Friday, April 8, 2016


Today, I received this message from a guy who was a really close friend at one point in my life. He really, truly was. He supported me through some tough times, and I hope I did the same. Unbelievably witty, incredibly funny, he's a great pal. He always has been, I for one, have not. We'd constantly make plans, and I'd constantly bail. I'm not good at plans - I almost never follow through. I'm late, I'm a procrastinator, and I've been a little selfish with time. Part of that stemming from the thought basis of, "ah, he'll always be around".

This message made me tear up a bit. I thought of all these excuses, you know, I work all the time, I've got family things going on, just on and on.. but really I shouldn't have a single one. I made him feel like he wasn't important, I hurt him, and that's not what friends do.

He blocked me, so I can't contact him. Which is fine, I mean, it hurts but I don't want him to hurt more than he does right now. I fucked up. Sad I made some silly choices that put me into a situation without a solid friendship.

Make time for your friends, folks, or they might just up and leave ya.