Tuesday, November 30, 2010


now, i'm not kim's number one fan or not, but i will appreciate "i mothered you hos, i should claim you on my income taxes". big line, big line. although she throws some metaphors in this, which i absolutely did not like, only cause she rapped like old kim and then all of a sudden, appealed to the masses. daps for the pharoahe monch instrumental, but who did the production on this?! horrible. sounds like this shit was for soundclick. regardless, lyrics come decent, and now that it's kim, i'm pleased, people will actually give this a listen.
kind of excited to see what happens next.. when was the last female rapper beef?! i love neither, but i sure do want kim to take this. i fucking hate nicki minaj. fucking. hate. get her kim!

Monday, November 29, 2010




my boyfriend asked me to do this review like three weeks ago or some shit, and i was like "yeah yeah, i'll get to it". well.. it's time.

i don't think i can fully express my appreciation for cole. every single fucking time i hear a j cole song that i haven't heard before - i rewind it. dude is so ridiculously blessed with words, it's beautiful. there are some music days, where you throw something new on, and you just let it play. you can't do that with j cole, you have to sit there, with a clear head, and just take in every word he says. it's rare that the dude actually has a bad line, and that's what's so crazy. each line is followed right after previous awesome.. so while you're breathing in one line, he's already on his third.. and then you gotta rewind it back. this tape is no different.
the back to the topic freestyle made me want to lick his face.. "voice gone as shit, i think it's gonna make it sound a lil, a lil iller".. but i don't want to just talk about swimfanism.
"you got it" is the first song i heard before listening to the mixtape front to back.. and the line "know you got a 9-5, i'll be your 5-9". AHHH. yeah. yeah j cole, yeah. I JUST MIGHT CHANGE YA LIFE!
i think the best part about this mixtape is that when you first hear a song, your first initial instinct is, "HOLLYYY SHIT!! this song is so fucking good, it's my favorite song on the tape".. then you hear the next song, and you say the exact same thing.
"you got it" is probably the weakest song on the tape.. and that might sound like i'm dragging the tape down, but i'm not. that just goes to show how fucking good it is. this shit needs to be hard copied and sold everywhere.. and if i haven't convinced you yet.. let me continue.
i am always thoroughly impressed with him. i don't want to compare this to the warm up either. a friend of mine asked me which i think is better, and i won't answer it. that's like asking me what do i like better, puppies or kittens. there's no higher level between the two for me. he surely isn't getting worse, and keeps impressing.
this tape goes in j cole's head, and throws his thoughts down musically.. aside from that, most of the production is done by the man himself. admirable. he is puttin in wooork.
i loove best friend too.. i love it all, but really relating to best friend right now. that shit is soo good.. i nearly fucking cried to this one. the production on this is so good! flipped aaliyah, and it worked more than well.. every song is my favorite. seriously. i can't keep saying "i love this song", because seriously i love them all. every single song, is my favorite.
ALSO, let me throw this in the air, i am a BIG, and AVID, 90's hip hop junkie. most of the hip hop i listen to, is a decade old.. most of the time, when i listen to "new" hip hop, it's because of my mixtape mondays.. or i hear shit when i'm out, and usually have no idea what it is.. i'm big on supporting old hip hop, and it's rare i give new artists a shot.. but j cole is the fucking future right now. he is fully taking hip hop in the right direction, and he's doing it without being a veteren, we need that right now. so raw. so fucking raw.. and i'll continue to eat the fuck out of this mixtape probably until the end of the year and beyond. get it now.

5 out of fucking 5.
be the one to tell me different. p.s. still love "blow up", shit needs to play everywhere.


today amongst a busy day, bianca and i decided to get some much needed christmas shopping done. i have fully stocked up on wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, and christmas labels.. now all i need are the presents. I CANT HELP IT! it's so hard to find things someone else will love when i find so much that i love! BUT THATS IT. i'm putting my foot down and hereby declaring all purchases to no longer be for myself. i get too excited about buying things. alfred sung has a dangerous new winter line. that shit is so bawse. i just wanna take all their clothes and rub them all over my face.. and i did after purchasing. sooo soft.
not to mention 3 pairs of tights for $10, when the original price is $9 each. sometimes i think they never even had an original price, they just throw those stickers under the "sale" stickers to fool suckers like me.. but i'm too busy rubbing clothes on my face to mind.

mixtape monday comin in a jiffy....waaaiiittt fooorr eettttt.

