Saturday, August 28, 2010



times square, then governor's island for rock the bells 2010. pinch me now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010




WHEEEEEENNNN I MEEETTT YOU LAST NIGHT BABBYYY.. so since i'm going to be at rock the bells in less than two days, i decided to compose todays throwback thursday of all the songs i'm going to see live.. just to make me get even more amped. i tried to pick my most favorites for each, so hope you digs. ENJOY GOOD HIP HOP. i'll dedicate my life to this shit til the death of me.










i just started crying. like full out.. crying.
i love music so much.. no one will ever get how much, and that's cool with me. i smell you rock the bells, i smell you. see you saturday. i took the time to make my playlist all rock the bells songs as well.. now i gotta stop crying and vibe out just a little bit more, and maybe start packing. enjoy it. xoxo.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


in the above picture, i'm the one in white sitting on my suitcase. it was dangerously hot and the two dudes with the cart kept asking me if they could carry my luggage. irritated and annoyed i became a total bitch.. and my mom took note of my "leave me the fuck alone"'s. so she whipped out some goods. instead of hurling out money though, she gave out cookies and chocolate. which eased my mood. it's amazing how big poverty can be without me even noticing. here i am thinking "fuck these dudes, they ain't getting shit", when they just need a few bucks. it was a heat wave, and all the cookies/chocolate my mom had with her were melted, and you should've seen the swarm that followed both dudes. they was lickin' the wrappers clean. no wack wednesday today, instead.. here are pictures you haven't seen from my trip to the philippines.. aka, the real eye opener.

7-11 in the philippines sells siopao.. TWO for 30 pesos.. 44 pesos is a $1. that shit's legit.

welcomed with open arms.

view from the hotel. nomnom life.


look at how smexy my cudder is! oh how i miss your no hair!

night life.

me doing my typical fire dance.. you know. hahaha jk i'm not that skinny.. or talented.

everyone got inked.

alex and i stayed at the very top.. and by very top, i mean about two more of these sets of stairs.. it was my cardio.

maybe five more..

cris and sean stayed here right below us, and we were at the hut at the top level.. more stairs.

this is what our balcony looked like. good life.

balcony view.

pool! which i didn't even swim in cause i decided to get a tattoo the day before.. blast.

basketball courts.

dinner. kidding!

breakfast time warm-up work out.

so this was our beverage booklet.. and for some reason, the cover has a naked kid.. getting water from a well.. screams trouble!

happy hour!

frog races.

we're matching!

my sister and sean:)

finally, it's happy hour again!

dinner on the beach!

the chefs.

my sister spent a lot of her time looking for shells and ocean things.


this pool is water that flowed in from the mountains. hot springs baby.

alex is in the red hat, i'm the one with blonde in the hair. LOOK WHO'S CARRYING HIS SUPREME BACKPACK! that's right, ME. you're so lucky you have me ;)

and a hiking we went.

with no destination really..

things we saw on our way to.. wherever we ended up.

.. we ended up here. NOT BAD.


haha completely aware of the crack issue. fuck it.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i'm crazy. when it comes to emotions and words, i.. am crazy. i am outspoken and rude, and blunt.. and even with all of that, i struggle really hard to hold A LOT back. if something's on my mind, i do everything in my power to hold it back, and that usually winds up with me taking it out on other people.
i thoroughly enjoy graphic design. really, i do. i enjoy making things pretty. i enjoy creative projects. when it comes down to doing things that involve literature, or artwork, i am sooo game. however, my self-esteem, when it comes to my creative side, is reeeeeeally low.
i ALWAYS, ALWAYS, pack last minute. i have NEVER, not ONCE, in my entire life.. and i'd like to think i travel a lot compared to most.. but not ONCE, have i ever packed more than 24 hours prior. i'm going to go ahead and say more than 12 hours prior to leaving my departure city. i have ALWAAAYYS been packing right before heading to the airport, ALWAYS.
i'm also a really light packer.. usually people complain about over-packing, and i never have. i'm usually fine with what i bring too.. i think the only thing i've ever forgotten while traveling has been my retainer.. and even still i was like, "dammit.. oh well!". hahaha. it was only four weeks, so no big.
winnipeg has my heart, and toronto has my soul. both cities have my un-dying love.. which is why i jump frequently between the two.
i love biting.. if i bite you, take it as a sign that you're an amazing person. coming from me, it's a sign that i think you're fantastic. haha. i bit this one guy once, but more like, make-out bite.. and like four bites in he was like "ow.. SHIT!" and my first thought wasn't that i hurt him.. my first thought was "this will never work out". harhar.. there was only like a speck of blood, man up you pussy!

my name is botch, and this is my blog.

