states are like $3. we need to get on that shit. damn this free health care. damn ittttt..

SPRING NO BREAK spring break without the break cause you just end up working more. getting a bigger paycheque will be so dope.. but yooo.. OH WAIT! FRIDAY IS GOOD FRIDAY!! so tomorrow is actually my friday.. so technically speaking.. it's thursday! shit son.. maybe this isn't so bad afterall.. OH WAIT! i found a way to complain about it.. friday is a holiday, and it's a part of spring break?! that's cheating.

BREAK-UP SEASON i swear to life, late march, early april.. totally break up season. this isn't really wack, but what is wack is hurting people. i don't know what the fuck is up with spring, but it makes people fucking crazy. people tend to do such fucked up shit, and THAT is wack. spring is fucking shit for making people psychotic bitch azz cunt fucked dyke lookin pricked assholes.. i some how need to find a way to turn spring into capsules.. and then sell it. i will be the richest drug lord to ever have lived!!

WU-TANG YES. wu tang on what's wack wednesdays..! for being sold out everywhere i go! WHAT THE FUCK! i want the massacre. WINNIPEG DOESNT EVEN LIKE HIP HOP ONLY I DO! stop trying to steal it winnipeg! you fuckers! ..okay sigh. i'm glad the album is being purchased, they deserves the penny.. BUT FUCK! can you guys wait to buy your copy til i get mine!? cool thaaanks.

SLOW FUCKS BECAUSE THEY'RE DUMB today i went to get bubble tea in the boonies. it was the boonies, so there was literally no one in the fucking place.. and girl took for-fucking-ever to make my shit. LOOK LITTLE GIRL, there is no time to be fucking dilly dally'ing.. i fucking want my shit! i have things to not do, and people to not see, so make me my drank and be on with your life..!! when i walked in stupid hoe was fucking reading a magazine while a table was covered with cups and napkins. get off your ass you dumb bitch! don't worry people, i left my blog open in their little "cyber area" so hopefully she'll read this.. i could've written a fuckin entry waiting that long. hahah.. she totally said "thanks for coming" so nicely when i was leaving too.. LOL im such an asshole. you stupid mothah suckah!!

HAIR CONDITIONER i'm not sure if i'm the only person who has this problem, but i ALWAYS, ALWAYS, run out of conditioner before shampoo.. shit fucking baffles me! am i supposed to use less?! i feel like i use less.. i make a pretty reasonable ration.. and it sucks not having conditioner.. shampoo is not the same without conditioner! and DO NOT even get me STARTED about 2 in 1.. ugggghhhh!! one day however, i noticed this.. the conditioner bottles are always less of an amount than the shampoo.. DAMN YOU SNEAKY BASTARDS.. except for pantene pro-v, which actually has more conditioner in their bottles than shampoo.. but i still ran out of the shampoo first.. ramble ramble izz what i doooo..

B'S MOM: so you weren't at work today, did you get a doctor's note?
B: yeahhhhhh..
B'S MOM: well.. where is it?
B: it's in my car.
B'S MOM: you didn't go!
B: yeahhhh.....i didn't (dammit).

your weakest moments are your strongest emotions.. some times you gotta drop kick life in the face, get up and say "fuck it, i'm fucking awesome". dude, you're fucking awesome, and it's almost the fucking weekend.. so let's drop kick the weekend in the fucking face. i love you bitch, and anyone that does, will treat you fucking awesome.. and to anyone that doesn't.. well.. we'll nickname them life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



i have a billion and one things to blog about but i put it all on my berry!! horray for me! currently my berry is upstairs though.. and i am not upstairs so check back for an entryyyy some time tonight.. or tomorrow. what?! no surprise there, this is botch.

