Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some baddie is pink.

My brother told me he couldn't follow me on instagram because I probably post too many gross selfies.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Alfonzo Hunter - Weekend Thang

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Toro Y Moi - Enough of You feat. Nosaj Thing

Sorry not sorry for all the music posts. Every song I've been posting just happens to be something that I'm listening to at the moment.. and it just happens to be super good. I can't deal with it right now. There's so much stuff to listen to.. HOW DO WE LISTEN TO IT ALL!?!

Travis Scott - Dis Side

Keeper - Next To Me

I been sweatin out my clothes. I been dancing with my girls every night.

Sir Michael Rocks "QUALITY TIME LAPSE"


I'm a coach, I'mma teach these bitches how to layup
Now most of ya'll can't do shit
But all my chicks cook grits
And roll a spliff, at the same damn time
You ain't live long enough, to have a bitch this fine
Now if you don't mind

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wow, hey, sorry.

I've been really sick! Aside from that, life threw some even more crazy at me. I'm super good at disappearing. I've done it a lot. There are times you just need to get away from your surroundings and regroup..

I'm actually.. not done doing that. So Sorry for ignoring all phone calls and texts and not blogging and basically.. falling off the face of the earth for a bit.

I promise I'm finding sanity!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Day 1 was definitely not as busy as day 2.
Kanye telling us he had a family emergency had us all buggin'.
Relationship goals! Peep that Baby Milo tee! While beauty on the right has all eyes on her, literally.
Perfect. A plaid vintage blazer paired with basics and the boots to match. Festival lookbooks.
Confetti can always make festivals feel that much more magical.

Despite being in its first year, despite Kanye leaving half way through, despite the amount of basketball jerseys, Meadows Fest might be the next festival to watch out for. The fashion was actually pretty on point, once you looked beyond the basketball jerseys of course. I wish I could have captured more, but unfortunately I didn't charge my battery pack. So this will have to suffice until next festival. If we're really gonna ask questions tho, musically.. CHANCE WAS AMAZING.
Be back with a music write up soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Thought I'd throw down a curated Tuesday for ya. It's been a minute.

Tuesday tunez.

Friday, August 12, 2016

To hold her back would be a sin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Friday, July 15, 2016

Blu: Her Favorite Colo(u)r

Great, Kendall Jenner got the same glasses as me today. Why is she so obsessed with me?!

Oh hey, I dyed my hair blue. Sup girls

Monday, June 27, 2016


I got called a chickenhead the other day. LMAO. Can you believe it?! I need to stop thinking I can squad up solo to any girl that rubs me the wrong way. Wait, I CAN SQUAD UP, but I *should not* squad up. What are we doing here?! I need to listen to this as reassurance when I get a little crazy.. which if you know me is all the timeeeee so loop dat, b.

JK I'm not crraaazzyy.. JK I TOTES AM LOOP IT AGAIN.

Friday, June 10, 2016


OKAY. THIS WOMAN IS JUST AMAZING. Jorja Smith with all that is talent in this video that she created herself, because you know, as if her musical talent was impressing us enough. What a poet.

Excuse me while my girl crush continues.


How could anyone not like Obama? Seriously, he's so great. What a refreshing term served. Let's hope for more greatness!

LOVE IS LOVE. Bareezuz!


I watched for the milk.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Okay hold on a second here, just hold on... Who is Joey Purp and why am I only hearing this now?! WHY. WELL, no time to dwell, only time to dancey dancey. Chance kills it as always. GUSH GUSH GUSH.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Higher than a motherfucker, dreamin' of you, as my lover. Flying like a screamin' falcon, only way to do each other. Pull out the incisor, give me two weeks, you won't recognize her. Mouth open, you're high. I know it hurts. You know, I'd put you first. I can fuck you better than her. You say you want me, I say you'll live without it, unless you're the only one who instigates.

How did she taste?

Feel your body closin', I can rip it open
Suck me up, I'm healin' for the shit you're dealin'
Smoke on the skin to get those pretty eyes rollin'
My thighs are apart for when you're ready to breathe in
Suck me up, I'm healin' for the shit you're dealin'
High, motherfucker, got your mouth open, you know you're mine

Friday, May 13, 2016


Look in your phone contacts. Pick out any two random 25-year-olds. Tell me what they’re both doing with their lives. Chances are that one of them is spending most nights scrounging around on Facebook for a good electronica show where they can get in for less than five dollars and hopefully score some free molly from an acquaintance because they’ve been out of a job for about four months. And it’s likely that the other is currently married with a house purchased in a nice-but-still-kind-of-hip suburb and is excited at the prospect of zestily reproducing in the next few years. One of them is getting monogrammed kitchen towels and handmade soaps for the guest bathroom, while the other is posting seven statuses a day from the comfort of their living room whilst getting high and watching reruns of Maury and eating Gogurt. And neither of these are right or wrong.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I hear shit like this and I am just amazed because this is like.. the first act Perla and I got to see live at Osheaga. I wanna puke, it's just soooo good. I CAN'T. KAYTRANADA GETS MUSIC.

