Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i had a very good morning.
i like running during cold mornings.. it feels better. something about how crisp the air is.. it's just a tad bit more satisfying. who doesn't love beanies ?! who doesn't love gloves?! i love both.
i'm not a summer person. don't get me wrong, i love the beach, and summer is great.. but i LOVE winter. i LOVE fall. i love layers, and scarfs, and gloves, and tights, and lattes, and cocoa, and soup, and christmas, and blankets, and novels. bring it on baby, bring it on.. today i received an e-mail about simple pleasures in life. it made me appreciate life's dopeness.. pretty pansy.. but we over-look shit too fucking often.. i complain too much. so in effort to cut down on that, i'm going to re-visit this list when i think my times are tough./ there is ALWAYS someone who has it worse than you. today, i am thankful i am not someone.

the rain beats lightly against your window and you nestle your head deeper into your pillow. the sound is soothing and your bed feels like a sanctuary.

you reach into your pocket and find a $20 from the last time you wore these jeans. you aren’t rich, but you are richer than you were a second earlier.

you pass them on the street or in the subway. they glance up at you momentarily, making direct eye contact in a way that seems to communicate a subtle curiosity.

you just finished mowing the lawn or taking a long jog. the only thing on your mind is an ice-cold glass of water. when you are really, really thirsty, that first sip of any liquid beverage is sheer bliss.

holding hands is sensual and physically intimate, yet subtle. there are few people you allow to hold your hand, so when it happens you can be sure that the moment is special.

i can finally say that my list of things to do is more than half way done.. i can officially start the list of things that i would like to do. i've been at the library every day this week and i say that shit with fucking pride son. nothing better than some starbucks, a novel, sitting on the ground and a heap of clothing on your body to keep you warm.. my blackberry with copious amounts of hip hop deserves mention too. i'm binge'n, on hip hop and simple pleasures.. and it's safe to say, that being so fucking busy.. has never felt this good.

divorce is still on?! whooot, i love you daddy. nom nom.

back to work.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


that song by kanye, "alright".. in the beginning it sounds like they're saying "ball sack, ball sack, ball sack".. just sayin. it's fucking cold out now. pretty sure we can officially FOR REAL THIS TIME, kiss summer good bye. i was just at the beach like 5 days ago cuz it was +30c, now im wearing a jacket, AND GLOVES. i'm so sick of how life is right now.. izz cool though, keys n' krates on thursday.. and after that i just gotta hustle for 26 more days and then im good yo. im good. i wanna say "HURRY UP" time but i don't want time to hurry up, cuz then i wont be able to get everything done.. BUT at the same time, i wanna get the fuck outta here!!
stop being a punk ass! punk ass! you cant fuck with me no more, im sooo fly, im sky high and i dare anybody to try and cut my wingggss.. im kidding. maybeh.
clearly you made everyone think im the bad guy. IM THE BAD GUY?! PUHHLEASE! would you like me to tell my side of the story?! cuz pretty sure if i ever did, you're fucking done. everyone knows who i am, i didn't have to tell them my fucking name, they already knew. so be threatened, BY ALL OF THAT.. son.

young guy: he's the biggest rock star alive..!
old guy: oh cmon! biggest rock star alive?!
young guy: yeah..
friends: yeah totally..
old guy: cmon bigger than paul mccartney?!
young guy: well okay, but paul mccartney's your generation
old guy: well when your generation has a paul mccartney you can come talk to me!
young guy: oh that's good. that's good. still sharp at 40.
hahah sucha good set of "BURN!"'s.. i was dying.

i wanna do reviews but im so laazyyy so yeah.. whooooooottt.. i hate all girls. that's official. all of them. i don't even really like my girlfriends. AHAHAHA. what?! im sayin! i got like.. five girls i actually dig, the rest of em.. EH. they mediocre. unless i've hung out with you this month, you probably don't make my cool list. BOO YA MOTHER FUCKERS. boo ya. ahhahahahha.

philly, you need to call me.. i can't chase you forever dude.

