Wednesday, December 31, 2008


my computer has been such an ass lately. BUY ME A LAPTOP..! or gimmie money.. so i can buy myself a laptop! anyways.. christmas was fucking great. not just great.. FUCKING GREAT! it kicked ass.. basically. but who wants to read bibble babble when you can just check the pics? be warned, this shall be one of the biggest picture posts in the short history of my blogspot..!! (someone teach me how to do a fucking expandable post!!)


that about sums it up! lol.. i hope everyone had a splendid holiday, and i hope you all have a kick ass new years.. SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IS COMING TOO.. i think it involves someone turning 21 or something. in other random news.. american apparel always has sexy bboys shopping like every time i go in. mygahd. it's so great. still no one greets me, but i am so inlove w/the clothing i'm like fugg it.. ima buy shit. and it is cold.. LETS GET DRUNK! 2009 BABY!

Monday, December 29, 2008


the line for autographs starts about three blocks down..!

Friday, December 19, 2008


tonight is mission get room organized/christmas pre-game.
.. i'd much rather sleep, BUT IT'S NEEDED. is anyone else having crazy static problems!? DAMN THAT ELECTRIC SHOCK! it makes my hair messy:( but it's fun to high five un-suspecting people >=) !! so i got lost in winnipeg square today.. for like an hour. i guess i don't know downtown as well as i thought i did lol.. THANKS COACH.. but it's okay, because i discovered a little cafe called gaberniks cafe etc. and i ordered a hot chocolate. HI. it was so good.. i plan to get lost more often;) it's christmas week, and i'm so excited!! i hope my presents make everyone cry w/joy!!

black dress.. with the tights underneath.. i got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth..

Monday, December 15, 2008


fuck you bitch! i'm gucci, you're just the cheap imitation.
everyone can quit taking shit from me and claiming it's them you know. for instance.. that gucci line is bound to be repeated.. good thing blogs are dated, you read that pure bliss of genius right here pricks. right here. is anyone going christmas crazy like i am?! it makes my head hurt yo..! in a good way.

richard: do you have jumper cables!?

OH RICHARD. you're such a gay lord, and i hope you sprain your ankle at basketball tonight:) I FEEL LIKE I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY FRIENDS ANYMORE. i'm the biggest loner in life right now. i don't have much of a life. it consists of music, cigarettes, reading, and a pen and paper.. WHICH HEY.. is really fucking great. but i really miss my friends.. and.. it's christmas:( i hope things get less hectic after the holidays.. i'm basically a fucking cat lady.. except i don't have a billion cats. let's replace cats with sneakers.. "DAMN YOU PUNK KIDS.. ALWAYS WALKING OVER MY DAISIES!!!" *throws sneakers.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Friday, December 12, 2008


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i would catch you. you need a light? i'd find a match.
cause i love the way you say "good morning". and you, take me the way i am..

Monday, December 8, 2008


he always was nothing. i just see it better now. christmas is almost here.. and it's my first REAL christmas COMPLETELY without you.. &.. i'm good:) let's go christmas, i couldn't be any more ready for ya. in other news, it is fucking cold, but i am thankful as hell for the no wind we've been having. it makes life way easier. and and.. life rocks? i have good friends and a full pack of cigarettes.. like shit. what else could i ask for?! actually.. maybe i shouldn't say that lol.. buy me shoes bitch!
i don't understand how everyone accepts so many people on facebook. like there are accounts that have absolutely nothing on them, and their name is like "no name" and they're trying to add me.. and we have like 80 friends in common. hi what's up, sorry, but i refuse to have a friends list that shows popularity. i delete people daily. on the radio it says, the more friends you have on facebook, the more likely you are to be into drugs and shit. BECAUSE, having a large amount of friends is really an addiction. people get addicted to like showing off how many friends they have. when really, half the accounts arent being used, or are people they don't know. wow.. that was one fuck of a ramble.. IN SHORT, stop adding me if you don't know me. thanks.. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


i will NEVER get sick of listening to you, ever. you're the fucking man. NaS forever.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


