Thursday, November 4, 2010



i don't believe all commercial rap is bad, i really don't. do i feel like nas & ginuwine's "you owe me" is bad? oh yeah. totally 100%.. but the song bangs fucking hard. haha look how skinny nas is in this video.. and wow, that "uh huh" adlib he does, totally not doing anything for the song, i'll tell ya..
when he says "your body's so nice that i'll give you this option" and he does that fuckin' pelvic thrust to the camera.. HAHA. what?! who directed him to do that?! ginuwine?! hahahahaha. omg, so funny.. still hot though. find it sexy as fuck as soon as i'm done laughing.
regardless, this song helped his album to go platinum. so, whaddya gonna do?!

don't fret nas haters, jay did it too.

and i won't lie, as bad as both songs are.. i like both of them.. sometimes, commercial rap bangs.. just don't tell anybody i said that.