this girl had captioned her picture "this is a really bad morning picture".. uhhh.. clearly you did not take this when you just woke up.. cuz im pretty sure im the only person who wears ties to sleep. k thanks.

i was gonna write my jay-z review, then i took a nap.. and when i woke up i was like "fuck that shiit".. yep. that's my story. ahahahaha. im such a fucking bum! dammit.. i need some motivation in my life or something.. my goal list is on for friday.. like get my list checked off for friday.. im so bussyy aCckkKkk. save me.

so i was just talking about that gold guy that's always at niagara, some times he's at eaton's centre, and he's just gold. & he just stands really still like he's supposed to be a statue.. and you just wait for him to do something but he just.. does nothing. you can just see his balls and shit. yeah.. what's with that guy?! how does this guy even make money doing this!? "okay.. he's just.. he's just.. gonna be gold."

what's with this cold!? OH WAIT I HAVE A LIST OF THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT.. i think it has only two things, but ima grab it.. okay so on this list i have two things:

i know this is pretty asshole of me to say, but when i see a dude on a bus/subway reading a book by a female, i just judge em.. like this guy's so un-cool. it just takes your manliness down, i don't know why i think so but i do.. i saw one guy reading one just shaking his head repeatedly, and i was like "wow, this girl must have hit this man hard".. then i started laughing.. and he looked at me.. and it was awkward.

im sorry but EVERY piece of paper should be hole punched, otherwise i lose it.. it's annoying. cmon hole punch my papers please.. it sucks when they hole punch wrong though, like the holes are off, it's crooked so only one hole actually went through, so your paper slips out and the edges of it justs get all crumply and gnarly. my tax dollars should go towards proper hole punching jobs.

i need to start a new series, but i dont know what to do.. maybe reviews so i can actually get that out the way already.. or videos !! that'd be cool... hmmmmmmmmm..

drake pays cudi homage, so he gets two points.

you should by cudi's album too!

All the technology was getting too much for the “Day ‘N’ Nite” hitmaker. “With Twitter, my two e-mails, text messaging, and my phone ringing, that’s just overwhelming. And you gotta think of it like this, what did they do before there were cell phones? Use a pay phone or write a letter. Or you catch ’em at the crib.”

The 25-year-old MC wants to go back to the old-school days when it was harder to reach people. “I think I want to take it back to that. Sometimes it just shouldn’t be that easy for you to get in contact with me.”

at first i was sad cuz i couldnt view your twitter cudi, BUT NOW.. WHOOOO YOU AND I BOTH CUDI.. you and i both! fucka facebook.. and a twitter. write me a letter..!

i added the rest of my lupe vids to youtube, so search for em, cuz im too lazy to post them.. hate it or love it. ....the underrrdoggs on top .. nd im gonna shine homie until my heart stop.. ghead and envy ME.. im bloggins mvp, and i aint gooinn nowhereee.. okay thass.. clearly.. enough. ya.

chuck bass is the man.

Monday, September 28, 2009



after the jump..
.. esco let's go?

the hooker fund.. wow'zers.

DJ GI? okay. not my favorite dj, he played like five wayne songs, 4 jay-z songs, and it was snippets.. like 5 seconds of each song.. and i couldn't even hear the song with him shouting "DJ GI.. this is your city! throw ur hand in the air if you got more than $20 in your pocket.. just like GI.. yeeeeuhhh fresh outta new york.. this is GI.." omg wow.. how do we dance to a speech?!

we still was havin fun though.. EVERYYYBODDEHHH.. shots ! shots!

from across the room i seeeeeen her.

gentlemen, they single.

it's safe to say, hifi is no longer a hipster american apparel ad.

i spy trouble!

news flash buddy: aggie loves me more than you.. wahhhh


wifey material ahahahha

sweat bomb. sweat bomb.

whoa easy drunkie! hahaha

a little piece of heaven!

and then the freaks came out for another night..

okay. okay. dipset.

us and the guy from b4-4

always a different crowd, ALWAYS.

the king of beers met mrs. margeritaaa.

and then it got more packed.

king of the castle.