anyway.. this is going to be hard as shit for me to form into words.. but i'm going to do my best.. bare with me.
so there's this dude i know.. he's good looking.. he's not a ten or nothing, but he's good looking.. but he's kind of really extremely pervy.. but you know, the drunk pervy. the "i'm only saying this now because it's excusable because i'm drunk.. so it's cool right?" type pervy. he'll get drunk and slap your ass, call you hot, almost make out with you, but stray away type deal.. and i've never really been mad at dude. & there's plenty of people who have experienced this side of dude, but what makes it okay?!
okay, maybe not okay.. but.. dismissible. i mean, we've had other dudes do it, and they get cussed the fuck off, or they get hit.. so what makes it so different?! i kind of feel like every time this shit happens, we forget about it. i mean surely i forgot about it.. until someone brought up how it happened to them.. then all these memories start floating back.. and you're like "oh yeahhhh.. he fucking did that to me last week, WHAT IS HIS DEAL!!"
if an un-attractive dude came up to me and said "yo, i wanna fucking tear you apart", i'd either hit him, a drink would go flying, or he'd meet my hand/ however, if an attractive dude came up to me and said "yo, i wanna fucking tear you apart".. i'd do one of either two things.. i would either play it off like i was pissed off, or i would really be pissed off. so for an attractive dude, 50/50 shot, but a shot. un-attractive, no shot.. but i feel even if i was mad at the attractive dude, a part of me would want that shit to keep going. a part of me would want to be like "fuck you prick.. what's your name?"
regardless of what girls say, or fuck it. actually, fuck that sentence all together.. regardless of how much i complain about dudes being raunchy as fuck, sometimes i like myself a little vulgarity. vulgar profanity is sexy as shit, and that leads me to wonder.. is DUDE, going to get away with everything, without anyone ever pointing a finger, because he's good looking..!? so today, my question is this..


Monday, March 29, 2010




YES. i know this dropped in january. so don't even. the best of old & new. up-lifting and refreshing! this mixtape is so fucking good, that i had to listen to it four times, just to keep up with it. it is a little long, 30 tracks with the intro and outro, which is a fucking lot.. but it's not boring either.
"back again" is easily my favorite song on the tape.. might not be the best, but definitely my favorite. broads voice is heavenly over a fast beat that soothes you. you almost want to take a breath and say "okay, everything in the hip hop world, it'll be okay."
"chaos" is something i HAVE to mention, because it features "bahamadia" whom i recently talked about on a throwback thursday.. ha! i guess i freakishly made myself listen to the tape sub-consciously. she is so nice to listen to.
"just begun" is another fav. DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY. it has j. cole, jay electronica and mos def on it. retro talib!! omg. i smirked when this shit came on. this shit is so fucking smooth. i never really liked jay electronica, but after this i think i just.. might. remember when looping grabbed you by the fucking face, and slapped you..?! that's what this loop does, you can't help but get an "ungh fuck yeah" feeling from it. everyone featured on this song put forth hot shit.. even mos def, who i lost a little love for after seeing him live two years ago. his last bar was a little silly, and that was the only flaw of this song. ill ill ill.
"music for life" is definitely on the scale too, have to mention it cuz my boyfriend raps on it. *sigh. i love him. what is that beat?! flute?! okay! i like me some flute sometimes!
with a tape like this, the album is now officially more than highly anticipated. DEAR WORLD, EVERYTHING IS OKAY. hip hop will be just fine.

i'm going to go ahead and give it 4/5.. i was going to give it a 4.5, but songs like "let it go" kind of take away from it. i read that a lot of people think that "internet connection" and "let it go" are wack. i don't think such. i happen to like "let it go".. it's just more of like an r&b song, with a real short talib verse that is mediocre from him. it's basically for the ladies, so it doesn't really fit in on the tape. i thoroughly enjoyed it though.. and i think that if you like the whole talib & hi-tek deal, it's not disappointing.. which was what i expected. they still got it when they try.