Sunday, November 28, 2010



this weekend was.. busy. which was good, it kept my mind off the bad week. whenever my mind wasn't busy, i let my mind drift to think about the bad shit, but i did my best not to.. and it worked 85% of the time. friday was grippin grain, and - as always, it was a gong show. copious amounts of dipset were played, and i am not looking forward to the pictures of the belligerency. incoherent words were slurred, eyes were blurred, and beer was guzzled. bottles were dropped on feet, mcdonalds was the followed feast, and tables and chairs became the jumping stage, at least for my band of party animals.
bianca made it rain, some guy poured alcohol on my hair, tina whipped her hair back and forth, maribeth puked her guts out, aggie licked my face, and top models were in the building!? WHAT!? i didn't even notice megan wahler (sp?) was there until bianca pointed her out. if that didn't make the party, i'll also include that bathrooms ran out of toilet paper, but people did not run out of conversation, nor did the "mother fucker raaage!!!!" in the blood run out. however, good times did run out for the girls trying to get in with fake i.d.'s.. everybody wants in, and this party just keeps getting badder, bigger, and BAWSE..er. if there is some sort of party award, it needs to go to grippin grain, hands down.
saturday i spent the day hustlin, with a hangover. i was pretty fucking shot, and it was also a good friends birthday. i ended up missing the friend's birthday, but sleep was necessary, to balance my head for sunday. another day of grinding. followed by easy a. a little late in the game, but the movie fully made me obsessed with penn badgely. om nom noms.
i spent a little time despairing over edy and my grandpa.. but i won't say that's wrong, because.. i guess that feeling/emotion makes me human. shocker. there's actually some human in me.

that was my weekend.. and it's syntifik sunday, so here's what was asked.. no sneaker saturdays in forevs though ay?! holy.

Who is your best friend besides your mom?
big question. i have a few actually. i hang out with bianca almost every day, and i tell her everything (it's so easy when we're together all the time;), and i def consider my boyfriend my bestfriend too. but sides from those two, i have teej, richard, and maribeth.. who bounce in and out of my life, but i hold them up high. & every time we hang out it feels like we hang out every day.

Friday, November 26, 2010


although bad week is over, and bad week is going to continue for awhile.. i am taking a load off this weekend. every time i look at my dog, i start crying. i spent today playing with his ears. they're so soft. putting a dog down is never easy, and neither is saying goodbye to a family member.. but this is where i am right now. this is my life. this is how things are. suck it up botch, deal with it.
i've battled a tough week, and it wasn't easy, and i am ready to take a break from it all. putting things aside momentarily doesn't make me a bad person, and i believe that. moving forward from things works for me, and i plan on sticking to that.
i didn't have fun this week, it was pure mentality build, so no picture post today. i spent the week maintaining myself, balancing my moods, crying into pillows, and having phone conversations with my mom. that's completely fine by me. i find peace in knowing that what's happening to me now might hurt like fuck, but it's also happening for a reason. two souls who mean the world to me are preparing themselves to leave the world.. and although death isn't new to me, having a chance to say goodbye is.. and if i'm thankful for anything, i'm thankful for that.

i will have a good weekend. i will spend it with my grandpa, my friends, and my dog, edy. i deserve it now more than ever, and i am looking forward to it. tears might flow, but so will the music, so will the conversations, so will the cuddling, and so will the beer.. i will not complain, so instead.. i will live.

"lets end this absolute shit week by forgetting it. with booze." - aggie sems.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


my grandpa is reaaally sick. i am sick too. it is cold outside, and i'm ridiculously tired. i'm putting my german shepherd down next friday. annnddddd while everything seems to be going to shit, i'm okay. i'll be okay, anyway.
sometimes i feel like talking, sometimes i don't. sometimes i feel like blogging, some days i won't. with all of life's unexpected curves and twists, i've been keeping my mind busy, and sleeping the days away. i find hard things are easier to escape when you're stressed the fuck out.. the irony. .. but that isn't to say the things that are stressing me out are completely wanted either, i'm fucking losing my mind.
i've. fucking. lost. it. i've been on detox for three weeks now, and i am really looking forward to having a fucking beer tomorrow.. or ten. shoutouts to everyone who's attempting to hit up my blackberry, it's not that i don't appreciate the concern, i just needed some "mind focused on botch and botch's life" time. shoutouts to my boyfriend for handling my craziness. he's officially become head of the psych ward, and i'm the paitient giving him the most fuckery. waddup boo, you're ill na na.
i'm not angry, but i can't help but feel like going up to god and asking him, "yo, what the fuck?".