.. and too much snow. -35. MINUS FUCKING 35! hello winter.. spent my friday w/ my best galfriend in the whole world. went to polo, AND I WAS SO GRIMEY AND SAW EVERYONE THAT I KNOW. cried on the escalator (who knew escalators could be such downers..get it..), dropped just over 4 bills, had ourselves some shirley temples and the night was done baby. it was good. i just spent an hour trying to find the rock the bells 2009 line up.. it doesn't exist yet.. that or i didnt do a good job. i miss my boys.. HEYY LETS HANG OUT RIGHT NOW. i'm fucking cold man. i hate the mall. not just cuz it's christmas and everyone's crazy.. but cause wow.. there are a lot of douche bags in the world. so many sluts and wannabe gangsters. yo this is truth right now, gangsters don't step into aritzia, no matter how fly their girl is. & youngins are like walking footlocker ads. ME, i shop at boutiques.. limited quantity sneaks.. shout out to everyone though, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas! :)

IN OTHER NEWS.. i got referred to this vid by maribeth
and i want to yell at this man. NIKE DOES LOOK GOOD. & i have NEVER rocked nike for my fucking "homie". i stopped watching about 2 minutes in. i own one pair of creative recs, cuz a lot of the shit they throw out looks like a vomit pile of colors, dots and laces. they need a better spokesman who won't rag on other brands.. otherwise i refuse to purchase anything else from them. talking about high end, please..

Thursday, December 4, 2008


are you ready to die?

it's a lot to handle in just one week. & i don't mean a lot to handle as in everything blows. cause everything rocks right now, i just have a lot on my plate. & i'm having trouble making decisions. like i don't know what i want anymore or something. part of that something includes you.. please don't think i hate you! cuz i really don't.. "you're pretty". bonibelle walks like a monkey. ask her to demonstrate it, it's pretty funny. anyways.. i have only one christmas present. ouch. bitches let's get some shopping done! up-coming craziness: botcho&maribeth rip up friday. christmas shopping. christmas party. food food. quality family time. gossip girl. work work. write write. blog in between. scream & light up the sky. dye my hair. coffee &smokes. scratch the coffee, i can't have none of that shit.
dear slut bag, you're sucha slut bag. & i regret not hitting you harder. one blow to the face isn't enough in my books. but don't worry, it's christmas season, i'll hold off.. well, that is.. physically anyway. i'm kind of really fucking mouthy..
i'm gonna clean my room..! (cuz im sucha bad ass.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i'm OKAY! thanks everybody:)
i still refuse to eat liver.

22 more days, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
the roots' tour bus crashed..?! THATS WHAT THEY GET FOR QUITTING TOURING. just kidding. relax, everyone's okay. so a whole bunch of people are on my ass for not buying "tronic" yet. shit bitches. calm down. why do i have to buy everything once it drops!? i'll fucking get there okay.. you're all seriously making me want to get it in like two years though. forreal.

Monday, December 1, 2008



it takes a lot to be un-truthful, but more to speak your mind. so i say maybe, JUST MAYBE.. this will end in time. whatever you want, whatever you need, just pretend it's us & we'll be happy again. best friends, for what?

i love when people dance to their ipod on the street. it makes me happy to see the way music can have an affect on people. happy people who don't give a fuck what the world thinks cause they're too busy moving to a good beat.. what's up. you're wicked!! i went christmas shopping today.. at least i tried to. i broke and bought shoes for myself. DAMN YOU URBAN AND YOUR BAKERY GREATNESS! so i was talking to this girl today at urban, asked her if they had any vice.. sadly, they did not.. but she was looking for one too. so i said, you can get them at american apparel! & she goes, "ugh." LOL.. so we got into this whole conversation about how when you walk into american apparel and you get zero service, and for the most part, everyone kinda acts like you aren't there and that they're kings, and you're an un-touchable. THEN.. this girl tells me that APPARENTALLY, head offices tell their employees not to offer service. anyone know where i can find some truth to this shit!? cuz i wouldn't be surprised. american apparel isn't a starbucks.. however that asian guy that works there.. POLITE AS HELL. if anything, he should be king.
shiiiiit./ way to offend a whole bunch of american apparel employees botch. well shit, yall need to step up and say 'fuck head office' or yall need to get off the rude tip and think that spandex and shine make you better than me.. yeah i said it.