please excuse my missed post yesterday. i wasn't home the entire day.
eat me, this is my blog.
so i know i missed sunday, i was going to get on that as soon as i get home, wash my dishes whilst listening to a mixtape, and then get on mixtape monday, but.. i fell asleep.. after drinking two redbulls and a monster java, i fell asleep. fuck fuck fuck. i'm mad that i fell asleep cause now i, a) didn't get anything i wanted to get done, b) fucked up my sleep cycle. so i'll see if i feel like doing a mixtape in a bit; if not, you're gonna have to wait til next week.. BUT i will answer the questions i got answered in this post so that this post is not a complete and total bust..!
but before that i just wanna shout out the weekend for being kind of totally outrageously aweezzzzumm.. on to it!

i'm not really sure to tell you the truth. i've loved hip hop for as long as i could remember. i think a lot of it has to do with growing up around it. i was born just in time for an epic circa of hip hop.. it just sounded good to me. i liked it from when i was a kid. my first hip hop show was when i was 16.. and that was atmosphere. it was the first concert ticket i ever purchased, and that didn't make me love hip hop, but it certainly kept me going. i started downloading music in grade 5 because it was all the rage and i think at that time for me, i just liked digging. i liked finding things that i haven't heard of because i felt as though it was mine. i had burned cds with shit that no one else had heard of, and that was something special for me. i still have my first burned cd ever.. and it has everything from eric b and rakim to ja rule to the backstreet boys.. my game certainly wasn't top notch, but i grew lol. i guess what really got me into hip hop was hip hop itself, for being so damn amazing. i just fucking liked it, and liked that literally no one that i knew did. plus my family always blazed the family vans and toyotas with some wu-tang. wu-tang'll make anyone like hip hop.

well.. i'm not really sure if you're talking about "botcho" or "syntifik", so i'll just answer for both!? "syntifik" kind of came up by a freakish accident lol.. no i'm joking. it was during a spare class i had, one of my boys and i kept on saying "scientifically speaking" for everything. like someone would say "i have to shit".. and we would follow it by "scientifically speaking". it doesn't seem that funny now, but at 13, it was some good times. also, i thought i was a little hoodrat. so "syn" to me, meant good (hense why the "5YN" is seperated by a dash, throw a five in there because all the aa kids knew it was hot shit). i was writing pretty hard at this age, and i had a website where i would post tons of shit. "scientific" in general means technique, or method.. so i dubbed my writings (even though they were shitty poems that i THOUGHT were masterpieces), good technique.. and ta da, syntifik.
now botchooooo. this started some time in elementary. my real name is french, and "botcho" is basically the butchered french version of it, if you can't say it. almost like saying "je nais c'est pas" as "jeh, nase, sest, pass". i went to a school which was previously attended to by both my older brother and sister.. so i never really had a name, i was known as their sister. i was always getting called "karen" (my sister's name).. til my basketball coach started calling me "botch", a slightly shorter version than "botcho".. my name was freakishly popular, so botch sort of just stuck. there was no confusion, when i was called, i knew i'd be the only person to turn around. it basically separated me from the pack. i like it because it's mine.. if you hear "botch" it's me, you're not gonna find another. i didn't really ask to be called it, it was just easier.. now i cling to it, just because i enjoy having something people recognize me by.. it's not that i don't like my real name, it's just what i've been known by for 10+ years, that i'm attached to it.

plenty. let's get one thing clear though, I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER lol.. that vid was for sarcastic fun. i really thoroughly enjoy weezy. i think his lyrics are the definition of wack, but dude has swag. his voice is fucken' ill. i think what you're looking more for though is britney spears. i don't own her album or none, but i respect the girl and her videos are applaudable. i certainly don't mind her.. however, the guilty pleasures should be more defined by albums owned.. so i have two. hedley, and ashley simpson.. the acoustic version of "trip" is what got me on hedley, and the lead singer has so much talent it's retarded. i don't know why they fell into the category of 12 year old girls, but i don't care.. i love them. when ashley dropped "autobiography" i jumped on it ahahha. "you make me wanna lala" was totally my clean my room jam.

thanks for the questions, i get excited when i answer them! i'll answer more shit next week, so drop a comment with your question now.. !

