Wednesday, March 24, 2010


but i won't shut up cuz thats just how i am!! what a PERFECT day to blog about things that are wack. can we get lost between god and a shot of scotch please?

"girls dig forbidden guys, i think that's why vampires are so popular right now."

ARE LILY AND CHUCK NOT THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD. what's with her though?! is she pregnant?! with serena's dad?! cuz if so that's laaame. i for one, am not pregnant, i'm just fat. hahaha. fuck. i is so loving chuck though. he's so perfect. swag for days, swag for mother fuckin days. bonibelle was able to ditch class today with me for some starbucks. snow makes me want starbucks. i think every time it snows, i just gotta have it. actually, a lot of things make me want starbucks.
so nas didn't graduate high school, and is planning to get his high school diploma which is pretty outrageous.


THIS MORNING because i woke up to snow..?! WTF?! there was no snow yesterday. and traffic was SLLLLLLLLOOOOWWW.. i got to my destination 25 mother fucking minutes late. thanks snow, you bitch azzzz.

CHUCK BASS' MOM you evil dirty little hoe! what is your deal!? are you really his mom?! did you pay someone to fake that dna test?! WHAT IS YOUR DEAL! i hate you!

JENNY you're another idiot. clearly damien was ugly first of all. & he's a drug dealer!! & not even a cool drug dealer! he's lame. you took a really long time to get in my good books jenny, stop fucking everything up!

KELIS you should've pickeed me nas, you should. have. picked. me.

GUCCI MANE i don't care what you say nike talk, he is lame.

YOU for thinking that you're better than me. fuck you.

LONG DIRTY HAIRED BITCHES who sit in front of me! and i have no other place to sit (at like the theatre or some shit).. and their hair hangs over the back of their chair, and it's frizzy/oily/dirty.. this is death scary.. "don't touch the hair botch.. don't touch the hair".. one time i almost sneezed on the bitch, wasn't even worried about spittin on her hair, i was more worried about bitch's hair swaying from my sneeze gust and touchin me.

BLACKBERRY DESKTOP SOFTWARE YOU PIECE OF SHIT. work when i tell you to work! dammit!

BLOG SHUT DOWN all these blogs that i once followed on blogspot are getting shut down. it's scaring me to shit. more than blogspot is getting shut down actually.. and if i ever get shut down, i lose all of this:( please don't shut me down blogger! i really need to get my own domain some day.

WET SOCKS you know.

NOT GETTING COMMENTS cuz you know. that shit sucks and what not.

what bugs you?!


Tyrone The Terrible said...

lol @ sneezing on the bitch. props.

Anonymous said...

what the hell does nas see in kelis?! seriously.

and that was hilarious at sneezing on that girl. i'm SO trying that when i see a girl with dirty long hair. if botch can do it, it must be right. hahaa.

and for sunday, i have a couple questions you could answer if you have some sort of question and answer sesh. can you answer how you got your nicknames? or if you came up with it. excuse my ingnorance lol. and do you have any guilty pleasures in music? (such as...justin freakin' bieber?! you put up a vid of him in a previous post)

jepppreeee said...

@Tyrone the terrible:
don't encourage her sneezing antics. sneezing on people can only end in tragedy.

@Anonymous: I'm not 100% on this but, I'm pretty sure Kelis has something that brings all the boys to yard...not too sure what it is exactly. I could be wrong though.

lately what's been bugging me is how many noobs play Call of Duty...too don't even play if you're gonna let me shoot your head. alll daaayy, baby. aaaallllldaaaayy.

syntifik said...

tyrone: thanks.. it's a hard life.

anonymous: they actually divorced, so i actually have a shot now! a long shot, but a shot nonetheless!!
sneeze: DO IT! but be careful. it's risky..!
omg.. don't make me address the bieber.. that freestyle was too hot fire not to post.. but i'll make sure to answer both questions:) thanks for asking!

jeff: "alll daaayy, baby. aaaallllldaaaayy." made me laugh. you should make a hair and make up tutorial for me.. you can practice on jamie! HAHAH

jHeffrey said...

lol jamie. thats my homeboy. and you act as if ive never done a H&MU tutorial before. how dare you.

syntifik said...

hahaha thazzz hot shittt.