waddup world, i'm still alive.. still a blogger.. still botch.. just gimmie a second to inhale all of this.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


i try not to complain a lot. i try really hard.. but some days, you get slapped in the face.. and on those days, i'll take the time to ask, "what the fuck?".
there are some things that i don't tell people. i'm a very open person, when you have a blog, you become one.. and i have no problem sharing experiences. i think it helps myself and people who have had the same experiences, to grow.. but some things, some things i keep to myself. some secrets are because i fear reactions (i shouldn't), some are because i don't want experiences to become excuses, and some are because they're meant to stay secrets.
my mom has taught me many things. the top three are never cry, everything happens for a reason, and "you're a fighter, we're survivors". when my dad passed, my mom spent her nights crying.. talking to my dad. i would spend nights beside her bedroom door, listening. when her crying became too hard to bare, i'd come in, and i'd hug her. i'd lay on her chest, listening to her heart beat, feeling her tears against my head. i was seven, and at the time, i got it. i got that my dad wasn't coming back, i got that it hurt her, i got that i had to be there for her, the only thing i didn't get was why. each night was the same, i'd tell her it'd be okay, even though i wasn't sure if it would, and she'd wrap her arms around me. & no matter how weak she seemed, her grip was so tight. to this day, i can pinpoint every second of every night, and exactly how each moment felt. i rarely cried. how could i. how could i cry in front of her, she needed me. when my mom regained enough in her to go back to work, that's when i cried. i would lay in her bed, on her side, never my dad's, and i'd stare at his. it was then, that i cried.. it was years before i actually talked to her about him.. and when that happened, we switched roles.. and she was the one telling me not to cry. i remember the first day she told me not to cry.. she told me the reasoning, but right after she said "don't cry. never cry", that was all i needed. i knew i believed her, and i knew she was right. not to say we don't do it, the words are almost there just to keep our heads above water.
everything happens for a reason. truthfully no matter how bad things ever got, things really do always happen for a reason. i fully believe in this and i'm fully grateful she taught me such. sometimes i don't agree with the reason, and sometimes i wanna spit in the universe's fucking face, but it's gonna do what it does regardless.
"you're a fighter, we're survivors", because no matter what, we're in it together. my mom is my rock.. and she is the strongest woman on this earth, and i know that. she has been through so much, and if you think i got this potty mouth on me all on my own you're mistaken. my mom may never swear, but she definitely taught me not to take shit from anybody. & the experiences that we've been through have always been things we've tackled together. we're a team.. and if we've overcome all these times we've been shit on, we can definitely keep going. & i know that, thanks to her. if i had a PENNY for every time she told me, "you're a fighter, we're survivors", i'd be a fucking billionaire.
i'm not really sure how i feel about death anymore. i've been through so much of it but i'm still not sure i understand it. i'm almost, numb to it now. not good at it, just numb to it. i'm not good at goodbyes either.. so you can imagine the numbness that chilled my body today when i found out i had to say goodbye to my grandpa. he's still here, just not for long. i'm struggling to find a way to set up a phone call to the hospital from ontario, and struggling to put on my best, "never cry", and struggling to carry my mom, my family, through this.
my grandpa and i always struggled to get along. as much as he loves me, and i know that, he's really old-fashioned, and REALLY french. our opinions differed, and our words clashed. we often found ourselves fighting with words, and it wasn't until a family dinner we finally reconciled. he apologized to me, in front of everybody.. i accepted. no matter what happens, or how many wrongs have occured, it didn't change the fact that he was my grandpa, and i LOVED him. i love him.
i am spending the weekend at the hospital. i am working on my french, and most importantly, i'll be spending it with my grandpa. papa, je vous aime. reste fort, nous pouvons le faire a noel si nous essayons.


in case you didn't know the flow is fat like joe..

it's a guarantee that every time i hear this song, i basically go ape shit. i wasn't going to throw it on as a throwback thursday just because it'd be real cliche for me to do so.. but fuck it, my love for this tune is too big to just leave it alone! my brother debates about das efx all the time, something like "all they do is say riggidy ziggidy rah before everything". that might be the case, but you can't act like this song doesn't BANG! & even the ziggidy rah's are better than half the shit put out today.
so fuck it, THIS IS HIP HOP! & i'll eat it all day!

introduction of a character problem child..

you know the come up, stack, get right.

cant throw up az without throwing nas up. it just wouldn't be proper!

fuuuuuckk i havent listened to big l in a minute. rip l! so put it on big l, put it on!!

i heard this at the bar the other day, so i decided to throw it on, because when it came on i was fully yelling out how awesome it was.


hey hey hey hey..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



i was debating on whether i should do this post today or not. wednesdays are my busiest days of the week. literally a 14 hour day, so what's wack wednesdays have been kind of a hard task to complete.. and today, despite being my busiest day of the week was actually a really good one, so.. at the risk of sounding completely pussy, i'm having a zippidy doo dah kind of day, and i'm not really in the mood to complain.