Monday, August 23, 2010




wowzers. three mixtapes in a row.. ! but i had to. i have this sort of love/hate relationship with wale. i really liked what he's put forth in the past, but seeing him live was another story. seeing him live made him come off as a prick.. and i done hailed it as "the money's got to wale". which could be completely true, or it could've just been a bad night.. but i find that when you're choosing to do music as your profession.. you have to realize that shows could be your only impression, so a shitty attitude could make you lose a lot of fans. you should ALWAYS put 100% into your shows, because it might be the 39746519024th time you've done that same performance, but it's somebody's FIRST time to see YOU.. not to say that his show was bad.. it was a really good show.. but wale himself didn't seem into it.. i gave it a 9/10 in review, which i don't regret.. but he still didn't seem into it. SO, after seeing this bad boy while cruising the net, i was a little skeptical.. BUT. i'm willing to give the tape and wale another shot.. here we go.. i'll start off with a tracklisting..

1. Wale-The Problem
2. Wale-The MC
3. Wale-The Soup
4. Wale-The Breeze Cool
5. Wale-The Friends Strangers
6. Wale-The Number Won
7. Wale-The Eyes of The Tiger
8. Wale-The War
9. Wale-The Breakup Song
10. Wale-The Work Workin
11. Wale-The Black N Gold
12. Wale-The Manipulation 2
13. Wale-The Best In The League
14. Wale-The Posse Cut
15. Wale-The Guilty Pleasure No Hands
16. Wale-The Trip Downtown
17. Wale-The Ambitious Girl
18. Wale-The Motivation B Right
19. Wale-The Cloud
20. Wale-The Power
21. Wale-The Flight

the intro accapella is beautiful. i like accapella speeches that come out so clean. he starts off by saying how he's making changes, how he's made mistakes, how people are saying he's under-rated, how he's under pressure, and how he just wants to work. if you're telling the truth wale, you may have just won me over.. again.
"i fear that my fans feel that i failed". okay wale. you said it first! hahaha.
i really like this mixtape. wale is a talented fucker, and bad attitude the night i saw him or not.. he is talented.. and this tape shows it.. each song is consistent with the next, and it showcases what wale can do very well.
"the breeze cool" is probably my third favorite song on the tape. his delivery is great, and he establishes that wale sound a little stronger than i personally have ever heard.. i like "sneaker game messy" haha. that was clever.. and it's nice that he's never willing to not scream out how much his love for shoes is.
"friends strangers" includes snippets from jerry seinfield which mesh in really well.. good job dj. holla dj. do your thing dj. this is the second song i've heard today about abortion, and sometimes you kind of forget how big of a deal that is.. and how often that shit happens. kinda makes you think. i like his story-telling rap a lot.. it's hard to find people that are new that can carry that story-telling torch, and it's nice to hear someone who can do it well.
"the number won" is another lyrical showcase! the tape is consistent i'm telling you. wale's flow just fits with everything. his flow over every beat is so crisp. when you want what you want and you say what you want and how bad you want it and ahhh. it's good shit.
that's as far as i'm going to go.. this is a good tape.. and every song is fucking great.. i'm kind of not ready for what people are going to say, cause i'm going to go ahead and give this shit a 4.5/5.
i did three mixtapes today, and i really thought wale was going to get the lowest rating out of all three.. but this shit is classic wale, he's improved drastically and he won me back. i think it's cleaner than j. coles, even though i think j cole is better than wale.. this tape is better. wale did it. it's close to a perfect mixtape man, it's fucking close.. and the fact that he dropped a mixtape instead of an album makes me applaud him even more.. he threw it down.. and he threw a large vocabulary in there to prove his intellect. fuckin' with politics and world issue references to get your learn on.. and he did it all whilst talking about nothing. the only thing that took away from it was that some instrumentals didn't cut it for me, but honestly.. everything he says is honest, and hip hop. so take a listen and grab it.. here: CLICK




