Wednesday, December 31, 2008


my computer has been such an ass lately. BUY ME A LAPTOP..! or gimmie money.. so i can buy myself a laptop! anyways.. christmas was fucking great. not just great.. FUCKING GREAT! it kicked ass.. basically. but who wants to read bibble babble when you can just check the pics? be warned, this shall be one of the biggest picture posts in the short history of my blogspot..!! (someone teach me how to do a fucking expandable post!!)


that about sums it up! lol.. i hope everyone had a splendid holiday, and i hope you all have a kick ass new years.. SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IS COMING TOO.. i think it involves someone turning 21 or something. in other random news.. american apparel always has sexy bboys shopping like every time i go in. mygahd. it's so great. still no one greets me, but i am so inlove w/the clothing i'm like fugg it.. ima buy shit. and it is cold.. LETS GET DRUNK! 2009 BABY!

Monday, December 29, 2008


the line for autographs starts about three blocks down..!

Friday, December 19, 2008


tonight is mission get room organized/christmas pre-game.
.. i'd much rather sleep, BUT IT'S NEEDED. is anyone else having crazy static problems!? DAMN THAT ELECTRIC SHOCK! it makes my hair messy:( but it's fun to high five un-suspecting people >=) !! so i got lost in winnipeg square today.. for like an hour. i guess i don't know downtown as well as i thought i did lol.. THANKS COACH.. but it's okay, because i discovered a little cafe called gaberniks cafe etc. and i ordered a hot chocolate. HI. it was so good.. i plan to get lost more often;) it's christmas week, and i'm so excited!! i hope my presents make everyone cry w/joy!!

black dress.. with the tights underneath.. i got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth..

Monday, December 15, 2008


fuck you bitch! i'm gucci, you're just the cheap imitation.
everyone can quit taking shit from me and claiming it's them you know. for instance.. that gucci line is bound to be repeated.. good thing blogs are dated, you read that pure bliss of genius right here pricks. right here. is anyone going christmas crazy like i am?! it makes my head hurt yo..! in a good way.

richard: do you have jumper cables!?

OH RICHARD. you're such a gay lord, and i hope you sprain your ankle at basketball tonight:) I FEEL LIKE I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY FRIENDS ANYMORE. i'm the biggest loner in life right now. i don't have much of a life. it consists of music, cigarettes, reading, and a pen and paper.. WHICH HEY.. is really fucking great. but i really miss my friends.. and.. it's christmas:( i hope things get less hectic after the holidays.. i'm basically a fucking cat lady.. except i don't have a billion cats. let's replace cats with sneakers.. "DAMN YOU PUNK KIDS.. ALWAYS WALKING OVER MY DAISIES!!!" *throws sneakers.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Friday, December 12, 2008


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i would catch you. you need a light? i'd find a match.
cause i love the way you say "good morning". and you, take me the way i am..

Monday, December 8, 2008


he always was nothing. i just see it better now. christmas is almost here.. and it's my first REAL christmas COMPLETELY without you.. &.. i'm good:) let's go christmas, i couldn't be any more ready for ya. in other news, it is fucking cold, but i am thankful as hell for the no wind we've been having. it makes life way easier. and and.. life rocks? i have good friends and a full pack of cigarettes.. like shit. what else could i ask for?! actually.. maybe i shouldn't say that lol.. buy me shoes bitch!
i don't understand how everyone accepts so many people on facebook. like there are accounts that have absolutely nothing on them, and their name is like "no name" and they're trying to add me.. and we have like 80 friends in common. hi what's up, sorry, but i refuse to have a friends list that shows popularity. i delete people daily. on the radio it says, the more friends you have on facebook, the more likely you are to be into drugs and shit. BECAUSE, having a large amount of friends is really an addiction. people get addicted to like showing off how many friends they have. when really, half the accounts arent being used, or are people they don't know. wow.. that was one fuck of a ramble.. IN SHORT, stop adding me if you don't know me. thanks.. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


i will NEVER get sick of listening to you, ever. you're the fucking man. NaS forever.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