The 16,000 views are all from me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


These are going to be the last pics I post from Mexico, there are a ton more but I think I'll save them for when I'm missing it a tad bit more.


Monday, May 2, 2016


Stumbling between substances and talks.
Through loud music, and lit up walks.
Christmas lights filled the trees, and the air was crisp with the smell of a spring smoke.
Everyone was so happy and I searched for something real.
I thought for a second maybe it was there.
My cheek grazed my hair, at the piano.
My mind was gone but in that moment so real.
I moved past beer spills and stumbled on misplaced feet down misplaced stairs, earning misplaced stares and misplaced
Classic. Misplaced. Me.
A girl trying to be.
I brought a flame to a cigarette and listened so closely to the burn of rewarding poison.
Lost in translation with different noises. Laughs, a beer dropping, a song that had potential to make me cry.
My body almost numb, and the red traveling straight for my eye.
Paying attention to myself and identifying real. Identifying feel.

Found it. Grasped it.
If this is misplaced, and misplaced we be.
Let me stay. Classic. Misplaced. Me.

Monday, April 25, 2016


She doesn’t wash her hair, doesn’t wash her clothes.
Just sits on the couch watching television shows.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


You can really find out where you stand in two nights.
TWO nights.

Some things matter, I guess. Some things don't, I guess.

I just want to matter.


Gush gush gush, amirite?!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Whoa hoa hoa. Super sultry. Songs like this make me wanna hit a martini bar in my go to black dress.. which I accidentally ripped on a broken door frame at a warehouse party, BUT HEY.. with a song like this following me, I'd like to think few would notice. Hawt hawt hawt.

Monsieur-dame, can I come with you
As you both look awfully kind
This alley and me are through
Let me tell you what I've got in mind

Truth be told I've been here, I've done this all before.

Right, my little pooh bear, wanna take a chance?
Wanna sip this smooth air, kick it in the sand
I'd say I told you so but you just gonna cry
You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes

My, my simple sir, this ain't gonna work
Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy slurs
I can't take this place,no I can't take this place
I just wanna go where I can get some space


Nothing like dinner with a view, right?! I bounce back and forth between two feelings when I'm travelling, the first is this sense of home. It's something like, "This is normal. I belong here. Casual. Here I am". The second is this sense of disbelief. It's something like, "Holy shit, I can't believe I'm actually here right now. I'm here. Living THIS??!!?!". Someone sign me up as a travel blogger, I feel it's really my calling.

Try calling a cab to a mountain though, impossible. Our chef actually ended up driving us home. A meal and an uber. What a time to be alive.


It's been 8 months, and I am still ridiculously obsessed with this song.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Today, I received this message from a guy who was a really close friend at one point in my life. He really, truly was. He supported me through some tough times, and I hope I did the same. Unbelievably witty, incredibly funny, he's a great pal. He always has been, I for one, have not. We'd constantly make plans, and I'd constantly bail. I'm not good at plans - I almost never follow through. I'm late, I'm a procrastinator, and I've been a little selfish with time. Part of that stemming from the thought basis of, "ah, he'll always be around".

This message made me tear up a bit. I thought of all these excuses, you know, I work all the time, I've got family things going on, just on and on.. but really I shouldn't have a single one. I made him feel like he wasn't important, I hurt him, and that's not what friends do.

He blocked me, so I can't contact him. Which is fine, I mean, it hurts but I don't want him to hurt more than he does right now. I fucked up. Sad I made some silly choices that put me into a situation without a solid friendship.