BUT.. i'm shutting the feeling aside momentarily, i've made the list in my cell phone, so wtf? let's get to it.

talking like they know everything. i say girls because i feel that there are two situations with the know nothing beef. the first is a girl doing this for status. they usually claim themselves as hip hop heads, or comic junkies, or video game whores, when they literally know nothing about any of the three.. OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER, be it sneakers or pop culture, whatever the fuck, it doesn't matter. they usually try to shed their knowledge on topics and it's either wrong, or minimal.. and they're only saying this to look cool. fuck that shit. be yourself. i wish i was a fucking skateboarder, or snowboarder.. but i'm not. so i won't pretend like i know everything about the two.
then there's girls who act like they know what their boyfriend knows to her girlfriends. i find this is the most frequent with cars. they're either trying to do this because guys find it sexy when girls know cars, or they're trying to out-shine their girlfriends, i'm not sure, but whatever the reason, i could give a fuck. this girl says to me the other day, "ewww look at that guy's hood, that's not even carbon fibre, he just painted it black". hahaha/ seriously, first of all, i'm happy you remember a little tid bit your boyfriend might've mentioned, but you don't know two shits about cars, and i'm pretty sure you don't even care. so who are you fooling?! your boyfriend wanna be cool antics are not of any "i give a fuck"'s to me. okurrr.

this might offend some people, and the truth is i don't even know why it bugs me. maybe it only bugs me because i put on for winnipeg AND toronto, and i feel that when people are like "yoooo when you going t.dot?" i'm just like "ew, stop. you know nothing". hahah. maybe i feel that when people call toronto t.dot, they're personalizing it. YES, THATS IT! psychology. when people give things nicknames, they give it a nickname to claim it as their own.. so when people say tdot, i feel like they're saying it like they live there and it's their city. you don't hear me calling vancouver, "vancity", haha ew. i would never. i never even say "peg city" and i'm from there!

kind of really blows right now. it's fucking cold. i'm really hoping for that lotto max on friday so alex and i can cruiseee while listening to christmas music!!!

how you gonna add me on facebook and then not say hi when you see me!? you fuckin phonies. delete delete delete. stop liking my statuses, you don't even know what i'm talking about.

this dude approached this old lady downtown the other day and swatted her shopping bag down. WTF IS THAT?! that's a fucking old lady! who did NOTHING to you. this world has some fucking fucked up people, and i don't understand how people with brains like that are even around. to re-assure people, a man called out to the douche bag, asking him to approach him (he didnt he just kept walking), and picked up the bag for the lady. anyone who wants to start shit for no reason, fuuuckkkkk yooooouuuu!!! i get that times are hard, life is hard.. but when you're picking on people who are vulnerable just because you have a shitty life or are a fucked up person, you gets no sympathy from me. you get a fuck you. & what makes me even more annoyed about the situation is that i didn't do anything, i just watched this all happen. i'm sure the situation would've changed, had the man not have stepped in, but still. these are things we shouldn't have to deal with nor be scared of. fuck you douche bag, fuck you.

THAT IS ALL! back to my zippidy doo dah mood!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


no matter how many times i say it, i feel like people don't get it. i live, eat, sleep and breathe music. every second of every day i'm either thinking about music or listening to it.
someone recently got at me saying that i support wack artists, and i took offense to it. i will forever attend every concert/show that intrigues me, even if that show is at a rubby ass pub with a capacity of 50 people. even if i have to be on a greyhound for 18 hours. even if i have to make a 30 hour drive and not eat for days. & yes, i've done all three.
i'm really bad at studying. i think everybody is in a sense, but i'm horrible. the only way i remember things is if i write them over and over, and doing that becomes a drag so i usually end up writing about things more relevant to life.
i believe that no one should be judged on their status/position. i still judge from time to time but i make my best fuckin' efforts not to. i was valedictorian at my grad and received a writer's award from the lieutenant governor and at the same time was working at a fuckin' flea market, SELLING SOUP. people there treated me like scum, talked to me like i was at the bottom of the fuckin' food chain. fuck you mother fuckers. living in the north end for over ten years also gave me some tough experiences, and sometimes when people let words slip like, "are you a fucking idiot?" i wanted to yell, "NO mother fucker, do you have any fuckin' idea how SMART i am?!!!?". i believe that everything comes at proper times, and just because i've been in shitty situations doesn't mean my intellect didn't take me out of them.
i believe all security guards (here i go judgin') are dicks. this probably doesn't go toward ALL security guards, but most moments i've had with them have been fucked up experiences. i feel like most of these fucks are power trips and think they can do anything just because they have a specific tshirt on. listen bud, you're not a fucking cop, settle the fuck down. i should save this for a what's wack wednesday.
kid cudi and nas are in battle for applications to be my husband.. uhhhh.. i love you alex?
i really want to own a little black dress. i have dresses that are black but they don't fit the category. i want the one that fits every occasion. i have a little black skirt that i fucking wear everywhere, and i fear it getting faded. it gets worn at LEAST once a week, no joke. that baby is my pride and joy. who doesn't love comfort in the form of a fuckin mini?! I DO!
i break hearts.

my name is botch & this is my blog.