Saturday, March 27, 2010



AJKO?! what's that stand for? i really don't know but the best guess would probably be air jordan knock out. so these dropped back in 1984 in very scarce numbers. micheal jordan was just a rookie scoring almost 30 a game, in sneaks he described that looked like, "clown shoes." way to impress him nike. so there was some weird rumor that micheal jordan boxed?! hence the name AJKO. i just think nike was just trying to do some cross marketing. jordan does sponsor a couple boxers nowadays most notably roy jones jr. i guess it was a an experiment to see if mj was really that marketable. it's super high cut, got a soft texture and canvas based material. now that mj is a legend and everybody is a jordan collector, we all wonder back to 1984 and those limited rare AJKO's? we've all seen the red/white colorways, but good luck even trying to witness the blue/white colorway in person, in your lifetime.

soooooooo supposedly jordan has decided to drop an AJKO pack today with very little notice. this pack includes the OG red colorway and a new white colorway. they decided to give the sole a weird dirt/yellow grime to it, why iono?! the pack looks dope nonetheless. too bad it's rumored to have only been limited to 5000 pairs and being in canada this means you're the odd man out. till next week. what do you wanna hear bout next?


Friday, March 26, 2010



so on this particular night, my camera was way dead.. so i asked scarborough to bring his.. no problem he says.. but once we reach, and i turn on his camera, HE FORGOT TO PUT IN THE BATTERY lol.. so i took pictures on my berry. if only jason au was around!! i wasn't even in a drinking kind of mood.. but that means nothing.. you some how always end up getting smashed anyways?

our best pictures are always blurry:(


24 hour.

they're excited.

flip cup

cute-sie pootsie.

one day i will get a picture with you roger.. one day..

this is my friend. her name is jessica. say hello!


china was cold so i made her comfy!


i think kelly stayed a total of five seconds.

i have good looking friends

jono advertises well.

rats. i missed.

something's not right.

jay & freddie.

my favorite picture of roger, ever.

this comes up second.

botch: "OMG MARTI IM SO HUNGRY! i'm gonna go cook something!"
marti: "ahahah okay"
botch: "oh.. i.. i.. i see."

"because i'm fresh"


puking is only a part of the processs ..


i don't know why this is so big.. but this is craig!

see?! i dunno! ahah


goodnight pretty!

everybodeh's doinn it!


okay maybe some lied.

alex is still at work.. i is so bored without him. i want him to come home with treats.. but i know he won't. ahahaha. i'm just craving. DAMN THESE SWEET CRAVINGS! what is wrong with me! what i wouldn't give for a fucking box full of goodies right now! nomnom motherfucker.
i need to stop talking about food and talking more about how i'm gonna work out. i feel if i talk about things more, i do them more... actually.. if that's the case.. i should talk about being rich. hey.
bianca tried to get me to purchase a public enemy cd, but i already had that shit.. then i found out public enemy is coming here. yeah, shit like that happens to me alls the time.. but that's not the point, the point is that.. that news is exciting.
we also went to shout today, WOWZERS. it is so fucking nice in there now. that has to be the best looking boutique in the fucking city. i need to google their decorator.
today was so fucking crazy! i'm just amped it's the weekend.. as you can tell by the random spurts of energy via text on a blog. this week had to be the longest week for march, for me anyway.. i am so stoked that march is nearly over as is the week~!! i don't know what i'm doing, or who i'm gonna see, or if i'll do anything at all, but it doesn't really matter because it's friday!!! all i ask for this weekend is for superkid ice cream.. and maybe some jeans because all mine have holes in them. fuck i'm a bum. holy mother fucking cock bitch slut, do i love weekends!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


just kidding!