Make time for your friends, folks, or they might just up and leave ya.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


I really connected with my Aunt. She's full of energy, hilarious, and such a beautiful, beautiful, soul. This is us in Los Ayala, doing what we do best.. eating. This water view is the view of Isla Coral from Los Ayala, I KNOW RIGHT. We kayaked to this island in just under an hour. I did some snorkeling here with some fishy friends, and got beat up a bit by the ocean. Ocean waves are no joke b, watch out for that pull. It's amazing how strong mother nature can be. Scrapes and bruises worth it, tropical fish are the best, coral is the best, and I tried to snapchat it but snapchatting underwater, being pulled through rocks, keeping your snorkel above water.....yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it didn't work out. Hopefully the view will suffice!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My Aunt is really good at taking photos - just to let you know, she's all about capturing the moment. Here's me casually browsing market day in La Pineda. I walked here to meet my Aunt after running some errands with my Lola and got lost like five times. The joy of getting lost in a place unknown is that it usually leads you to whimsical beaches, oh and the occasional alley filled with people giving you the, "You're totes lost, aren't ya?!" look. I'm cool with it. Purchased five zillion bracelets, an anklet, some rings and a backpack. My little haul was under $40. Did you know you could get two black onyx silver rings, a silver bracelet and a gram of weed for 300 pesos ($22 CAD). I politely declined the weed and instead got an anklet. Also found a nice little coffee shop for a coffee and my absolute favorite, Limonade con poco arabe con mineral. Perla, did I spell that right?! Clearly my Spanish has become immaculate.

Monday, April 4, 2016


The Malecon (seafront) is probably my favorite part of Puerto Vallarta, I mean duh, right? Sergio Bustamante sculpted about 10 sculptures over the next mile, and my absolute fave is the one pictured. It's entitled, "En Busca de la Razón", "In Search of Reason". Yup those are pillowheads searching for something that is completely unknown to its audience. I have the exact same picture from 16 years ago. I mean, Sergio is definitely a little strange right? He's definitely living in some sort of whimsical, fairy, dreamland, and I am more than happy to accept it and be a part of it.

The idea of covering myself in sand every day for work exhausts me. Can you imagine what the bathroom floor of these guys look like? You know when you get home from a pure ocean/beach beat up day, and you shower and there's just sand.. in every place.. ever? Yeah. Well imagine these guys' eyelids! True artists!

Same with the gold bronze guys. I mean it was averaging 30 C / 86 F. That's dedication. I rarely put on mascara for work, and I work in scrubs. Getting ready to be a bronze statue must take so much time. This guy actually did kiss me mid photo, and I was a little disconcerted by it. Laughed it off and when tips were offered, he insisted "No tips, her kiss was enough". This was my first marriage proposal in Puerto Vallarta. If ever you're looking to jump a few confidence levels, start here.

I'm not wearing make up in these photos. Despite being proud of the fact, I feel like I also should say it because "DAAAAAMNNN eyebags, back at it again with the dark circles". This is what happens when you sleep for 4 hours and then decide to explore PV. Worth it, so worth it.

Part 2 mañana!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Another lonely little trophy
If only I could walk a straight line, I'd make it home free
And everybody in this bar thinks they know me
And my story like "poor me" (yea, pour me another homie)
I can count the days 'til you come back
Or I can follow them sunrays down to the traintracks
I can stumble drunk over hope and love
Or I could keep drinking until I sober up


We live in a generation of not being in love, and not being together
But we sure make it feel like we're together
Because we're scared to see each other with somebody else


I need everything in this video (NaS included).

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jai Paul - BTSTU

I am adding this song to my personal, "When you should be sleeping but can't stop exploring music" playlist. Fuckin' vibes, man.

Don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me
Since you shipped my ass off to sea
I never knew where I was goin'
I went where the water was flowin'

I know I've been gone a long time, but
I'm back and I want what is mine
I know i've been gone a long time, but
I'm back and I want what is mine

The ship was the love of my life
We went down together one night
I surfaced in every shadow
For years I just kissed her goodnight

Monday, March 28, 2016


But I'm gone
Gone to a place you never been
.. Let's fuck around and sin
All my life, where have you been?
It's really you who I want but I'm fucking your friend
Babe, I'mma tell you again
You are the one that I need inside of me
Baby come ride with me
You the only one that can vibe with me

Waved up, goin' up, glowin' up, growin' up.

I've been in Nayarit the past week, luckily for me it's been during Semana Santa. I owe it all to my Lola (grandmother) who made a decision years ago to purchase a condo there. The adventures have been unreal. Here, we (my Aunt and I) stumbled upon an Aztec ceremony, and were invited to watch. A beautiful tribute, performed by beautiful people. So thankful they allowed us to watch this ceremony. Seriously.. this has all been a surreal experience. Waved up. Goin up. Glowin up. Growin up.