Monday, November 15, 2010





duck sauce - barbra streisand
the knocks - dancing with the dj
mayer hawthorne - no strongs (jazzy jeff remix)
lcd soundsystem - all my friends
mgmt - electric feel (justice remix)
crystal castles, ft. robert smith - not in love
the xx - islands (nosaj thing remix)
jurassic 5 - action satisfaction
k. sparks, ft. ahmad - black magic
lupe fiasco - the show goes on
orignal flavor, ft. jay-z - can i get open?
smoothe da hustler, ft. trigger tha gambler - broken language
lost boyz - renee
the drums - me and the moon




i've been trying to download this mixtape all day. pun intended, but the servers are going haywire.. because well, it's girl talk. so if you want to download this, WHICH YOU SHOULD, be patient cause it's going to take a few tries. especially since he's releasing this shit ABSOLUTELY FREE! that's what happens when you have a dude using samples like crazy, he relies on his live shows and word of mouth for funds, and i frankly, have no fuckin problem with that!
the tape is available via two ways, one single mp3 (one continuous track), and mp3s. i downloaded the mp3s seperately and only because it's the only download that wasn't over-flowing with internet hands trying to get a piece.
i personally like girl talks previous release to this one, and feel this one isn't as smooth. i really did not feel the first track at all, and that made me kind of hesitant while listening.. then the second track comes in haaaaaaardddd, some craig mack greatness and your worries are put at ease. it's worth the download (good luck!), it'll make you rap along with familiar tunes 3.5/5. omnomnom. twork twork twork!! pop champagne!





the very first time i discovered keys n krates was on youtube. i was immediately obsessed. & when i found out about a given opportunity to see them live, i nearly peed my pants, but i also wasn't sure what to expect. when trying to find people to come see them with me, i was asked "what are they? what do they play?". that question is so fucking hard to answer lemme tell you.. and the response that escaped my mouth was "they're like.. hip hop, electro, indie, mash up.. mixers?". what they go by, is "the live remix". composed of three, tune (drums), flo (turntables), and matisse (keys); they form to bring you exactly that, a live remix.
sometimes when hearing them, you're too busy dancing to think "how the fuck did they come up with this!?".. but it hits you. these guys take music and twist it in their own beautiful way. everything they put out has been a fucking gem, and if you ever have the opportunity to see them, do so.
this mixtape is no different.. my cousin and i threw it on last week and i literally did not want to stop driving til it was over. it's fuckin' amazing. stop sleeping. get it. 5/5


Sunday, November 14, 2010


so i was able to spend three solid days with my boyfriend. we bid our goodbyes this morning, well kind of. it was more of him being like "babe, i'm going!" and me half asleep not knowing what was going on.
& although it was only three days and four nights, it was more than amazing. tell me how dude gave my dog a bath, without me asking. tell me how dude bought me cigarettes, took care of my puppies, and picked me up from work. he held paws while i trimmed nails. tell me how dude told me i was hot shit, when i am in full allergy mode. i'm on a strict no drinking rule until november 26th, and he even fully offered to go sober to make it fair. not to mention he also brought presents! these past three days have been a fuckin' god sent. they say people easily take things for granted, i will not. thank you scarborough, for absolutely everything you gave me this weekend. don't ever doubt for a second that you're appreciated!

and since it's sunday, here's what you've asked me!


Favorite alcoholic beverage besides the obvious? Lol
i have a few actually! beer, beer.. and beer. hahaha no. the two drinks i'm drinking if it's not beer, are either a vodka cran (blueberry vodka!) or a redbull vodka.
.. and if i'm feeling fancy, dirty goose martini! if i'm out with the friends for a quick convo, silver cloud (i love milk).. and for shots, yagerbombs.. i love vodka though, goose feelin loose!

Question? Has anyone ever gave you bullshit about what you post on your blog? If so, what is your outlook on this shit? (this recently happened to me, they even called me a psycho) I would love to know your response to ppl as such :p
this probably has happened, but i can't remember any specifics at this point.. i have had people ask me to delete certain entries, and i usually reply with a flat out, "no". anyone who doesn't like what i have to say, doesn't have to read it. & i'm comfortable with haters, or anyone who disagrees with me. i don't expect the whole world to love me or what i write, i'm not doing it for them. they can all go fuck themselves :)

favorite female celebrity?
i love blake lively. seriously adore!

soooo.. g'head. ASK ME ANYTHING

Friday, November 12, 2010



the past week has been enough of a rager to last me a lifetime. so let's take a look at what it looked like, shalll weeee..


the night started with a few martinis with my best girl friends on this entire planet.

i loves them.

and a tequila sunrise cuz we're feelin' fancy.. and drunk.

like seriously, one eye open?! ahhaha. & this was BEFORE the blazing.

then we went to a artsy "kinda" party, where colin and i had a glorious rooftop view.

but the night doesn't ever end there.


my favorite best buy team in the universe!

all for josh!

all for botch!



so i tried to videotape this "cypher" but my camera no longer takes vids haha wahh.


double attractive!

whoa is that watch real, and if yes, can i have it.


have a good weekend bitches!