.. and too much snow. -35. MINUS FUCKING 35! hello winter.. spent my friday w/ my best galfriend in the whole world. went to polo, AND I WAS SO GRIMEY AND SAW EVERYONE THAT I KNOW. cried on the escalator (who knew escalators could be such downers..get it..), dropped just over 4 bills, had ourselves some shirley temples and the night was done baby. it was good. i just spent an hour trying to find the rock the bells 2009 line up.. it doesn't exist yet.. that or i didnt do a good job. i miss my boys.. HEYY LETS HANG OUT RIGHT NOW. i'm fucking cold man. i hate the mall. not just cuz it's christmas and everyone's crazy.. but cause wow.. there are a lot of douche bags in the world. so many sluts and wannabe gangsters. yo this is truth right now, gangsters don't step into aritzia, no matter how fly their girl is. & youngins are like walking footlocker ads. ME, i shop at boutiques.. limited quantity sneaks.. shout out to everyone though, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas! :)

IN OTHER NEWS.. i got referred to this vid by maribeth
and i want to yell at this man. NIKE DOES LOOK GOOD. & i have NEVER rocked nike for my fucking "homie". i stopped watching about 2 minutes in. i own one pair of creative recs, cuz a lot of the shit they throw out looks like a vomit pile of colors, dots and laces. they need a better spokesman who won't rag on other brands.. otherwise i refuse to purchase anything else from them. talking about high end, please..

Thursday, December 4, 2008


are you ready to die?

it's a lot to handle in just one week. & i don't mean a lot to handle as in everything blows. cause everything rocks right now, i just have a lot on my plate. & i'm having trouble making decisions. like i don't know what i want anymore or something. part of that something includes you.. please don't think i hate you! cuz i really don't.. "you're pretty". bonibelle walks like a monkey. ask her to demonstrate it, it's pretty funny. anyways.. i have only one christmas present. ouch. bitches let's get some shopping done! up-coming craziness: botcho&maribeth rip up friday. christmas shopping. christmas party. food food. quality family time. gossip girl. work work. write write. blog in between. scream & light up the sky. dye my hair. coffee &smokes. scratch the coffee, i can't have none of that shit.
dear slut bag, you're sucha slut bag. & i regret not hitting you harder. one blow to the face isn't enough in my books. but don't worry, it's christmas season, i'll hold off.. well, that is.. physically anyway. i'm kind of really fucking mouthy..
i'm gonna clean my room..! (cuz im sucha bad ass.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i'm OKAY! thanks everybody:)
i still refuse to eat liver.

22 more days, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
the roots' tour bus crashed..?! THATS WHAT THEY GET FOR QUITTING TOURING. just kidding. relax, everyone's okay. so a whole bunch of people are on my ass for not buying "tronic" yet. shit bitches. calm down. why do i have to buy everything once it drops!? i'll fucking get there okay.. you're all seriously making me want to get it in like two years though. forreal.

Monday, December 1, 2008



it takes a lot to be un-truthful, but more to speak your mind. so i say maybe, JUST MAYBE.. this will end in time. whatever you want, whatever you need, just pretend it's us & we'll be happy again. best friends, for what?

i love when people dance to their ipod on the street. it makes me happy to see the way music can have an affect on people. happy people who don't give a fuck what the world thinks cause they're too busy moving to a good beat.. what's up. you're wicked!! i went christmas shopping today.. at least i tried to. i broke and bought shoes for myself. DAMN YOU URBAN AND YOUR BAKERY GREATNESS! so i was talking to this girl today at urban, asked her if they had any vice.. sadly, they did not.. but she was looking for one too. so i said, you can get them at american apparel! & she goes, "ugh." LOL.. so we got into this whole conversation about how when you walk into american apparel and you get zero service, and for the most part, everyone kinda acts like you aren't there and that they're kings, and you're an un-touchable. THEN.. this girl tells me that APPARENTALLY, head offices tell their employees not to offer service. anyone know where i can find some truth to this shit!? cuz i wouldn't be surprised. american apparel isn't a starbucks.. however that asian guy that works there.. POLITE AS HELL. if anything, he should be king.
shiiiiit./ way to offend a whole bunch of american apparel employees botch. well shit, yall need to step up and say 'fuck head office' or yall need to get off the rude tip and think that spandex and shine make you better than me.. yeah i said it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


what's up, i love you man.