Friday, March 18, 2016

On Fridays we wear pink.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Every day can't be the best day.

Unless you get texts like these.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Are you here to rescue me?
Are you here to go and get a check with me?
Are you here to pillow talk?
Or are you here to bounce and pull out when this shit get hard?
Are you here to make shit right
Are you here to loan me your chest when I cry at night?
Are you here to set me up, get me hyped, turn around and just leave my life?
I told him that's that shit that I'm used to
Don't blame me for my issues
He know deep inside I really wanna have him
The little things what makes him so attractive


I was at a party some time ago, experiencing a little anxiety that is the norm to me. I usually get anxiety right before heading somewhere, and for a little while when arriving at my destination. I get a little shakey, hesitant, and I just.. end up being a little off. Upon arriving at a destination, I usually take a few moments to gather myself. I'll either sit, or take a walk, a few breaths and then I'm okay. This is usually mistaken for some sort of unhappiness. I'm not 100% sure what the feeling is (I'm aware it's nervousness but the feeling is more), but I know it's not unhappiness.
Anyway, I've stopped being shy about it. I've told more people what's going on, trying to assure them that it isn't that kind of a feeling. It's a nervousness. So at this party, a friend asked if I was ready, and I told him that I wasn't. I believe my exact words were, "I'm sorry, I'm not ready yet, I'm still pretty fucking nervous to do anything yet". His response? "Cool, take your time. I appreciate your honesty".

Too many times unnerving feelings are punished and thrown as the person having a problem. Although this whole thing might not happen to everyone, I'm comfortable saying how I feel now. I owe that ease of feeling to the pal that responded with such. People watching, I found, is the simplest and quickest way for me to accept my surroundings, accept the change, and place myself in the current. I know that my situation might be a little unique, but for those that might be in the same boat, may I suggest to the people around them.. before approaching someone asking them, "What's wrong?", give them a few minutes to catch themselves. They might need that absorption time.. and to everyone who does do that, thanks. You're making these characteristics so much easier to deal with. I'll be good in five minutes:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I'm a huge fan of dirty songs that don't sound dirty. Yup. That's me, your regular secret scumbag hiding behind an extremely charming instrumental.
Walking the lines like you wanna go higher
(I love it, love it, love it love it)
You wanna go home, watch me dim the lights
You're going real far, you must've been tired
(I love it, love it, love it love it)

Sunday, March 6, 2016


A friend of mine held a basement party in celebration of her birthday, downtown, last night. She had the place stacked with pizza, candy, and good people. A projector was up for people to play selections, and a few pals played tunes on the tables. All in all, a really chill night. Sometimes visuals aide in sound, they allow you to hear songs differently than you would regularly hear them. Aside from a zillion and one snake videos, MF Doom live, and a lot of Planet Earth, a few more gems came up, worth sharing. Here are my top three from last night..

40's of OE are disgusting, and so is gin.. but don't these just make you wanna grab some bottles with your best pals and weekend for the rest of your life?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2nd.

Today a nurse used the round table at our GNM meeting to thank me for the work I do. A bouquet of thank you's in a room full of your co-workers (humble humble) is totes the thing I needed to get through this week. March 2nd is generally kinda sad (RIP, Kuya!) but the little appreciations can really go a long way. I love my team and everything they do, and I'm so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family.

Love is love!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


There are certain people that you're so infatuated with, they become oxygen. And you can feel it at that point. You can breathe them in, you inhale them deep whenever they're around. It seeps deep into your veins and goes so fast, quite what I imagine heroin to feel like. Don't know exactly - haven't tried!
Standing there, in a dark corner of a bar, this song comes on.. and you can't help but see that one person dancing to it. That feeling.. that inhale someone deep feeling.. it isn't clingy. That's when you know.. they're someone you need to pay attention to.
It feels good being on the opposite end too when that person inhales you.. and you want them to keep doing it. You feed off it. It's energy. It makes you sweat, yet comfortable. It's the constant that keeps your feet moving, and their veins flowing.

Till there was you, I know what you're needing
My thoughts are leading, me straight into your eyes
What can I do? I'm looking right at you
This feeling is all new, I want you addicted to me


So I got these today, because basically.. I'm amazing and so.. I bought them. Thanks TUB and Clash!


Thursday, February 25, 2016


It's almost Friday! The end of work days on Thursday are soooo goooood, aren't they?!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My favorite song from the mix in the previous post is definitely this one.. MUCH YES WOW. Someone dance with meeeeeee..


