Tuesday, August 17, 2010


for a second there, just for a second, i thought i had everything under control! turns out, i was totally wrong.. ahhhhh FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!
it's cool. i'm calm. cool. collected. i just need for everyone to shut the fuck up for a second and let me have some botch time. SERIOUSLY! where the fuck is my botch time?! i don't even wanna blog about it cause i don't want anyone to know how hefty the plate is. i feel like if everyone finds out, they'll just ask me more questions.
sleeping without alex is extremely hard. i have nightmares every night and he isn't there to wake me up. i don't like it.. but i will learn to deal with this.. because soon i will be leaving toronto for NEW YORK!
i'm having a mini panic attack with all this shit on my plate and everyone keeps bugging me like "are you okay?". i hate when people ask if you're okay.
aaaand as soon as this week is over, i am raging. bonka. ma. please join me.

OH YEAH! re-runs of gossip girl means season premiere coming soon! I CAN HARDLY KEEP MY PANTS ON. chuck baby, mama loves you. nomnomnom.