i knew i'd have to do a mixtape monday on this tape as soon as aggie played songs on her show friday night.. this mixtape was a struggle and a half to get when i tried last week.. my first download failed, and my second only had three songs?! dafuCk?! finally after my third i was pissed and said, "this better be fucking a 'good ass mixtape'". i had already listened to it without listening to it.. so i'm giving it my overall FOURTH real listen today.. plus i get to see big sean in five days so it's proper i get to it. let us begin.

this mixtape takes everything people want right now and throws into one. it's something that real heads will say "this shit is fucking hipster", and that hipsters will say, "hip hop is stepping up!". it has that kid sister/ m.i.a. / daft punk / cudi / kanye vibe that kanye has currently been going for. it takes electro sounds with fun hip hop and mixes them up into a jumble.. now anyone who knows me, knows i'm 80% hip hop, and 20% indie/electro.. so for me, i liked it. it's strictly bangers. amazing lyrics are a little rare in this one, but it definitely gets you moving with sounds that are new, fresh, and pleasing. the mixing is kinda weird.. but you forget about it once consequence or talib speak.. you're kinda like "ohhhh, okay, there might be something lyrical on here".. which i find makes it a win/win for hip hop heads that were a little doubtful about it.
it's definitely different, and that's no shocker. kanye is always trying to push his boundaries and make sure what he puts out gets people talking. this tape is everywhere right now, getting played all over my xm, and you can't get away from it.. which is kind of nice.. free music, free good music, and opening with a dubstep beat.. hey. it's a beautiful thing.
what i really like about this tape, is that it's really jazzy.. it's slow bob your head type hip hop. groovin type hip hop.. which i haven't heard on a tape for awhile.. so hey. let's get it. a lot of people were saying how this tape was "too R&B" and "not hip hop". which i won't deny, it has a lot of r&b swag type songs on it.. but some are good, some are shmeh.
i'll never get sick of the popular demand beat.. EVERRRRRRR!! and pusha t flows well on it. like what?! pusha t did the damn thing. which surprised me.. pusha t fans don't hate me for saying so! i dug it, put your bottles down, i dug it.
GLC? not sure how i feel yet.
"whatever you want".. big sean sounds like asher. i like it. hahaha.. not a big fan of this beat, but the song flows well, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.. minus that autotune. gagfest.
"everything about you" by tony williams, is a short snippet.. and totally r&b.. and it's not a bad song, but i can see why heads are like "the fuck is this shit". what you people have to realize, is that kanye is trying to showcase who he has coming. relax for a second. take a breather. it's not even that long.. and the john legend song that follows shouldn't make you stop.. it gets better trust me.
11 songs in.. i've decided i don't like GLC. ahahha. making me yawn man, making me yawn. sounds like a soundclick rapper but with okay lines. has a voice that makes me not wanna listen. not down. sorreh.
EEEERRRRRAAAAASSSSEEE MEEEEEE!! kid cudi. there are no words to explain my un-dying love for you. SHE WANTS TO ERASE ME.. a couple days no talkin, i see my baby.. love this song til life. this shit is so different and yummy i wanna eat it for breakfast! and lunch! and dinner! and snacks! and just yum.. plus hearing this version is sooo nice.. because the version i posted on my blog a couple weeks back wasn't mastered. this shit is sooo smoooth man. soooo smoooth. i wanna fuck it. like seriously, i wanna take this song and make out with it. this is exactly how i've felt with so many relationships and the way it sounds hit me with the emotion i felt when i done broke up with dudes. like.. yeahhhh. been there man. been there.. and to have it captured in a song hurts.. but it hurts so GOOD. plus kanye is back on that kanye tip bro. you gots ta likes it.
mr hudson is definitely something interesting. i feel like he's giving high fives to everyone with his voice. that's what his voice is man. it's the high five feeling.. i likeee it.. talented mother fucker with an interesting voice.. i like him. * high five mr. hudson. double high five..