Wow, this is a really great mix, she thought, as she drowned out the thoughts of all the things she needs to accomplish. Essential mixes, they are just that, aren't they?! Thanks to Julius for this one.

It is going to be my soundtrack while I reconstruct my shoe rack that fell over.. some days are like that, our job is to find the music that gets us through them. *Almost* Friday. Hang in there, mates.


Remember when you'd be talking to a person you were dating/crushin on, on the phone, and you're just laughing away, asking questions like, "If you had the choice to either save the world but end your life, or live on with a person you despise, what would you do?!".. and in the middle of the conversation you hear *scuffle, scuffle* *incessant dialing*. "MOM. MOM!! Hello!! MOMMMM!!! I'm on the phone!! MOM!!!!". She answers you with "Are you on the phone?!". Gawd. Yes, Mom. You messin' up my game, Mom. Hang up, Mom.

We were so lucky. Kids, today.. they'll never know what that was like.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I have been doing so many things lately! Until the past couple of weeks, I have not blogged in a LONG time.. which means you guys haven't really seen or read about Vegas yet! Or.. Mexico, for that matter.. or Chicago.. or all of my latest Toronto shenanigans. Oh my lanta, where has the time gone?! It certainly flies when you're making your way through the world dancing and all, trying to attend every music show ever, doesn't it?! I'm about to head to Ice Fest, but thought I'd let you know I'm going to catch you right up:) THIS BUSY LADY HAS SOME BLOGGING TO DO.

Come back soon.

Monday, February 22, 2016


If there is a girl in the music world who knows what she's doing, it's FKA twigs. If there is a girl in the music world who knows what she's doing, it's FKA twigs.

FKA twigs, she knows what she's doing.


In light of my latest posts, I thought I'd throw in this song. Music is one of the best healers. In the morning.....

Stay up..


image via

Truly a tragic ending to such a sad story. So many thoughts to all of Cooper's loved ones and friends. The sadness in this city really goes to show just how unfortunate situations can go, and just how much this kid was loved and admired. Always hold your friends and family tight.

If you are able to, please lend some monetary support to the Nemeth family via their GoFund Me page, HERE.

Any amount of support helps, and from what I have read, along with funeral costs, part of the proceeds are going to a charity of the family's choosing.


Babe alert. Wild Belle with the hippie funk flex.

Friday, February 19, 2016


It is extremely important we all keep our eyes open right now. So many thoughts with his family and friends during this time of urgency.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Kanye has always been good at one thing, and that's knowing his music. His sample of the above gem in "Fade" was top notch. HE'S ALWAYS BEEN GOOD AT THAT. There's one thing he knows and that's music. Can you imagine going through this guys collection?! OROROROROROR.. can you imagine what he plays at his dinner parties?! I'd like to think it's curated heaven. Only a few people have the ability to explore music in such depth, and he's one of them.

However.. he's made better albums, and the hype surrounding this one was too high. There's no fluidity, no consistency, and how many producers were on this album?! BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE TOO MANY. Although, it did have me laughing the whole time. His disses were kind of hilarious. He is one funny man. I'm going to listen to it again though, because I liked it, and probably need to appreciate it more. Julius told me that Pitchfork gave this album a 9/10, so who the fuck am I?! "I Love Kanye" for instance, although somewhat expected and unbelievable was kind of what he needed on this album for us to like him a little more, and also, totes made me spit out my beer from laughter. Whatta guy.


Let's be real, I'm always late to the party. All parties! Music parties, dance parties, movie parties! I'ma be late for that. HOWEVER I AM NOT THAT LATE TO THIS ONE. I am finally listening to "The Life of Pablo". When I get sad and emotional, I music really well. Better than regular. Be excited. Drafting thoughts.


What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way
what a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you
what a wicked thing to say you never felt this way
what a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you
And I don't want to fall in love
No I don't want to fall in love
With you


I always imagined myself as a roamer. I pictured myself as a successful writer, writing on a mountain, sipping a beer, admiring, thinking, living. That's not what I am right now. That's not where I am. But I'm still holding onto the fact that that's who I am.

I feel like I'm a risk taker by heart, but not by mind. I'm careful and strategic, I'm planned and organized. That's my mom. My mom has always been have a savings, pay off your shit, attain things, attain stuff. Now my dad, my dad was skiing in the winter, skydiving in the summer, drinking cocktails in the jungle, and basically.. always just working toward an adventure. I think both my parents exist in my being in some sort of way. That.. is both a gift and a curse. The gift is that I do not believe in luck, I believe in effort. The curse is that sometimes I hate how cautious I am.