Thursday, November 11, 2010



Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i'm allergic to beer. yeah. i don't really tell people that. half of that is because i don't want people telling me not to drink it, and half of it because i feel like that sounds totally fiction. it just became an "allergy" last winter, and i was pretty heart-broken when i found out. so after a few nights of heavy beer drinking, i get hives on my arms and face. it's good times. it's basically the worst thing i could ever be allergic to. my skin is damned sensitive, and beer sets it off.. but i won't stop drinking it. it's a love/hate relationship, but mostly love. i'm really not allergic to anything else, i have never been allergic to anything.. but i'm anemic, and my immune system is shot to shit. they say it's a temporary allergy to yeast (beer has too much), and that it'll go away. so by doctor's orders, i eat as much yogurt as possible to kill off yeast so my arms and face stay non-itchy. & if that's not disgusting enough for ya, i can also throw in that i haven't shaved my legs in two weeks. hahaha. sorry gentlemen, the line starts two blocks down!
i might be friends with djs, and know some people, but i never ask for vip treatment, nor to be on any vip lists. it's just not my deal. if it's ever offered, i'll take it.. but i refuse to ever become a person looking to get anything from anyone. regardless of who i know, or how many people i know, i try to stay as humble as possible. i highly believe in equality, and i also believe that if people think i deserve something, they'll give it to me without asking.. HOWEVER, i will keep my purse by the dj booth when given the shot, but that's only cuz my drunk ass is done tired of getting my shit stolen.
the main things in my life right now are: my usuals, my boyfriend, weekends, kid cudi, nerd's nothing, cigarettes, beer, and reading. i am so obsessed with the previously mentioned right now, it's ridiculous. i can't get enough of any of that shit.
i love to eat. like seriously, love. i'm always down for new foods and things i haven't had before. sometimes i get a little nervous if it's like, duck tongue or something (which btw, is mediocre), but i'll still do it. all cultures, all styles, i love to eat. take me out !
i went through a bully stage as a kid.. and not where i was bullied, but where i was the bully. it was elementary, and this girl was my best friend. we'll call the said girl, rachel.. eventually, new friends came along, and basically told me rachel was talking shit about me. even though i knew the "new friends" were lying, it was hard for me to leave this big group of friends, so i turned on rachel. i made her life a living hell. pushing her into fences, swatting books out of her hand, calling her names in the hallway.. ugh, i was horrible. i never really apologized to her.. in high school, i made an effort to talk to her, to kind of shrug off what i did, and we became acquaintances. after that one year of being a bully, i hated myself, and made it a promise to never treat anyone like shit who was un-deserving.. i eventually started talking to anyone in school, no matter what their social status. maybe not full out conversations, but a "hi" in the hallways. i still owe her an apology though.. i hope one day to man up and do it. HOWEVER, half of me is nice to people, and half of me is still that girl with "new friends". i fight between the two constantly.
i feel like you assholes don't comment enough. this isn't a one way street people! stop bitching the fuck out! i'm kidding.. kind of.
i love reading out-loud. when a teacher called on me to read a section in class, i was so fuckin' down for that shit.
the most common comment i get about myself is that i have a nice voice.. but i can't sing for shit.
i have had about ten people total, of whom i didn't know, approach me in life and mention they read my blog. the feeling never gets dull, nor does it become more of a "reality". every time that shit happens, i'm like, really?! i still think no one reads this fucking shit.

my name is botcho, and this is my blog.


Monday, November 8, 2010


or at least, it's been a gong show. literally every party i've gone to the past couple weeks has gone past 5 am.. and well, i ain't ashamed to say mother fuckers i'm tired.. we've been going hard almost every day, and although i really want to do a mixtape monday right now, i juzz don't have the thinking energy. the boyfriend was supposed to be here today, but he's not./ the nights of being myself are getting a little bit easier, but only because i know i'm getting closer to havin' cudder back in my bed.
my room is a fuckin' disaster. it's the messiest it's ever been ever. my closet, and a bar threw up. it literally just has beer bottles and make up and clothes all over the fucking place.. but i'm too busy to hit that shit up with the touch of the clean wand.. and i fully count going out as busy, cause fuck it. i can.
i am really pleased with everything right now.. events have been wonderful, friends have been wonderful, i'm getting my boyfriend back and even though i'm livin off like three hours of sleep right now, i'm in a real good fuckin' mood.
i'll try and post a mixtape tomorrow.. that is all.

