Monday, March 29, 2010




YES. i know this dropped in january. so don't even. the best of old & new. up-lifting and refreshing! this mixtape is so fucking good, that i had to listen to it four times, just to keep up with it. it is a little long, 30 tracks with the intro and outro, which is a fucking lot.. but it's not boring either.
"back again" is easily my favorite song on the tape.. might not be the best, but definitely my favorite. broads voice is heavenly over a fast beat that soothes you. you almost want to take a breath and say "okay, everything in the hip hop world, it'll be okay."
"chaos" is something i HAVE to mention, because it features "bahamadia" whom i recently talked about on a throwback thursday.. ha! i guess i freakishly made myself listen to the tape sub-consciously. she is so nice to listen to.
"just begun" is another fav. DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY. it has j. cole, jay electronica and mos def on it. retro talib!! omg. i smirked when this shit came on. this shit is so fucking smooth. i never really liked jay electronica, but after this i think i just.. might. remember when looping grabbed you by the fucking face, and slapped you..?! that's what this loop does, you can't help but get an "ungh fuck yeah" feeling from it. everyone featured on this song put forth hot shit.. even mos def, who i lost a little love for after seeing him live two years ago. his last bar was a little silly, and that was the only flaw of this song. ill ill ill.
"music for life" is definitely on the scale too, have to mention it cuz my boyfriend raps on it. *sigh. i love him. what is that beat?! flute?! okay! i like me some flute sometimes!
with a tape like this, the album is now officially more than highly anticipated. DEAR WORLD, EVERYTHING IS OKAY. hip hop will be just fine.

i'm going to go ahead and give it 4/5.. i was going to give it a 4.5, but songs like "let it go" kind of take away from it. i read that a lot of people think that "internet connection" and "let it go" are wack. i don't think such. i happen to like "let it go".. it's just more of like an r&b song, with a real short talib verse that is mediocre from him. it's basically for the ladies, so it doesn't really fit in on the tape. i thoroughly enjoyed it though.. and i think that if you like the whole talib & hi-tek deal, it's not disappointing.. which was what i expected. they still got it when they try.


Tyrone The Terrible said...

"Just Begun" always gets played on my iPod at least once a day....all four MC's were on point.

syntifik said...

when i first started typing, i wrote "possibly the greatest song in the world" but i backspaced because that statement is definitely too bold lol

Tyrone The Terrible said...

haha, well I wouldn't disagree with you there. This must be the type of music they play in heaven.

I'm surprised you're not a Jay Electronica fan! Have you heard Exhibit A (Transformations)?

syntifik said...

lol nice comparison..

i saw jay electronica live, and he didn't do anything for me.. but i'll give him another shot.