this is maribeth. she puked ALLLLL OVVERRR ME.. i have never taken a two hour shower.. that is, until this girl stepped into my life hahahahhaha

"holy shit maribeth, did you just puke on me?"
"oh.. okay cool."

after i finished wiping said puke off of my legs, arms, back, and shoes, maribeth was good again..

it's all good ma, any time you need me, im here.. juzz try and avoid my hair next time, thanks!

oh look it's my favorite dj!

embrace the martiaaannnn.. embrace the martiannnn..


i kind of had a break down yesterday. shit is over-whelming as fuck right now. i wrote "stay up" on my hand to try and keep my mentality and my composure together until everything calms down./ it helped waking up at 5 in the morning today cuz i actually got a head start on things. so now that a few things are checked off my list, it's a little bit easier to breathe. i enjoy being busy, i just don't enjoy being hectic. i still have a lot of food on my plate, but at least i have a fork now.. cuz eating with one chopstick was taking me quite some time..

that's too easy.

dude looks like he's ten and he's cocky as fuck. stop hitting on girls son, until youre old enough for your dick to get hard, you're not allowed to think about pussy. i hate chu.

i get it, dude's a business man.. but someone needs to take this mother fucking pansy ass fairy out.. if not for his pansy ass ways, then for shyne. do it for shyne.

fucking a. i fucking hate this piece of shit..
check this vid where he blames a girl for getting raped and murdered:

but this one's better:

snoop's the man.

that's all i really have right now, i mean, im an asshole, but not that big of an asshole. i guess i could add all the girls from winnipeg, and about ten girls from toronto, but i'm pretty sure they realize i hate them when they say hi to me and i say, "i don't like you.".. so we'll leave it at that:)

Sunday, September 27, 2009



these are my cigarettes, they run shit. i've been smoking them for about 6 years now, and they're basically my love.. today, my spot didn't have them.. so rather than going to another spot (which i would usually do) i decided to try their new style..
these guys:

(the one on the right)..

my regular belmonts work out to be about 54 cents a cigarette, where as these bad boys work out to be about 50 cents a cigarette.. which might not seem like a lot, but it is.. however these are thinner.. but still have the charcoal filter, which is why i love belmonts. chances are if you smoke belmonts, and you know me, i'm the one who got you started smoking them.. lol cocky or not, that's truth. i started out as a du maurier smoker. i loved me dumo's.. but after one belmont, i switched over.. which was hard at first because my hometown didn't really sell them anywhere except for the boonies.. it's worth the trip. the consistency of the smoke in belmonts is phenomenal and it doesn't leave a gross taste in your mouth, it actually smells good, they're smoother than any cigarette i've ever tried (& i've tried them all).. they're tasty while not being weak.. and that's why i smoke them.. these new "edge's" look homo but the box says "the same old belmont taste in a compact cigarette" so we'll see how this goes.. wtf?! am i doing cigarette reviews now?! hellllllo.

8 minutes later.. wow. weird. these cigarettes are like.. ultra thin man, i felt like i was gonna break it.. tastes like a regular old belmont, only difference is the size.. in diameter, it's like a lollipop stick, no joke.. i like it cuz i can fit the pack in my back pocket, but other than that no difference..
why does it matter i dunno?! but that's the most exciting thing to happen to me today! hahahha.. basically, belmonts are the greatest cigarettes ever made!!!!! so if you're a smoker, and haven't tried a belly, do it.. you'll never regret it.. and if you're not a smoker, don't try one, cuz i guarantee after a belmont, you will become a belmont smoker.. "i don't smoke cigarettes.. i smoke belmonts". that is all.