OH DANGEROUS MINDS. you are some shit!
maribeth suggested i post this.. i guess she thinks our vid out-does coolios by five hundred trillion, i couldn't agree more.. regardless of how much the foil in my mouth made my fillings tingle.
the song was put on both the dangerous minds (horrible movie that you must see) and his album. i guess it's so ill because it samples stevie wonder.. but i just read that it was also the #1 single of 1995.. get that cake!
it's pretty rare that i hear this gem, and it's repetitive as fuck.. but it still screams special. where the fuck is coolio these days?! i heard he was on the celebrity big brother, but i never watched that shit. when i watched one episode of flava flav's reality show, i vouched to never endure on rapper reality takes. that shit is fucking wack lol. snoop dogg still pays him love, but is that enough for dude to eat?! you can only help but wonder. didn't he get arrested for coke too?! whatever it's okay! let's revert back to 1995!
criticizing yourself whilst throwing some "beware" to the youth is rarely ever something to be top of the billboards, and for that, coolio gets a spot this thursday. don't be thrown though, amish paradise is equally as good.

enjoy, bitches.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


but i won't shut up cuz thats just how i am!! what a PERFECT day to blog about things that are wack. can we get lost between god and a shot of scotch please?

"girls dig forbidden guys, i think that's why vampires are so popular right now."

ARE LILY AND CHUCK NOT THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD. what's with her though?! is she pregnant?! with serena's dad?! cuz if so that's laaame. i for one, am not pregnant, i'm just fat. hahaha. fuck. i is so loving chuck though. he's so perfect. swag for days, swag for mother fuckin days. bonibelle was able to ditch class today with me for some starbucks. snow makes me want starbucks. i think every time it snows, i just gotta have it. actually, a lot of things make me want starbucks.
so nas didn't graduate high school, and is planning to get his high school diploma which is pretty outrageous.


THIS MORNING because i woke up to snow..?! WTF?! there was no snow yesterday. and traffic was SLLLLLLLLOOOOWWW.. i got to my destination 25 mother fucking minutes late. thanks snow, you bitch azzzz.

CHUCK BASS' MOM you evil dirty little hoe! what is your deal!? are you really his mom?! did you pay someone to fake that dna test?! WHAT IS YOUR DEAL! i hate you!

JENNY you're another idiot. clearly damien was ugly first of all. & he's a drug dealer!! & not even a cool drug dealer! he's lame. you took a really long time to get in my good books jenny, stop fucking everything up!

KELIS you should've pickeed me nas, you should. have. picked. me.

GUCCI MANE i don't care what you say nike talk, he is lame.

YOU for thinking that you're better than me. fuck you.

LONG DIRTY HAIRED BITCHES who sit in front of me! and i have no other place to sit (at like the theatre or some shit).. and their hair hangs over the back of their chair, and it's frizzy/oily/dirty.. this is death scary.. "don't touch the hair botch.. don't touch the hair".. one time i almost sneezed on the bitch, wasn't even worried about spittin on her hair, i was more worried about bitch's hair swaying from my sneeze gust and touchin me.

BLACKBERRY DESKTOP SOFTWARE YOU PIECE OF SHIT. work when i tell you to work! dammit!

BLOG SHUT DOWN all these blogs that i once followed on blogspot are getting shut down. it's scaring me to shit. more than blogspot is getting shut down actually.. and if i ever get shut down, i lose all of this:( please don't shut me down blogger! i really need to get my own domain some day.

WET SOCKS you know.