1. Big Sean - Bullshittin' Intro feat. Consequence
2. Consequence - It's G.O.O.D. Music feat. Common & Talib Kweli
3. Pusha T - Popular Demand (Remix) feat. CyHi Da Prynce
4. GLC - I'm G.O.O.D. feat. Shawn Chrystopher
5. GLC - G.O.O.D. Man
6. Big Sean - Whatever You Want feat. Kanye West
7. Big Sean - So G.O.O.D. feat. Paije
8. Tony Williams - Everything About You (Snippet)
9. John Legend - Dream (Snippet)
10. Fonzworth Bentley - G.O.O.D. Bye Love
11. GLC - Got Me Gone
12. Amber Rose - Never Get Enough (Skit)
13. Kid Cudi - Erase Me feat. Kanye West
14. Mr. Hudson - Watch You Move (Live)
15. Mr. Hudson - Love Never Dies
16. Tony Williams - You Never Know
17. Tony Williams - All the King's Horses (Skit)
18. Rick Ross - Live Fast Die Young (Remix) feat. Kanye West GLC & Tony Williams
19. Kanye West - Life of a Don (Perajok Mix) feat. Lil Wayne
20. Kanye West - See Me Now (Skit)
21. Kanye West - See Me Now feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson
22. Kid Cudi - Wylin Cause I'm Young feat. Kanye West
23. GLC - In It For Keeps
24. Really Doe - Chicago feat. GLC
25. Taz Arnold aka TI$A - South$ide Blood Cuz'n feat. Major
26. Fonzworth Bentley - Fireside Chat
27. John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up Everybody feat. Common & Melanie Fiona
28. Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager
29. Perajok & Kanye West Outro
30. Kanye West - Power (Live)

this mixtape is all over the place and kinda fucks with you. all the songs are completely random and have you confused and scratching your head like "what's going on!?".. indie to electro to rock to hip hop to r&b.. WHATS HAPPENING!? it fucks with you a bit, but the title doesn't lie.. it's good music. you just gotta get yourself into a certain state before listening to it.. and be ready for something completely different every time a song ends. i'm debating whether to give it a 3.5 or 4.. just because i feel like this mixtape could've been three mixtapes with the amount of different type songs on it.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. i'm going to give it a 3.5/5.. but, if i took my favorite songs and threw them on to a separate mixtape, it would've easily been a five.. and there are enough songs on here to do so. i just think this one jumps a little too up and down for me. there are soooo many songs i like, but i think a lot of it doesn't belong on here.. it's just too much random.. 30 songs long though, i'll definitely burn a copy for my life.. and you can too.. get it: CLICK




i think the best part about rappers dropping mixtapes is that it's strictly about the music. they go fucking hard to get their name up. j cole is that shit right now.. and i really want him to make drake fall to his knees and say "i honor you".. and with shit like this, it's gonna happen. i am so in love with j cole right now. so so so in love. it's nice to see younger lyricists come into the game speaking loud. j cole just wants his voice heard, and it's time more people get to listening.