Friday, November 28, 2008


i decided i had to listen to this album with the following in mind: i have never heard kanye west before. okay, obviously i have.. lol but chyea, that's the only way i'd be able to judge this album with open ears. let's get it straight, every time a kanye album drops, we're expecting HOTNESS. pure hotness. & i'm sure i'm not the only one who was sketchy about 808's heartbreak. SO. before i hit the play button, i made myself think that this was a brand new artist, who i've never heard before. i think it helped, a little.
okay.. on to the thoughts and shit. when he performed "love lockdown" @ the mtv awards, maribeth called me in time to catch it. & i was like "wtf is this garbage!?". a lot contributed to that thinking. first being, that was the finale. & the song sounded fucking repetitive as hell. & uhh.. is any1 hating this vocoder bull shit as much as i am!? at a concert here, kanye said, "yo i can't sing so lemme just rap for you guys". well. that's some shit. you're not showcasing a singing talent w/this track. HOWEVER.. three weeks later, the song grew on me. & i don't hate it, iunno if that's because i keep hearing it over and over, or if it's good.. let's call it catchy. SO, i bought this album being VERY FUCKING SKETCHY.
on to the album (HALLO IM SUCHA SLACK lol). HONESTLY. do not listen to it until you get kanye's old shit out of your head!! hi, the beats are fucking crazy! & i really hope they release a cd of just the instrumentals! i admire kanye for taking a bold step forward, doing something he's never done before. all the respect to you. i'm torn though. cuz if he was afraid people would get sick of another album that sounds like him, i think that's redic. (n.e.r.d. keeps dropping bangers!) kanye can not sing.. the vo-coder helps you to forget that, but i think this should be his only singing album. some of the lines are fucking cheesy as hell but there's a lot you can relate to.. if you've been in relationshits. he starts off with a song called, "say you will", where he lets you know he's gonna be singing for the whole album. yes, the WHOLE album. i listened to this song three times, just to get in the right vibe for the rest of it (i suggest you do the same).
"coldest winter" is my favorite song on the album.. it's about his moms, and it really hits you.. like this song actually fucks you up. his voice is raw as shit, and the beat's simple. he paints a picture with this track. a lot of the album's depressing as shit, but that made it better. cuz i don't think there's a way i would listen to kanye sing if he wasn't singing about something deep. a lot of witty ass metaphors in this song. so you gotta applaud the lyrics. tapping into life's tribulations is fucking hard. & when you're letting the world know your experience so they can feel better about theirs, i think that's fucking great. sometimes people need you to hold out your hand.
looking at the album as a whole, it's interesting. the beats are retarded (seriously, i know im annoying but they're insane.) this album is pure expression, and it showed. i almost get a spoken word type vibe from it. he's certainly trying to grab some new listeners, and surprise his old ones. i don't know if i'm surprised, i think i'm more.. intrigued.
the album's .. it's not bad, it's different.. you keep waiting for a rap to come in, but then you realize raps don't really fit, so you're like torn.. if you're ready for change, BUY it. i don't feel i wasted my money. i just need it to sink in a little more. 5/5 for the beats though. i mean tribal drums? like fuck yeah. who doesnt like tribal drums!
like i said.. sometimes people need you to hold out your hand..
he held out his hand for this album.. grab it.

in other news, someone got shot downtown today! & i was outside having a smoke, and the cops were all in the crime area, and some asian douche-girl goes under the tape to go into the bus shelter where dude was shot.. and the cop goes "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" and she's like "oops." and laughs uncontrollably.. you idyot. just walks into a crime scene. downtown was busy today.. lots of walking. my feet hurt. bye.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


$500 for a writing piece?! i want it! THE WACKNESS. pt.2. begins now.
christmas shopping hasn't commenced. niether has official birthday planning.
help help help/ it's cold, but the snow's almost gone. watch that be a jynxx.
nas forever.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Monday, November 24, 2008


so today i heard this girl order a green salad.. no typos there, i meant green salad.
i didn't know there were other colors.. I WANT PURPLE SALAD!