Friday, November 5, 2010


greatest nap in life. i'm still dazed. i don't know why the whole day i get zero phone calls, then everyone calls me while i'm sleeping. haha. i think i'm the best at missing phone calls. so good, i should add it to my resume. tonights plan is to be really laid back since last weekend was a fucking gong show. ready to just relax, but some how.. deep down, i feel like that's not how it's gonna go down. whatevah! after waking up you don't even feel like going out. just in that "ugh, more sleep" mode.. i just need a shower to make it all better.. and like $40. hahaha.
work all weekend, and my boyfriend gets here monday night. so there's something to look forward to. we're both in a "fuck these mother fuckin' phone calls and bitch ass e-mails" mind state. it's been forever and i'm really excited. even though i usually complain about working weekends, i'm glad to work this weekend because this way it'll keep me busy.. and then all of a sudden monday night will be here! the first time i'm actually stoked about a monday :/
when you're away from someone for so long, you start to forget things about them.. actually, i won't say forget, i'll say they sorta just leave your head momentarily. like his smell, and how his hand feels. wtf does he even look like!? i've been watching kid cudi videos all week cause it's the closest i can get to hanging out with my boyfriend.. ENOUGH. i'm ready for the live version.
no photo post today cause you bitches should've already had your fill from halloween. have a good weekend people. they're all us working class got! "botch you haven't even worked in two weeks".. i know! shut up ! lol.


so there are two really big songs in my life right now. they are "duck sauce - barbra streisand" and "the knocks - dancing with the dj". so when i found out dancing with the dj was remixed by chiddy bang, i nearly jizzed. dear dj friends, if you see me, please play both profusely! haha. go off for this shit.

i couldn't find a proper link for this song, but it makes me wanna snap my fingers and twist the night away. yeah it's ok!

fucking lovve. remember sounds without focus is just noise. keep bouncing.

i'll do anything that you want me to.. i'd do almost anything that you wanted to.. but i can't go for that. this girls voice is amaazing. the beat could use a few tweeks, a few useless beeps and stuff. no thanks.. but overall good song.

how i'm livin they wanna know abouddd it!

that's it for now, until after my nap lol.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


i know, i know!! music throw up posts all over the place.. BUT NEW ATMOSPHERE!!!!! and it's fucking amazing, so i had to share! LOVE YOU SLUGGO!
not only that, but it's basically my situation in music form. relating to music makes it even gooder. yes, gooder. fuckin soak this shit up five times!

i had a rough day, but that's life, it happens. woke up on the dark side of my mattress. i guess i forgot to set my clock, over-slept, almost lost the job. & to top it off, i'm kinda hungry but can't eat til i find my money.. every day can't be the best day, do what you can right now, don't hesitate. that's why we tryna make love and get paid..



back to some instant classics that won't have people questioning how much i know about hip hop after my last post.. not that it matters, a big fuck you to anyone who wants to question my knowledge lol.. ANYWAY! BLAHZAY BLAHZAY!!!! 1996, off "blah blah blah", an album i've been trying to find for about four years now.. and haven't. i rarely buy albums online (maybe once a year), so finding this gem of an album is basically a dream.. but front to back, banger.


i love this album, but sometimes i forget i even have it. last year a buddy of mine sent me a mixtape with this song on it.. as soon as i heard it i was like, "OHHH YEEEAAAHHH!" and blazed this album for like a month straight. the nappy heads bang. oh how i love the fugees.

aside from looking like an alien, and biting every other rapper on the planet, jay has amazing gems. this, being one of them. "amazed at the way jay rap", yeah, sometimes, sometimes jay, sometimes.

1996! FUUUCK!!!!! the very first time i heard nine, i was like "this mother fucker has the greatest fucking voice on the planet!". so it's not "whutcha want", but can we really forget songs like these?! let's try not to.

nas' bianca! hahaha. what large professor is to nas, is what bianca is to me. i love their collabos. i love how they're so down for whatever.. but let's shed some light on large professor all on his own. this beat is so nomnom. i wanna say 1996 is where hip hop started to go down the drain, but at least there were still songs like this to keep your head bobbin. omnomnoms.

been off the bloggin tip for awhile, so i decided to throw more than one throwback up. hope you liked them biatches.



i don't believe all commercial rap is bad, i really don't. do i feel like nas & ginuwine's "you owe me" is bad? oh yeah. totally 100%.. but the song bangs fucking hard. haha look how skinny nas is in this video.. and wow, that "uh huh" adlib he does, totally not doing anything for the song, i'll tell ya..
when he says "your body's so nice that i'll give you this option" and he does that fuckin' pelvic thrust to the camera.. HAHA. what?! who directed him to do that?! ginuwine?! hahahahaha. omg, so funny.. still hot though. find it sexy as fuck as soon as i'm done laughing.
regardless, this song helped his album to go platinum. so, whaddya gonna do?!

don't fret nas haters, jay did it too.

