Thursday, September 24, 2009


i changed the subject of this post three times. i have a billion things to write about, but i'm experiencing some pretty heavy duty writer's block right now.. if .. that.. makes any sense. the other day a person of high intellect standard, asked me what my plans were. i said "i am going to be a writer.".. which is legit./ that's my dream, i hold on to it tight without moving forward a whole lot. that person, who knows my educational background, who knows my history, who knows my capability, replied with, "what's your back up?". oh shit son! as much as he crushed my dream to a pulp of hopelessness and doubt, it does make sense to have a back up.. but yo, why you gotta dog me like that?! ..and then my fingers start hitting the keys a little bit harder..
i would like to think i'm pretty random. i never plan things, i just do. i switch topics without proper segways, and i basically seem like i have A.D.D. however, since my health background says i do not have a.d.d., i like to use the word "random" to lighten the blow and make such an attribute more comical. with that said, i give you my "WHAT IS WITH?!"'s

what is with this new cool photoshop type esque where photographers make their photos look like paintings of crap?! this new fucking thing makes every person look like they have cellulite and very cartoony. it's bull shit, and it looks completely unprofessional. "botch you took one year of photography and you think you're the shit ay?!" i really do, i'm sorry, but that shit's crap.

okay so they're not mosquitoes.. they're tiny little flies that just hover with their crew anywhere they please. then you walk into a midst of them, and they hang out with your head for a bit, flying around your head, getting in your mouth and up your nose and shit.. juzz chillin! fuck off bugs! im tryna not eat you right now, im on a diet.

+30c today. bitches that's hot! i'm not complaining about this one, this one's totally aweeesooome.

i keep getting added to these conversations with like five billion people in them.. it didn't bother me at first, i'd be in there like "WADDUP BITCHES !! BBM PARTY!!" and i didn't even know anyone in them. soon enough these same people would be like "fuck you SYNTIFIK, stop adding me to this shit!!" dude, you dont wanna be in my bbm party ?! we only have the hottest emoticons on the block!! but fine.. cool.. bitch. i did not add you son, i got added. it's still not annoying, it just bugs me cuz it's like dude, i fucking hate people. they're such fucking jerks man. like really?! is it that much of a fucking burden to press "end conversation"?! what makes your life so important and awesome?! HUH?!

you're fucking with me, you know that right?! WHY DO WE DO THIS WHY?! why can't we just be good?! why do we have to have these spurts of loving each other then hating each other?! late night conversations and chillin at the beach have never been so good. can we please just say what we think without having un-dealt with emotion rise up when everything's chill?! cool, thanks. ice cream tomorrow kid.

get in there money, get the fuck in there.

that "la la la" song be de la soul is pure fire. this weekend's goals include: don't go over budget, put richard on jeru the damaja, put bianca on pharcyde, get my tan on, clean my room.. and if i get two, i'll be one happy camper. "botch it's nice to see the old botch". i dont know what that means but i thank you. thank you x a million.. uhhhhh my hair is gnarly.. i need a hair cut bad, but i have no monies:( also i just got word, i've been linked on another tumblr. gooood looking out! so since this girl linked me, im about to return the favor, check her tumblr. i took a looksie, its not too shabs..

kid cudi - man on the moon
raekwon - cuban linx 2
jay-z - blueprint 3

all deserving of a review, i COULD say i'll do them soon, but im lazy so im just gonna say, ill do them if i feel like it. i will say this much, i have cudi in my cd player right now, and it hasn't left since the day the album dropped. i haven't REALLY took a good listen to raekwon because i don't own it yet. i've heard like three songs, and snippets of others. i have it downloaded, but don't want to listen to it because i feel like it's cheating. everytime i went to hmv, it was sold out, and i didn't end up pre-ordering it, i kept saying i'll buy it another day and it sells out again.. so i guess that means something.. REAL HIP HOP STILL LIVES!! soon everyone will be walking around in their tims and backpacks bobbin their heads to wu-tang/nas and it will be a perfect world. amen. i need some new tims and space jams in my life. yo god, hook that lottery up son!


Anonymous said...

TRIBE? Goodness girl, you are serious.

Anonymous said...

*re-enters blog

LOL. Right when I say your blog is gonna be boring without 25s, you write a decent blog. I feel like I owe you something so I'll try to make "decent" comments from now on.
Just wanted to say, if you're serious about being a writer, FUCK having a back-up. You know what Michael Jordan's back-up was? Baseball. EPIC. FAIL. nuff said...

botch said...

SO SIN-CURR!! id type more if i wasnt on my berry harhar

syntifik said...

anonymous number two: you're the fucking bomb yo. that's the biggest piece of hope i've heard in a minute. i don't quite reach mj status when it comes to writing, but you still made me feel good about myself. i like your comments, please don't stop feeding them to me! i need them ahahahha

Maribeth said...

black out... goes botchos page as it loads....

all of a sudden I hear... dooo doooo doooooooo. dooo dooooo dooooo. I'm on award tour...

sick botcho. sick. you got me rockin out in my cubicle.

i like how your blog is still in 25 format.. but instead of 25 its 6. LOL.

I don't have a back up plan to being a teacher. dont worry botch. we got this. back up plans are for the weak. and ya kno... we go hard for our careers.

syntifik said...

rock on ma!! rock the fuck on.. i didnt notice i was still doing 25s.. i guess its hard to let a good thing go..

why cant we just open a sneaker boutique?! esco, lets go!!