uhh.. anyways. winnipeg is going to be having some kick ass music along with some ice skating at the forks! hi. that's wicked! dj co-op & hunnicutt will be playing some dope hip hop, funk & basically good shit to rock out to on the ice. WAIT WAIT.. it gets better, it's FREE bitches!
SCHED: SUN; DEC7, 2-5PM/ SUN; DEC14, 2-5PM/ FRI; DEC 19, 6-9PM/ & SUN; DEC21, 2-5PM/
& yall wonder why i love this city so much.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


friday night = boring boring boring. i was frustrated w/boredom and hunger.. then tj calls and along with marti, we go to eat! which honestly made the night. i wasn't satisfied staying home, even if i thought i wanted to at first. i love you two:)

tonight = uhh.. WELL bonibelle & bianca are out together without me! im so jealous right now. but in other news, my sea monkies are alive!! cheers. i'm really cranky today, but i'm trying not to be. TRYING. HELP! throw money at me! uhh.. so am i the only one who doesnt understand this 'twilight' phenomenon?! cuz the reviews have all been shit. it's only been getting like 2/5 stars lol. DOWN WITH TWILIGHT..!! ahahah wow, im an asshole. people are like trippin big over this shit and im just like eh.

so i was having a cigarette and this happens:
random stranger: hi.
botcho: ... *looks the other way.
random stranger: i love you!
botcho: ... *turns the other way.

really now.. i am one lucky gal to have homeless people saying they love me. uhh let's hope this night gets more interesting. *turns mobile ringer on*

Friday, November 21, 2008


"oh we've just both been really busy."
yeah, whatever, slut bag.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


really can't sleep right now. just had a "simple life" binge.. but the last episode, they were working in a bakery which just made me hungry, so i had to stop lol. uhh.. 3 in the a.m. got a pretty bad ass text message a while ago. you fucker. you always do this, and there will be one day when i'm not there. which is a shame cuz we represent wherever we go.. I LOVE CHRISTMAS !! three cheers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


i have a million things to blog about.. but i really don't feel like typing it all. so i'm just gonna give you guys a picture post and a quick tiny little summary. it was a really good weekend. felt like high school, forreals. hello highschool! i got the greatest package in the mail, with a lot of homework.. all of which i look forward to. what else?! oh i witnessed citizens stand up for citizens today, remind me to blog about all this shit later forreals cuz it's so good! ahaha.. i heard the roots do sick covers live, i wouldnt know cuz im never gonna see them live since they're retiring from touring. ouch, that was a dagger in my heart. uh blaze blaze.. here have some pics:

whats going on here!!!??!?


down to ride til the very end.

something very fishy..

i like pictures where i'm not ready ..

thank you & good night!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


sneak peek. you'll get the rest tomorrow!

Friday, November 14, 2008


so i guess it's true, ima gold digger.

it was a good night, aside from wannabe drama starters LOL. people need to not trip, and instead just suck my dick. oh. snap. the music was amazing. i almost died when black sheep came on, cuz i've recently been on a black sheep tip. &its nice to see how true of a friend bianca is. cuz if you're not down to give up some pain for friendship, then we really ain't that close. METHOD MAN FOREVER! AAAAAAAAAND lets look at some life lessons.

- girls are gay. like seriously fucking homo.. boys forever.
- i cannot light a cigarette & talk to chris at the same time, it's impossible
- people are cooler when they're drunk. sorry, but shit's the truth.
- if you tell a dude you wanna "hang out", they think you wanna bone. be wary.
- making out on the dance floor looks good if there's no groping going on.
- always, ALWAYS, double check to make sure u have ur cellphone b4 u leave a location
- i did not do anything illegal, here here.. !