this mixtape is full of emotion. "it won't be long" hits hard. i literally almost teared up while listening to it. the beat is mellow and doesn't sound like anyone could rap over it.. but he does.. and he does well. his cadence is smooth, with that j cole swag. after listening to this you want everything to be thrown at him, with someone saying "here kid, you can have it all. you deserve it".
"bun b for president" is basically homage to bun b. not sure how i feel about it. lyrically it's well.. but i'm iffy on it only because i'm not sure how i feel about bun b. & i'm never really down for money rap. rarely ever. so i just skipped the song. lemme know what you think, and if thoughts are positive, i'll give it another go.
"problems". WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!! this might just be the best song of the fucking year!!!! i know i say that too often, but music just keeps getting better. all about the fucking struggle man.. all about the struggle man.. and when you take such a simple beat and fuck the shit out of it, to make it sound like there were fifty thousand producers on that shit.. UNH! ughhhhh.. sooooo good. intro goes, "dear mrs. bill collector/ i know you're just doin' your job don't mean to dis-respect ya/ but we been going through this pain since way back/ told you when i get the dough i would pay back/".. no fucking hard punchlines. just rap.. might be a little depressing for some.. but it's that struggle that takes you back to why hip hop should be used.. to get out of this shit.. and that's the kind of hip hop that makes you think and realize, no matter where you're at.. no matter how tough shit is, you're never alone. "my middle finger to the law, i'm bussin' off tryna touch the sky/ my teacher said 'impossible' but ima fuckin' try".. wowww. big song. big fucking song.
"lights please" totally different song.. all about girls and sex.. which can sometimes be a lose for me, but i dug it. "all she ever want me to do is un-hook her bra/ and all i really want is for her to go down low/ before you know it, she wet enough to get drown slow../" made me laugh. "how you made the darkness seem so bright".. like what! aw. cute na cute naman! young chris doesn't totally kill the song either. it's not bad.
"premeditated murder" had a few metaphors i wasn't too proud of. that othello line, yucky.. this song was a little too cliche for me.. it had some good lines and some bad ones.. "i'ma kill the game, and invite witnesses/ no death penalty, i'm givin life sentences/ like keep grindin boy, your life can change in one year/ & even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere/" was ill. that whole second verse was ill.. worth the listen, but not my fav.
"THE BLOW UP"!! typed in caps because it deserves nothing less! hahaha. hungry! hungry! j cole is fucking hungry! GET FED DIRTY! lovelovelovelovelovelove. squint your face and mean mug bitches! big tune!
"shook ones freestyle" i had to. CMON! mobb deep's shook ones is one of the dirtiest beats of all time.. and j cole doesn't ruin it. however, it does seem a little forced. he rhymes a little fast over it, and it didn't completely go over me.. but paying homage to mobb deserves some hands in the air.. and his lines help you to forget how rushed his flow in. i'm not even sure if he was really rapping that fast or if they sped it up.. cause it kind of sounds like they did..
"who dat" is fire.. i remember when i first saw this vid online i nearly died. watched that ten times in a row. THIS SONG IS AMAZING !! this song goes so fucking hard. it hits you in the fucking face and makes me wanna scream "FUCK YEAH! J COLE!".

"suddenly your idols is your competition"..

1. Holding Me Back
2. It Won't Be Long
3. Bun B For President
4. Problems
5. Lights Please Feat Young Chris
6. Premeditated Murder
7. The Blow Up
8. The Last Stretch
9. I Really Mean It Freestyle
10. In The Morning
11. I'm Comin
12. Shook Ones Freestyle
13. Higher
14. Who Dat
15. Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (ice cream beat freestyle so dirty)
16. Obstacles

overall, it's a good mixtape, and i don't think i'll ever expect anything less from j cole. he never fails man, never fails. & i'll give it a 3.5/5. & that's only because j cole is the man, and i expect his next mixtape to be a 5/5.. which i know it will be. don't sleep. j cole is it.. and you can get it! for free.. right here: CLICK

Sunday, August 22, 2010


six more days til i'm rocking bells.


Dude I love your blog. - StefiFraticelli
thanks so much!
appreciate that.

Is Canada worth the trip??
every trip is worth the trip:) but yes, i'll rep canada til the dirt. canada all day.. except for like.. saskatoon ahahahhaha

Who's the most overrated musician?

sooooo.. what are you waiting for ?!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


this week has been fucking crazy.. let's take a quick re-cap since i've been off the detailed bloggin tip for quite some time.. i've been working my fucking ass off while partying hard in between. my body shut down on me last night after some heavy hitting. i layed in bed shivering my ass off, ignoring all phone calls that had a subliminal ringer, of which i'd like to name, "yo botch pick up your phone!! let's fucking party!!". i couldn't. my head was spinning, i was all stuffed up, kickin it in sweats and a hoody trying to warm my body.. BUT after smothering myself in vapo-rub, i am back to my a-game.
i've been dealing with payment after payment while trying to leave some pennies in the bank account. i work so fucking hard and find myself with empty pockets. new york is putting me in the craziest amounts of debt, and i could honestly give a fuck. i am so stoked for new york that money problems don't matter at all right now. who needs full pockets when you have full experiences?!
& i'll keep going if you get lost between god and a shot of scotch.