NOT GETTING COMMENTS cuz you know. that shit sucks and what not.

what bugs you?!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


so i totally wasn't going to blog today, but scarborough is making me! so i tried logging into my "poll" website, but it's not working!? so how we gonna handle choose-days!? well.. i guess you're gonna have to write comments!!.. i.. hope.. this.. goes well.
so i have a million things to blog about since stopping regular blogging.. but my mind's blank. i really need to write things down otherwise.. they.. just go.
school's calling my name but i'm like fuck you school! work's asking me to stay late and i'm like fuck you work! how am i supposed to get paid and educated when i just want to eat candy and listen to rap!? i am such a faaaiiluuureee.
i can't seem to fucking find time to take a fucking shower, it is sad. i dunno when my schedule became "have to do stuff". i remember when it was all "do nothing" and shit. fuckin drink beer in my garage and shit, go to the beach, hit the gym, hang out with my dogs, buy some rap. now its all lame and shit. i havent bought music in like a month or some shit. i used to buy weekly. is "used to" even proper grammar?! i can't remember! where has my mind gone!! okay april, it's just me and you baby. i know i keep saying i'ma organize my life, but forreal! this time i mean it!
i need something to blog about for sunday, so ask me sumppppthinn.
my boyfriend finally sees eye to eye on nicki minaj now. he was totally diggin her, then he saw her on mtv spring break.. boo ya she's wack babeh. i told ya son! all it took was some real live microphone without 500 takes and crap production to prove it!
i miss living with my brother, i am a broke ass with no food in my fridge.. living on your own fucking bloooowwwsssss when it comes to times like these. i'm working to try and fill my bank when i can't even fill my fridge.
if i see any more hiphop news headlines about waka flocka, i will cry. i have not fully listened to a waka flocka song, nor do i intend to. with a name like waka flocka, it's a wrap.
i is having major problems with my blackberry.. I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. i think once my contract's done, i'm done with the berry. i used to love it, but it's pissing me off.. and i'm sick of people being able to see when i read their messages.. dammit. some things should just be kept secret! i feel like an asshole if i don't reply but i don't want to reply so i just leave it unread .. and that red light just teases you.. i have gone too far into this.. moving on.
i have eaten a reeces pieces every day for one week now. GOODNESS. get your chocolate fix fatty. anyone who knows me knows i don't like sweet shit. anything that's too sweet i'm like ew, get it away from me. but lately, cravings for sugar have been redic.
i found this really wicked site today that you guys might enjoy.. it's called " .. OMG. it is hilarious!! it's basically this girl with a hilarious boyfriend. and the shit he says. here's a sample:
While snuggling:
me: Who loves you?
e: Megatron.

it's good shit, check it out. also does anyone know where i can get a hit counter for free ?! everyone i sign up for keeps deleting me cause i remove their cot damn advertisements from the html. damn you system!
whilst smoking today, i contemplated quitting. not really hard though ahahah. it was more of a thought.. like "i should really quit smoking" then a bird flew by and the thought was gone or some shit.. but anyway! after the whole bird thing happened, this guy walked by me and gave me the most disgusted look i have ever seen. now i felt as if it was as though he saw my cigarette and then thought "ew".. i mean i'm no model, so maybe i choose to think that BUT YEAH.. that's what i felt.. then this random memory from junior high rang in, when my french teacher said how he can see a dope female.. be like "wow that girl is beautiful.." then he said he'd see her smoking and think "ew gross.. disgusting".. SO.. my question to you guys today is..


Monday, March 22, 2010


"i am on my hmmhmm, they are on their oh no"

as written by botch yesterday, nas is her favourite rapper. many people can say there top five dead or alive, from what they think is good and what sounds good as a hip hop head. lupe isn't in my top five but he is my favourite rapper right now and has been for a very long time. i can go on forever why lupe is great but i can go on for days. i will just use this recent mixtape of his to prove his versatility. sssoooo lupe will never be a huge commercial success and become a household name like jay-z. that's cool, lupe doesn't do it for the furtune but the fame. his singles are too lyrical, i can't dance to that shit in the club. he ain't talking bout being hard holding guns, i can't feel this?! what's he talking bout?! his beats are lame!

k so what this mixtape proved was that lupe can hop on any "hard" beat and embarrass any emcee. YEAH I SAID IT! lazers, his 3rd and final album is dropping this summer, so what better way to get the streets buzzing then dropping a hot mixtape, it worked for lil' wayne. with 3 skits and 9 actual freestyles, it's only actually 16 minutes long.