aaaaaaaand the weekend begins. let's go bitches.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


so when it rained, i thought it would melt the snow.. it did not. it just turned the snow to slush. which will be a fucking death trap once that shit gets colder and turns into ice:( every day i gotta repeat over and over, "dont fall, dont fall", and then i almost fall infront of at least ten people. can't wear sneakers in this shit! & to make matters worse, there's sand everywhere from the city trying to protect slip prone people like me.. slush + sand = kiss of death for sneaks. i'll stick to my ghetto ass nike boots that are falling apart. they look like someone bought clothes from value village, took glue, and made a really ghetto ass pair of boots yet they only had one hand with no thumbs, like.. a pre-schooler made them. actually... hey now, you thought it..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


well. kind of. i was about to cross the street and a block of ice the size of a phone book hit my backpack. missed me by centimeters. everyone just gasped, one lady said, "well that sure isn't safe." yeah. no shit lady. & one dude said "yo. you almost died!" ahahha. i was kinda like wow. that is some big ice! bitches be careful!! THAT IS SOME FINAL DESTINATION SHIT FORREALS. returned my camera for a new one today too:) TIS EXCITING.. tis VERY exciting. in other news, my head is slowly getting, "straight". i'm like.. doing good & shit. kinda. sorta. well. actually.. ahahha. faCk! im getting there i think. i just need to like, not give in as much. yo wassup, boys are shiesty! this weekend is gonna be a rager. A VERY RESPONSIBLE RAGER.. lol. LETS KICK OFF BITCHES!! ima call it the "plaid if you wanna at my bar cuz barack obama loves the ufc from italia!!!!!!" & if you think that's a ridiculous title, then you should stay home bitches! let's party like it was 2005..!!
& if you don't remember what that was like, lemme re-fresh ur memory.....

fack. i was a skinny bitch.

today was a very good day, aside from almost dying.. i got to go to the gym, and it was the first time i showered there without a bikini (i forgot mines). it helped that there weren't any women in the changing room.. but EVEN STILL. it was a very triumph'y moment for me.. + a new camera.. i dunno what else, but i swear there was more good shit to make it awesome. uhhh. yessum. that is all.

Monday, November 10, 2008


"as we grow up, we learn." alright. that being said, i either have a lot of growing up to do, or a lot of learning to do. maybe both. i'm no liar. i speak truth, even if that truth feels like tiny little demons chiseling at my throat with rusty ice picks as the words come out of my mouth. that truth might pain me, but it'll get out. my word, always. that's my word. i fucked up.. but i hereby give you my word on the following: i will always be honest with you. i will try to fuck up less. i will try not to fuck up at all.

cuz hey, i love you. here goes it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


back in the day, life was too easy.


"whatever", ugh.

Friday, November 7, 2008


HELLO SNOW! i'm sure a lot of people are upset about the first snowfall today. i for one, am not.. because that only means CHRISTMAS IS COMING! hustle hustle hustle!$$$ uhh so i totally got nike liners for free today! from a random stranger! hi whats up, my name's awesome. im going to the symphony in like a few hours.. and im not even close to ready. ugh, save me..!!

we put on for our city.

chyeachyea! lets go lets go lets go!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


so today i did something pretty gangster. i've never been really out-spoken, WAIT! BEFORE YOU THINK ANYTHING, hear me out lol.. i've never really been out-spoken, unless i felt the time and place was appropriate. well today i was out-spoken, without the time and place .. here's the story.
girl : *turns around and looks at me for like ten seconds*
botch : *looks at her w/ a 'wtf' expression*
girl (to man friend) : do you know that girl behind us?
man friend : no why
girl : she's like staring me down, but she's scared so its cool.
botch : UHHHHHHH.. excuse me?!
girl : nothing
botch : yeah i thought so! nothing. shut the fuck up. *spits on ground for effect*. ahahahha

yeah nothing went down, hate to disappoint you. but i was still kinda surprised i said it. iunno why.. i did it more for humor than anything. gal was trying to look boss in front of the man friend, fuck that, let's get comical. durka durka. bitches it is cold. i am officially wearing layers tomorrow, even more so. i don't care if i look like a marshmellow, the noise your shivering's making will cover your laughter. here here ! i love shiny toy guns, but their new album.. kinda blows. i think i'm gonna watch some kenny vs. spenny. some how seems wrong without james here.. haha. ha.