The guy I dig is a nomad. He's able to pick up and leave whenever he wants. He's built himself to let go and live wherever anything takes him. I admire that sooo much. I'm almost.. jealous about it.

I've got to do more, you guys. I've got to be more. I owe myself that. I wrote in my diary at the age of 6, "I like to write". SOO.. I at least owe it to her right?! Whether that be at school, in notebooks, on napkins, or here.. I owe that to myself.. my 6 year old self.

I need to do what I want, I don't really know what I want, but that's okay. I think everyone reaches this point more than once in their life. I hit it like every week. It could be something simple like, "Tomorrow I'm going to fold my laundry". JUST DO THAT. OR DON'T SAY IT. Stop making these tiresome goals that are less. No one's encouraging you here, you need to do it yourself.

Every single trip I've been on, I've thought, "I should just stay". I've thought that. Every trip. That should say something, shouldn't it? Whether you make yourself to stray and return, or continue on adventures, you shouldn't give that up, and you should make that happen. I really don't know what's best for me, or maybe I do, but don't want to.. but if I don't find out now when will I?

I'm dedicating the next month to myself. There will be a lot of tears, and a lot of booze, and probably some mistakes.. ugh. I am not looking forward to that part. Just excuse me while I pre-cry a little bit...

Hey, Botch, what's happening? I'm not really sure but hopefully I find out soon. See you guys thereeeeee..!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Well so far my Valentine's weekend has consisted of re-watching Mad Men in its entirety and a lot of pizza. I am on season 5. OH, and a ton of music exploration which led me to the above gem. Hi, Cudder.

I get these strong cravings to do a lot of nothing some nights. I adore nothing, especially in this cold. Brr. But if there's anything my nothing has brought to the world, it's Jerry Folk's "To My Soul". Go ahead and play this for your Valentine. If you don't have a Valentine, play it for yourself and thank me later.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Some pals made a mix in celebration of a new night they'll be playing. "New New Thursdays" at Maw's Garage will officially be bringing you Friday, on a Thursday. The night starts next week, and aside from some tunes, there is also NO COVER. Perfect for when you're done with the work week, but it's only Thursday (that would be me - every week).

The above mix is a fusion of new and old hip hop and r&b. Go ahead and give it a listen, treat yoself.


We've had a decent winter. We've been spoiled, actually. I'm Canadian, I'm fine! Right?! Well. Tomorrow is going to be -44C. For those of you that don't deal in Celsius, in Fahrenheit, that would be.. really fucking cold.

My music mood changes with the weather. I always find myself reverting to the same kind albums, or similar sounds. Elliot Moss is no different. He has a winter calmness to his voice in this one that warms you right up. The lyrics are poetically tragic, and I absolutely fucking love it. Sad songs hit you hard in the chest, and for some reason, that goes well with the winter blues. Perfectly, in fact.

Man, remember Awolnation's, "Sail"?! Whoever thought we'd find something with such a reminiscent sound. OR MAYBE THERE HAVE BEEN A FEW.. but this one grabbed me on the butt and told me to come cuddle on the couch. Tea in hand, volume up. Right up.

I won’t keep watching you
Dance around in your smoke
Who can flicker out?
You’re not the light I used to know
I don’t believe in safety nets
Strung below that make it alright
To let go
You gotta hold on

Or it’s gonna
Slip, slip, slip through your
Slip, slip, slip through your hands
Whoa, whoa, whoa

What’s the matter?
You don’t have enough rain
To make up your storm?
Oooh whatcha look so sad for?
Where’s the light I used to know?


Oh look, we found ourselves doing bloggy type things today. That's cool, right?! Maybe this will encourage more blogging. At least, that's what we're aiming for.

Friday, February 5, 2016


You know how we continue to like Kanye, regardless of how much hate we hold for him?! Why do we do that?! Simply because he's talented.

Martin Shkreli, highly villainized by the public, sits in this interview like trash in a bag that's made out of gold.

I have spilled all of my feelings into a bowl of whats and I don't know how to sort them. Dangerously likable, he speaks less arrogantly and kind of makes you wanna have a beer with him (while listening to the $2 million dollar Wu-Tang album on loop just in case we still hate him).

BRB. Gonna watch some dictator speeches and make sure I'm still normal.

Chris Brown still sucks, right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016



Sunday, January 3, 2016