jacking for beats. here's a list of beats lupe did justice to:
radiohead - national anthem
travis porter - turnt up
lil' wayne - fireman
dirty money - angels
jay-z - so ghetto
timbaland - say something
jay-z - thank you
slaughterhouse - the one
clipse - popular demand

he was suppose to drop another mixtape right after this one but chose not to. from liking the response to this one, he chose to keep us waiting til his album drops. this is one example why lupe is my favourite cus he can turn his commercial game on anytime but still remains true to himself. everytime i listen to any different song, i always catch a new methaphor or punchline. my personal favourite joint is the turnt up freestyle. the last verse is bombs! literally

Sunday, March 21, 2010




get lost between god and a shot of scotch.

i am so fucking cranky right now, it's redic. weekend was fucking awesome though. who doesn't love greygoose when you're already hungover?! who doesn't love dim sum with good company?! who doesn't love picking up your boyfriend from work cuz he's hungover?! ay. i came to my computer not knowing what i was going to write this about. who's my favorite rapper?! well.. it's NaS! it has always been nas..! does that answer the question?! ok fine, we'll go further.

i don't know how many times i've said it, but i'll say it again.. illmatic is the greatest album of all time. the album has ten songs, and if you've listened to it, beginning to end.. you know. this shit changes your view on music completely. illmatic is nothing short of perfection. absolutely nothing short. his lyricism is consistent, and there's not one nas song to this day that i've listened to which doesn't have something special about it. heads might get at me for saying that, but even the track he did with ginuwine is repeatable! admit it.
hip hop is more than those two words. so much more. poetry is one of the greatest literacy forms we have ever created, and when you take poetry and combine that with a beat that captures your soul in a way that moves and inspires you.. it's magic. nas is an intellectual fuck that portrays poetry in a light that most thought was impossible. his words are of such intellect that you rewind the track no matter how many times you've heard it just because you notice something you didn't the last time.
regardless of what you listen to, please listen to illmatic, and you be the one to tell me that that shit isn't timeless. plus he's consistent, not saying he drops an album every year, but he's been here for quite some time.. and he's still doing music big. that means a lot.. anyone who works hard deserves your attention. these aren't half fast thrown together shit music. this is intellect at its finest!
so how can you like nas so much when he doesn't get much light!? yeah i hear it out alls the time.. dude who came up to me and said "nas may have won the battle, but jay-z won the war".. i'll say no all day! jay-z can't par with nas! lyrically, nas kills jay. no question. jay-z, is a commercial rapper. i believe if anything, that was the whole reason jay got at nas.. he knew he had to.. but he couldn't.. ether is too much fire.. and if you went up to every lyrically skilled rapper, and counted how many times they said nas was the greatest rapper, you'd have enough comments to celebrate the new york king. leave record sales out of it. diddy's no way out sold enough albums to support a small country, and there is no way on earth that diddy is better than nas! nas isn't top financially, but trey songz is on the top 5 of the billboards right now.. so what's that tell you?
my love and growing appreciation for hip hop is because of nas. with an album cover like "untitled" he puts himself in a controversial position, threatening his reputation so that the world will shut the fuck up for a second, and listen to some good rap. he takes criticism with pride and more importantly he responds to it (50 cent window shopper, be easy!!)
with other rappers (i won't get into this too much because this is a whole other discussion to be fucked with) being known to a lot as the best rappers of all time it leaves you with a question, does death make you great?! my boyfriend and i talk about how rappers would be if they were still alive all the time. would they have deviated and become complete pansies!? would they still be lyricists?! were they as great as they were, or do they seem more so because they're gone!? it's hard to answer such because they're all "what ifs".. but nas proved one thing, you don't have to be dead to be a legend.
so you love nas?! why?!
for being up to par.. for illmatic being an educational piece which was disected by scholars like eric dyson (i have the book and still haven't read it lol.. writing this makes me want to stop typing and finish it right now!!!).. for bringing forth humour.. for getting only one album rated 3 mics, and every other being 4 mics and higher! for story telling about situations that grip you, without celebrating horror. for helping youth to achieve greatness and for helping humanity to hold on to hope. for "fuck 'rap is real', watch the herbs stand still / never talkin' to snakes cause the words of man kill / true in the game, as long as blood is blue in my veins".. for "beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined".. for "street scriptures, for lost souls in the crossroads".. for, "people afraid of criticism but I always put myself in a sacrificial position,they been know i ain't just rappin for fame"..