PT2? you are no longer in my good books. you're not even in my books. you cleared out kiddo, way to lose shit. and i don't feel guilty, not one bit. if i'm being "mean", fuck that, you deserve it. thats it thats all.
as for you, sometimes.. sometimes i'm just like, EWEWEW.. for instance, i just shuddered. lol. good riddance. so glad you're not in my life no more.. most days.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


shout out to america!! i have faith this man will do good for the country, not just the country, the world. "mccain has enough apologies, but we aint hearin that, we need HONESTY!". obama has stayed humble (after getting dissed fucking daily), and he deserved the win. i'm really glad america voted him in!! cuz there were times when val and i thought he wasn't gonna take the crown. & it was nice having someone you wanted to win, win (AHH NDP!!!). we celebrated last night by lighting sparklers:)
& i recently found out obama has nas on his ipod. definitely a winner in my books!

today was a busy day.

i took this in the exchange, and well.. uhh.. what?!

went to the exchange, to do shit really. just felt like it. went to visit my gramps to get some symphony tickets.. yeah i go to the symphony. my grandpa got me into it, and some of them are really boring. i usually only say yes to the jazz shows or the christmas one, cuz i love christmas, AND christmas songs! HOWEVER.. this one will be broadway musical hits.. and call me cheesy, but musicals are like.. musicals are like, waking up at nine in the morning, when you don't have work, pulling the blanket over your face and realizing just how awesome it is to sleep in.. to me anyways. so it should be aight. anyways, after that i went downtown to eat mcdonalds. there were like three dudes chillin with guitars.. none of them knew each other, and they were just sitting on the corner of hargrave, and im there having a smoke thinking, "cmon play something and make this smoke more enjoyable..!!" and one guy does, and it was so good. but he was the ugly one, the hottie was just sittin there waiting for paint to dry or some shit. that is all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


& no one's gonna save you from the beast that's gonna strikeeee..

FOR THE LAST TIME. I WAS RAGGEDY ANN.. let's kick off bitches!
so halloween kicked some hard ass. started out at my sister's house, decorated that house to shit to scare all the little kids! the kids that did come, LOVED IT. HOWEVER, for some reason there were hardly any trick or treaters?! WHATS GOING ON HERE?! well. maribeth and i grew bored of waiting for kids to show up. so we took on a very conscious adult decision to go trick or treating ourselves. hi.. WHY YOU KIDS DONT DO THIS, i just dont understand! FREE CANDY!? FREE CHOCOLATE?! FREE CHIPS?! FREE JUICEBOXES?! that is a dream at its finest..! THEN.. a ballerina showed up and took us to thriller.. the djs were playing bangers all night and the costumes blew me away (aside from the typical french maids & naughty cops/firefighters, *YAWN!).. the dance floor was a death trap, i fell on my ass so hard and still have bruises to remind me of the embarrassment. &fights broke out like teens on prom night. not enough security, but the security was good.. no glass bottles allowed on the floor (few slipped).. which honestly prevented A LOT. enough blibber blabber.. i know what chu fuckers really want, here are the pics, pricks!

we kill shit!

who doesnt like twinkies!?

the floor that almost killed me..

my ride or die bitches.. mostly ride.


thriller forever..!

what else could you want in a friday night?

IN OTHER NEWS.. the weather has been kick ass..! WHY HAS IT BEEN SO HOT!? i like.. went to the beach in november! hi. i love it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