with bills up the ass, and shit that keeps breaking, it's hard sometimes to see where the money goes. i still don't have a blackberry charger, i have a credit card that's maxed, applications worth too much, dog medicine, puppy shots, dog&puppy food, and a wardrobe addiction that could put rich people to shame.. but fuck it. just.. fuck it. air in my lungs and good people in my circle, for right now.. that's all i fucking care about. no money in the bank account with a plane ticket to new york, i'm happy. who needs a plasma when you're just.. happy?
grippin grain was fucking amazing. lonnie never fails to throw shit down. i will step up to the plate and say that he is definitely my favorite dj right now, and that's not me saying that because he's a friend. he plays ill shit.. without the lame ass cuts and siren mixing. it's hip hop i can appreciate.. and jump to.
the lo was a spontaneous night. it ended up being stupid good. tim is another amazing dj, and deserves his dues. music is so goooood right now. i got so wasted i was walking around without shoes on.. and lawwd knows how i make fun of those girls. sunnuvah bitch, i became one of them! it was also nice that tina came. whenever we party, we're the exact same. we highly enjoys the jumping and the laughing, and the beer.. and it's nice that we live in the same hood.. gettin' home has never been so fun.
summer is in full effect right now. with the tan lines to prove it. it's kind of odd that summer raging is coming into play so late in the game, but fuck.. if anything, i feel that this is just making my summer last longer.. and i'm up for that shit.
i've had enough drama this month to have a reality show that would clear out the rating charts by billions, but i won't complain too much. i said to my brother the other day, "bad shit always happens to us.. but fuck it! we're still here!". yeah fuck it. i can't believe the copious amounts of absolute fucking bull shit i've been through, but i'm not going to step down anytime soon. i might bust a few tears out here and there, punch a few walls in, have a few knuckles bleed, lose my sanity for a few minutes, but at the end of the day.. at the end of the fucking day, i'll stick my chin in the air.. and not only for myself, but for everyone feeding me this shit. no matter what happens, i got a right middle finger, and a left middle finger. two in the air and i'm stronger than five minutes ago.
maribeth is newly single and newly raging. which works for me..! i love her and bianca til death and the chillage has been non-stop and i dig it. i can't get enough of these two.. i seriously just.. can't. their music passion grows every day and bianca has become a pretty appreciative hip hop head.. she's discovered a world that she digs, and i'm stoked. hip hop does wonders.
tina has been down for whatever lately. i thoroughly enjoy how we can sit and stare at the ceiling without either of us thinking "this is boring".. i love this kid with my life, and i can't thank her enough for everything she's done for me lately.. like feed me. hahahaha.
lize and i have been getting at each other's throats non-stop. the mean muggin and attitudes have been more common than christmas trees in december. we're both in a struggle right now where we have to learn how to deal with things appropriately and i think it'll take awhile before we get there. no matter what happens, i love the girl.. no matter how much we ice eachother. these past few days have been better, and i look forward to moving to exactly that; forward.
aggie's radio show went well, it was nice to get in behind the scenes to see what it was all about. that shit is basically a party behind a microphone, and i was all for it, even with the longest hangover ever. i was chicken shit to talk, which is weird cause i usually make my voice known. i hope to come back and not be as chicken shit.. but real talks, i love this girl and how passionate she is about what she does. seeing her in that state really made me see her in a new light. do you mama, it's all about new york now.
i'm making moves, they're slow as fuck but i'm doing it.. which is big and scary for me. it takes a lot for me to do something, and when i do, i do it big. go hard, or go home.

for a second, i was ready to cry my ass off while everything went to shit because there was absolutely nothing i could do to change my situation. ups, and downs. ups and downs. it's always a fucking rollercoaster ride, but what you gonna do? stop acting like a pussy botch, treat that shit as a cold night and grab a jacket. there's always a day of sunshine in the future, and when there's not.. take some time out of your day to blog about it.

stuffy nose? fuck it. fights? fuck 'em. drama? fuck it.
my name is botcho.. try and test me.


what a shame.. i've never been so excited over a pair of vans/mobs than these bad boys. dunno why they're not getting released, but they're not. so go ahead and cry your heart out. i did.

CMON MOB, drop these !!