he's not in it for the fame, he's in it to teach, for respect, for voice.. and i will never stop listening.

nas is king.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


cuz ron requested it, he gets what he wants. air max 95 obviously released in 1995, revolutionized the air bubble technology by putting two different pressures in the heel and forefoot. kinda like walking on air right?! yup but we get deeper. previous air max's got a couple colorways released with the original model. nike did the opposite with the 95's, by throwing out various colorways for you to enjoy and collect (wink wink). cuz we all know joggers/runners love to wear anything funky and comfy from head to toe. this shoe didn't just connect to people who ran, they were a comfy shoe, isn't that what we all just want? rappers and grandmas wore them, let's just get united by one shoe. the front and back of the shoe have 3M material on it, meaning if you happen to go jogging at night in these and a cars' light happens to flash your way, the reflective material will reflect/shine your way to get your attention. nike's got your back, literally.
let's talk about why this shoe is still even relevant?! THE COLORWAY IS DOPE!!! going from the the dark grey till shades of light grey and making your shoe stand out with the neon yellow?! STFU! yellow air bubble too??!! comfy, air bubbles, light, 3M material. so these shoes were suppose to have come and gone, and cemented in history. tillllllll . . . nike had to get greedy and get their retro game on. at first it was cool, 2002, you kept it as close as possible to the original. but c'mon 2003, 2004, 2005. you guys really had to retro this piece of art 4 years in a row. yeah the sneaker heads got angry but what really pissed them off was the 2008 edition. the dark grey was black! the shading was off, and the cushioning and materials weren't the same?! WTF! nike is getting lazy with it. but it did make us appreciate the OG's and 2002 and maybe the 2003 edition a little better.

til next week, thinking about doing the AJKO's but gimme suggestions and i'll be sure to hold it down.

Friday, March 19, 2010



this is what this past week has been looking like.

you are one.. something!


who needs beer when you can drink gravy!?

yeah i dunno what was going on here..

my friends like middle fingers.


cook me something!

oh i see.


the only cool part haahha

this isn't my best picture, but whatevs hey. get em' girl. make sure the fame don't get to your head and when you get on i expect expensive dinner dates! ;)

also i forgot to mention last week that my girl aggie sems (above pic!) has been blazing 92.9 FM, check it out on fridays from 9-10 on your radio cuz that shit is bomb, i haven't missed a show yet, and you shouldn't either!! shit is PERFECT pre-game music. so get drunk whilst listening to a radio station where you don't have to change the station. i just heard pursuit of happiness by cudi followed by the cool kids! shit is crack! so get on that tip. ALSO.. whilst at republic yesterday, girl bartender at the bar by the stage gave me half a shot in two of my dranks. SO DO NOT GO TO THIS GIRL! i literally saw her pour one shot and use that shot glass for my TWO alabama slammers! BOOOOO!! $10 should not go to two glasses of JUICE! so do not go to her ever!! i gotta go decide what i'm gonna do now. get smashed outta my face somewhere or movie night with cudi.. what to do what to do..

OH WAIT WAIT.. while cruising through niketalk today, my boyfriend noticed this hottt threeadddd...
it contains too much fire. bieber > your favorite rapper

"CATCHIN BIEBER FEVER.. FORGET THE SWINE FLU!" whaaaattt.. legggiiiittt!!!!