seriously, if you hate winnipeg, you're just sheltered, and think there's nothing more than polo and the forks. this city is fucking amazing! the artwork, the people, the architecture.. fuck yes bitches. fuck yes.
today consisted of the following : eyebrows did (FINALLY HELLO!), seeing people while i'm insanely grimey, consumed two mcdonalds meals, grocery shopping, and camera shopping.. this was a tough decision. i've been wanting a camera for like, fucking ages now. well.. whats up kids! i got one! the one my buddy gave me was on its final days and officially shut down about a month ago. so i've been using val's camera to fulfill my needs. no more no more. i have one all for myself. & I KNOW. i've been on that hustle tip, but honestly, aside from weekends lol, i havent really spoiled myself. i havent bought a pair of shoes in two months now. to me, that is big news. & this camera is going to be put to good use!!!!! SO STOP SHAKING UR FINGERS AT ME AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS. lodi dodi.
today someone said, "you shouldn't be mad at her, she idolizes you.".. uhh, she can idolize my cock.
"why are you always angry botcho!?" i really feel like i'm almost never angry, i'm just extremely mouthy.. and also juzz dunn givvvuhh fuuuck.
my ass hurts, and it's not from sitting here cuz i just got here..
okay i swear, after this weekend, i am back on the hustle$$$$$$$
gate night bitches! i've already seen like at least 10 eggs on the ground and it's only 3 lol

p.s. HI LEM. i love you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


JAZZY JEFF KILLED IT. shout out to everybody who gave me the suggestion of going. totally worth my time, and money, and life:) his mixing = RETARDED. finally, A REAL DJ !! hahahahha. no joke there, that shit is true as hell. little mainstream with some kick ass old school. wasn't down for this gay ass reggaeton, but hey, i understand the man had a crowd to please. half the people there weren't there for jazzy, so he had to pay his bills. didn't matter, his talent made up for that shit!

we fuck with hip hop, ALWAYS. (so fucking chill at this point)

you cause drama, we rock the bells. (shit son, we're almost there at this point.)

you get buzzed, we get hosed. (what's up, we're there at this point.)

worth every fucking penny.

so it was sick. as you can probably tell. slosh slosh slosh. wicked people, and mad cameos. & i didn't feel COMPLETELY out of place (cause i usually do=/ lol).. BUT IT WASNT SO BAD. my homeboys made everything they could to make me feel at ease.. and that's exactly how the night ended up being, EASY. EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING.
i finally got my halloween costume.. & i'm really excited for halloween!! it's my favorite holiday next to christmas! YUP. even before my birthday!! & everybody knows how much i love my birthday! HOWEVER.. i've been seeing a lot of g's halloween pictures.. and i have to say.. some girls, wack wack wack wack. i really hope i don't look as bad as some of these girls do. THEY TURNED MY BAT GIRL COSTUME (fr.2 years ago, thank goodness) INTO A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THAT HAS BEEN IN THE SUN FOR TOO LONG & HAS TURNED TO SHITTY DUST. honestly! YOU LOOK SO BAD! ahaha. (cheers to hoping my costume doesnt look redic!!) this drunk guy was dropping shit and trying to yell numerous slurred sentences into my ear today.. i gave him a piece of my mind! (almost.) trying to tell me i wasn't doing something right, UHM HELLO DRUNKIE, it is 1 in the afternoon and you are making a mess and scaring people!! seriously, if you're gonna be drunk, go ahead and do it. just don't cause a ruckus during the middle of the day, and don't bother people who are trying to go about their lives. uhh yeah.

p.s. your new girl = ugly. iunno why you're still on my dick.. oh thas right, she's ugly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


so i got mistaken for a hooker today.
yup, a hooker. by a dude who looked like he was in his mid.. 40's? flattering that people would pay to have sex with me, uhh.. not really. it made me feel disgusting.. &cheap. & i dont know how confusion like this could occur when i was dressed pretty fucking conservatively. aside from that, i also found out someone big in my life was being shiesty behind my back. you'll get what's coming. i'm botcho, i ALWAYS win:) & holy crap. all the security dudes at portage are fucking good looking cats. ladies, if you're looking for eye candy, it's definitely the place to go. no joke. they are ALL gorgeous. it was also really cold today.. & the rain from the night made the autumn leaves all wet. which made dirt stick to them.. which in turn made some what of a paper mache paste.. except, with leaves and dirt. IT'S REALLY FUN TO WALK IN.. not so fun to have smush against your sneaks. i had a killer grilled cheese sandwich today. so cheesy. i need a new boutique to shop at. it seems all the boutiques i usually shop at are getting REALLY busy. everyone's wearing the same shit these days. it's boring. *yawn. i also almost crashed james' car today.. >=) DAMMIT I SUCK AT DRIVING! lol, i also get everyone pulled over. SUP SUP! ima jynx!

