Monday, March 22, 2010


"i am on my hmmhmm, they are on their oh no"

as written by botch yesterday, nas is her favourite rapper. many people can say there top five dead or alive, from what they think is good and what sounds good as a hip hop head. lupe isn't in my top five but he is my favourite rapper right now and has been for a very long time. i can go on forever why lupe is great but i can go on for days. i will just use this recent mixtape of his to prove his versatility. sssoooo lupe will never be a huge commercial success and become a household name like jay-z. that's cool, lupe doesn't do it for the furtune but the fame. his singles are too lyrical, i can't dance to that shit in the club. he ain't talking bout being hard holding guns, i can't feel this?! what's he talking bout?! his beats are lame!

k so what this mixtape proved was that lupe can hop on any "hard" beat and embarrass any emcee. YEAH I SAID IT! lazers, his 3rd and final album is dropping this summer, so what better way to get the streets buzzing then dropping a hot mixtape, it worked for lil' wayne. with 3 skits and 9 actual freestyles, it's only actually 16 minutes long.

jacking for beats. here's a list of beats lupe did justice to:
radiohead - national anthem
travis porter - turnt up
lil' wayne - fireman
dirty money - angels
jay-z - so ghetto
timbaland - say something
jay-z - thank you
slaughterhouse - the one
clipse - popular demand

he was suppose to drop another mixtape right after this one but chose not to. from liking the response to this one, he chose to keep us waiting til his album drops. this is one example why lupe is my favourite cus he can turn his commercial game on anytime but still remains true to himself. everytime i listen to any different song, i always catch a new methaphor or punchline. my personal favourite joint is the turnt up freestyle. the last verse is bombs! literally


Tyrone The Terrible said...

Amazing mixtape. Lupe all day. Lazers is going to be the shit. "I'm Beamin'" is incredible.

syntifik said...

word life, i listened to this mixtape like ten times in a row when i first downloaded it.. SO GOOD. i like solar midnite.. and lazers is taking forever isnt it!! haha i cant wait too!

Tyrone The Terrible said...

argg I know, It's taking almost as long as the CRS album....ridiculous. But you can't rush art I guess.

syntifik said...

i hear that! art can't be rushed! but it shouldn't take ten years either.. i'm not sure i'll be as excited in 2018.