and i won't lie, as bad as both songs are.. i like both of them.. sometimes, commercial rap bangs.. just don't tell anybody i said that.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



DOOES ANYYYONE KNOW WHAT MOTHER FUCKING DAY IT IS?! i know. haven't done one in a minute.. but let's get back to the bloggin tip and back to the


if one more person tries to convince me how dope this girl is, i swear. if i change the tone in my voice and bat my eyes and shake my head un-controllably, can i be a rapper too?! really guys. this girl is puking out "manufactured". the girls body, okay. dope. but really "we can do it debit i don't need no credit" ahahha. ohh man. someone kick this girl to the curb already. if that's all it takes to be a rapper well then i'm set. the world has problems. solve em'. you like that punchline?! let's get to real punchlines, pleeeease.

when you're having a conversation, and you're like "fuck, jarome iginla could so get it", and next person's like, "yoo, he has a wife". was i really going to call him up tomorrow. i don't have these people on my call log unfortunately. there's no chance with someone like brad pitt gettin' it in. so really, your information on their relationship status is of no use to me.

i don't get why people come out to these halloween parties in no costumes. this isn't an ordinary party night people, at least throw on a dollarama mask. too cool for halloween?! why'd you come to the party then? stay home weirdos.

and then you're like damn. i could've got 90%.

what i wouldn't give for a bottle of new york water right now. what. i. wouldn't. fucking. give.

girl #1: i was not trying to steal your shit. so while i try to tell you that, you could listen instead of yappin' away to your chicken head friends. just because you're dressed as a dude, and i'm not, does NOT mean i'm scared of you.
girl #2: i want a picture with your boyfriend and that does not mean i'm trying to bang him. listen, i've known him, for quite some time. i've known him before you even met, SO, if i want to say whats up to the guy, i think i'm given that right.. but sir, you suck just as bad for stating loud and clear "THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND", yeah no shit, i could feel her death stare from a mile away. are you scared of her?! scared you're doing her wrong?! ew. the both of you's can go fuck yourselves.
girl #3: i'm NOT friends with you, i never was friends with you, i never acted as a friend to you. so NO. we're not friends.. and i'm not going to grill you when i see you, but i don't feel the need to say hi to someone who's not my friend, so what's the problem? we don't all have to be friends. you're lame and ugly horse lady!

IF ANYONE EVER WANTS TO CALL ME A SLUT WITHOUT KNOWING SHIT ABOUT ME, I COULD FUCKING CARE LESS.. but when you try to include my fucking boyfriend, when you try to start shit between him and i.. how do i say this.. the whole thing with me allowing anonymous commenters, is to allow the chance to voice without stating who you are because i know, the internet isn't for everybody. some people aren't as comfortable with letting their shit out there, and i get that.. BUT, when you say something that includes my boyfriend, that is completely crossing the line. bitch ass tricks. you want cudder or some shit!? that's a shame. he's mine. & we attend wicked concerts, take amazing trips, laugh like crazy, and have fantastic hot freak nasty.. sorreeehh. you lose.

til next week!



made it to the warehouse party around 3am.. right after puking my guts out.

re-apply the lipstick and we're good son.

just in time to meet cast members from shrek

and the swat team!

took a quick ten minutes on the bed, and we were ready to party.. again.

so was this guy

RICKS! p.s. that is not my watch hahahahahah

knocking on the door of the bathroom, my cousin pops out! HI COUSIN.

and it's bottle downing time.

family reunion!

sharing is caring.

place was packed like my belly was with beer.

bathroom breaks were so pleasant, it's rare to have functional bathrooms at a warehouse party. NOT ONLY WERE THEY DECENT, but every single one FLUSHED!
#1: "is this your wig?!"
#2: "yeah! i found it!"
#1: "can i throw it in the sink?!"
#2: "okay. i guess!?"
#2: "YEAAAHHH!!!" hahahahahha

whoa, if that doesn't say wasted i dunno what will. ahahha.

colin kept me company while i tried to escape the wrath of evilness. thanks colin!

you're so tall!

and in another room, i discover.. A DRUMMER?! what. crazy.

"why are you on the floor?!" "i'm grabbing my money"

what? we droppin cash?

wrap the party up by grabbing some mcdonald's breakfast.

so. IT ENDED UP BEING A FUCKING RAGER. i got wasted enough to not be able to see straight, to puke my guts out, to think i was being watched. so fucking wasted, that i fucking thought i was invincible, that i almost lost my everything. i haven't had a voice for the past four days. dropped my cell phone four times (from what i remember). dropped my camera five million times, the zoom button is officially broken, no more zooming for botch.. someone please buy me a botch proof camera for christmas! AND, i woke up with a black eye.. but fuck, it was worth every second. congratulations halloween, you were such a fucking gong show. drop kicked that son of a bitch to the face. see you next year, bitch.