also, this happened on the bus today:
guy: so did you hear that they're raising bus fare?!
guy #2: yes i did.. sucks hey?
guy: really does, they should at least serve us cocktails if they're gonna charge us this much..
guy #2 + random strangers: hahaha..
guy: actually, you know what, fuck it! *whips out vodka & dixie cups, pours about 6*
random strangers: *drink with guy*
I KNOW. i couldn't believe it either.

i gotta do laundry now, in an attempt to have something decent to wear tomorrow.

goodbye sneaker weather. i'll see you after the sand's gone.


i was really contemplating should i go to jazzy jeff or not?!
honestly.. half the people are gonna be just yerking for fucking the fresh prince anthem & they're not gonna recognize all the old school hip hop he'll be playing.
from what i've heard, he does a crazy hip hop set. which is exciting & really persuaded me to go.

friday, it goes down.
stay tuned bitches.

Monday, October 20, 2008


tell me that is not the sickest stance ever.. & he has a purple lunch bag, what's not to love?!

iunno why, but i saw a lot of fucking cowboys today.
calgary in the city for football, i'm assuming.

i light up a smoke every time i enter the fucking car. shit, routine is more of an addiction than the nicotine. nic patches don't do shit for me either. must quit before 30 bitches, i just gotta. fucking nic'n out and shit, it's so annoying. you feel like a fucking baby. can't do shit! just cranky!
falafel = the bomb diggidy. you try and be the person to tell me otherwise.

am i the only girl in the world who's not diggin' hellz bellz' new shit!?
it's like they found out that everyone thought "wow this shirt has crazy shit on it!" so then they were like, "alright people like crazy shit.".. then they took copious amounts of crazy shit, and threw it on a shirt, but it's too much crazy. please don't sell out:(

Saturday, October 18, 2008


i have the most kick ass headache right now. really it's some shit. ouch ouch ouch.
wtf happened last night ?! i know it was craziness cuz the text messages in my inbox are so fucking hilarious.. "LOSER!! FUCK YOU HORSE HEAD!!" like wtf is that?! ahahhaa.. what the hell is a horse head?! for reals.. & in my outbox, there's "ye yeh juzz lemme finishn being fuck,iknh g driunk! then ill call you like shit!"

let's recap..

LAST NIGHT: so i called up bianca last night saying, "what are you doing!?" bianca says "nothing." andddd after saying, "i wanna have like a few beers, wanna go to like boston pizza or some shit !?" she goes alright. WELL. let me tell you how shit did not go down at all.
we said fuck the boston pizza idea, let's go to a lounge. bar italia will probably be pretty chill, so let's go there. we get there, and it is rowdy! so whatever, have a beer.. and then for some reason, beer turned into blue lagoons. one too many blue lagoons. & we both got hosed.. & i called richard, im like "COME TO BAR ITALIA IT IS CRAZY!" and richard's like "uh.. what are you doing after?!" i dunnno richard but im hungry!! and so richard shows up at bar italia with mcdonalds!! then i puke my guts out on the street.. and headed on our way to denny's. then i eat the craziest meal ever. the lumberjack slam. if you dont know what this is.. it's 2 slices of toast, two pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham steak, two eggs and hashbrowns. i have no idea how the fuck i conquered that.. maybe its cause i had room from puking my guts out.. then i get home and puke again outside my house, and a few more times once i get inside. it was insane how trashed i got, after only wanting to do nothing but have a beer and some wings. HOWEVER, it turned out being a dope ass night.. ride or die bianca, ride or die lol


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


so this was my second time seeing dj ayres. hi, it kicked ass. hard ass.


SO I LEFT LIVEJOURNAL, after having that shit for four years.. i've moved, for this shit. &my only complaint is the following: WHY CANT I DO EXPANDABLE POSTS?! fucking gay.
whats up? my name's botcho.. & this will be my fucking blog. enjoy bitches!