Friday, September 25, 2009


it's fridayyyyy.. hi friday. sup? you smell good. so it's friday, and i don't have anything to blog about, but i clicked new post, and here i am, so let's see what comes out.. i forgot to mention how my last 25 post was also my 200th post.. so that's pretty gnarly..
i don't wanna go out tonight and i totally do, i've been waiting to have a free day so i could get some shit done, and i could totally have that tonight but i wanna go somewhere.. and i don't. two possible outcomes tonight, hi fi, and republic. republic is always good on fridays, but i hate it there. does that make sense?! let's do a quick analogy. republic is a gross bitch, but the sex is good.. and as much as you tell yourself not to, you gotta nut, so you call her. she's fat, she's annoying, but when girl works her hips you forget about it all. hifi.. OH HIFI.. hifi used to be my alive.. except it had killer hip hop.. then it became tyc.. which basically means the place filled with youngins and fights happened every time.. so i haven't been to hi fi in like.. 6 months.. there's a new york(?) dj there tonight, and apparently he's ill na na, so what do you do.
i done showered but yet to throw some gitch on.. so bitches i am slacking.. after my run this morning, i totally did not change and rocked gym shorts the whole day, so i needed to get that shower in. i got called a "tom boy" twice for that ensemble. fucking a.
my cousin leaves tomorrow and won't be back til november 5th.. i leave in 33 days.. so we're not gonna see each other for a hot minute.. which is weird cuz we hang out every day.. literally EVERY day.
i miss my mom.

i'd make better posts if i received better comments.. boo ya.

hopefully i'll have more brain clicks after tonight's episode.. im kind of excited to see bianca.
i've been thinking of doing a new layout for this shit (thizz bloggg) for like a month now, and i still havent done it. i got all these ideas in my head, it's just hard to get then adobe'd out. i'll have pics from this weekend for sure, so you can look forwad to that? this post fucking sucks.. but a post every day for three days? *in a high voice* bitches is killlinn itttt.. throw some ideas at me guys?! i like blog homework, thats why i did the 25s.. askjdhkjhaaaa.. i just found out who justin beeber(?!) is.. and i dont get the hype. i wanna drop kick him in the face. hifi it is.. ima throw some eyeliner on now.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


i changed the subject of this post three times. i have a billion things to write about, but i'm experiencing some pretty heavy duty writer's block right now.. if .. that.. makes any sense. the other day a person of high intellect standard, asked me what my plans were. i said "i am going to be a writer.".. which is legit./ that's my dream, i hold on to it tight without moving forward a whole lot. that person, who knows my educational background, who knows my history, who knows my capability, replied with, "what's your back up?". oh shit son! as much as he crushed my dream to a pulp of hopelessness and doubt, it does make sense to have a back up.. but yo, why you gotta dog me like that?! ..and then my fingers start hitting the keys a little bit harder..
i would like to think i'm pretty random. i never plan things, i just do. i switch topics without proper segways, and i basically seem like i have A.D.D. however, since my health background says i do not have a.d.d., i like to use the word "random" to lighten the blow and make such an attribute more comical. with that said, i give you my "WHAT IS WITH?!"'s

what is with this new cool photoshop type esque where photographers make their photos look like paintings of crap?! this new fucking thing makes every person look like they have cellulite and very cartoony. it's bull shit, and it looks completely unprofessional. "botch you took one year of photography and you think you're the shit ay?!" i really do, i'm sorry, but that shit's crap.

okay so they're not mosquitoes.. they're tiny little flies that just hover with their crew anywhere they please. then you walk into a midst of them, and they hang out with your head for a bit, flying around your head, getting in your mouth and up your nose and shit.. juzz chillin! fuck off bugs! im tryna not eat you right now, im on a diet.

+30c today. bitches that's hot! i'm not complaining about this one, this one's totally aweeesooome.

i keep getting added to these conversations with like five billion people in them.. it didn't bother me at first, i'd be in there like "WADDUP BITCHES !! BBM PARTY!!" and i didn't even know anyone in them. soon enough these same people would be like "fuck you SYNTIFIK, stop adding me to this shit!!" dude, you dont wanna be in my bbm party ?! we only have the hottest emoticons on the block!! but fine.. cool.. bitch. i did not add you son, i got added. it's still not annoying, it just bugs me cuz it's like dude, i fucking hate people. they're such fucking jerks man. like really?! is it that much of a fucking burden to press "end conversation"?! what makes your life so important and awesome?! HUH?!

