Saturday, March 27, 2010



AJKO?! what's that stand for? i really don't know but the best guess would probably be air jordan knock out. so these dropped back in 1984 in very scarce numbers. micheal jordan was just a rookie scoring almost 30 a game, in sneaks he described that looked like, "clown shoes." way to impress him nike. so there was some weird rumor that micheal jordan boxed?! hence the name AJKO. i just think nike was just trying to do some cross marketing. jordan does sponsor a couple boxers nowadays most notably roy jones jr. i guess it was a an experiment to see if mj was really that marketable. it's super high cut, got a soft texture and canvas based material. now that mj is a legend and everybody is a jordan collector, we all wonder back to 1984 and those limited rare AJKO's? we've all seen the red/white colorways, but good luck even trying to witness the blue/white colorway in person, in your lifetime.

soooooooo supposedly jordan has decided to drop an AJKO pack today with very little notice. this pack includes the OG red colorway and a new white colorway. they decided to give the sole a weird dirt/yellow grime to it, why iono?! the pack looks dope nonetheless. too bad it's rumored to have only been limited to 5000 pairs and being in canada this means you're the odd man out. till next week. what do you wanna hear bout next?



jHeFFffff said...

hey there is no profanity in this post! who is this? and what have you done with botcho?!

i dont get how people can be so in to shoes. im not judging anyone, i just dont get it. then again, a lot of people like to collect some real messed up things.


syntifik said...

shoes are art!