you're fucking with me, you know that right?! WHY DO WE DO THIS WHY?! why can't we just be good?! why do we have to have these spurts of loving each other then hating each other?! late night conversations and chillin at the beach have never been so good. can we please just say what we think without having un-dealt with emotion rise up when everything's chill?! cool, thanks. ice cream tomorrow kid.

get in there money, get the fuck in there.

that "la la la" song be de la soul is pure fire. this weekend's goals include: don't go over budget, put richard on jeru the damaja, put bianca on pharcyde, get my tan on, clean my room.. and if i get two, i'll be one happy camper. "botch it's nice to see the old botch". i dont know what that means but i thank you. thank you x a million.. uhhhhh my hair is gnarly.. i need a hair cut bad, but i have no monies:( also i just got word, i've been linked on another tumblr. gooood looking out! so since this girl linked me, im about to return the favor, check her tumblr. i took a looksie, its not too shabs..

kid cudi - man on the moon
raekwon - cuban linx 2
jay-z - blueprint 3

all deserving of a review, i COULD say i'll do them soon, but im lazy so im just gonna say, ill do them if i feel like it. i will say this much, i have cudi in my cd player right now, and it hasn't left since the day the album dropped. i haven't REALLY took a good listen to raekwon because i don't own it yet. i've heard like three songs, and snippets of others. i have it downloaded, but don't want to listen to it because i feel like it's cheating. everytime i went to hmv, it was sold out, and i didn't end up pre-ordering it, i kept saying i'll buy it another day and it sells out again.. so i guess that means something.. REAL HIP HOP STILL LIVES!! soon everyone will be walking around in their tims and backpacks bobbin their heads to wu-tang/nas and it will be a perfect world. amen. i need some new tims and space jams in my life. yo god, hook that lottery up son!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


well.. this month is going to be busy as fuck.
i went from wearing my bikini on monday to rocking a sweater and a jacket yesterday to hot ass weather today!! fuckin sweatin and shit.. this weather is crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU. this summer has been.. the worst summer of my life.. but that's not saying a lot, because past summer's have been a kick to the gut to compare to. they've been such fucking ragers. so although this summer was rage all day, it gets an overall 5/10.. not to say i didn't enjoy it. it was so fucking awesome.
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY BOTCH?! i dunno have some pictures.

:( hahahhahaha

thaat's betterrr.

okay hardcores.

your favorite local best buy team.

right ?!

stop head butttinggg

PIC! hahah

if i didnt know yall, i'd say this was pretty homo

no homo

WELL.. if this isnt lindsay lohan enough for ya i juzz dont know what is..



you can't tell, but there is high headbutting results in this photo.. unfortunately, the camera took away from said results.

smashed at 2 in the afternoon, no probleeemmm..!

i still have more lupe vids to post, but they take long to upload, and i'm simply not down for that right now.. i am pretty down for some ice cream though! maybe it's too cold for ice cream.. fuck that. it's never too cold for ice cream.. ICE CREEEAMMM!! "YO BOTCH WHERE YOU BEEN?!" i know right, i'm so m.i.a.. i got moves to make.. sorry if you stop by and i haven't been around.. i guess since i'm so m.i.a. you're gonna have to read more of my blog now huh?! boo ya mother suckahs, boo ya. im fucking on my grind bitches. gotta get some library time in. this girl who was chompin on her gum totally gave me the eye cuz i was listening to my nas. i'm sorry but your cow sounds aren't any better doll! OH speaking of bitches, lemme get this quick convo in:
"wow you're a bitch"
"what why?!"
"she totally said hi to you, and you didn't say anything, hi. bitch."
"whatever dude, fuck that girl's a douche."
"okay shit, she's a fuckin douche though. dirty ugly trick ass wanna be us but cant type slut."
"what did she do?!"
"she fucking stepped on my shoes man."
NO. she didnt really step on shoes.. makes said story hilarious though? no? well i laughed.

im sleeeeeeppy.. yeah so i get tired at 11pm now, but i still can't wake up without my wake up calls.. geeze. sexually frustrated, sleepy and over-wrecked. i know, lame. hey mary jane, what's yo sign?