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wowzers. three mixtapes in a row.. ! but i had to. i have this sort of love/hate relationship with wale. i really liked what he's put forth in the past, but seeing him live was another story. seeing him live made him come off as a prick.. and i done hailed it as "the money's got to wale". which could be completely true, or it could've just been a bad night.. but i find that when you're choosing to do music as your profession.. you have to realize that shows could be your only impression, so a shitty attitude could make you lose a lot of fans. you should ALWAYS put 100% into your shows, because it might be the 39746519024th time you've done that same performance, but it's somebody's FIRST time to see YOU.. not to say that his show was bad.. it was a really good show.. but wale himself didn't seem into it.. i gave it a 9/10 in review, which i don't regret.. but he still didn't seem into it. SO, after seeing this bad boy while cruising the net, i was a little skeptical.. BUT. i'm willing to give the tape and wale another shot.. here we go.. i'll start off with a tracklisting..

1. Wale-The Problem
2. Wale-The MC
3. Wale-The Soup
4. Wale-The Breeze Cool
5. Wale-The Friends Strangers
6. Wale-The Number Won
7. Wale-The Eyes of The Tiger
8. Wale-The War
9. Wale-The Breakup Song
10. Wale-The Work Workin
11. Wale-The Black N Gold
12. Wale-The Manipulation 2
13. Wale-The Best In The League
14. Wale-The Posse Cut
15. Wale-The Guilty Pleasure No Hands
16. Wale-The Trip Downtown
17. Wale-The Ambitious Girl
18. Wale-The Motivation B Right
19. Wale-The Cloud
20. Wale-The Power
21. Wale-The Flight

the intro accapella is beautiful. i like accapella speeches that come out so clean. he starts off by saying how he's making changes, how he's made mistakes, how people are saying he's under-rated, how he's under pressure, and how he just wants to work. if you're telling the truth wale, you may have just won me over.. again.
"i fear that my fans feel that i failed". okay wale. you said it first! hahaha.
i really like this mixtape. wale is a talented fucker, and bad attitude the night i saw him or not.. he is talented.. and this tape shows it.. each song is consistent with the next, and it showcases what wale can do very well.
"the breeze cool" is probably my third favorite song on the tape. his delivery is great, and he establishes that wale sound a little stronger than i personally have ever heard.. i like "sneaker game messy" haha. that was clever.. and it's nice that he's never willing to not scream out how much his love for shoes is.
"friends strangers" includes snippets from jerry seinfield which mesh in really well.. good job dj. holla dj. do your thing dj. this is the second song i've heard today about abortion, and sometimes you kind of forget how big of a deal that is.. and how often that shit happens. kinda makes you think. i like his story-telling rap a lot.. it's hard to find people that are new that can carry that story-telling torch, and it's nice to hear someone who can do it well.
"the number won" is another lyrical showcase! the tape is consistent i'm telling you. wale's flow just fits with everything. his flow over every beat is so crisp. when you want what you want and you say what you want and how bad you want it and ahhh. it's good shit.
that's as far as i'm going to go.. this is a good tape.. and every song is fucking great.. i'm kind of not ready for what people are going to say, cause i'm going to go ahead and give this shit a 4.5/5.
i did three mixtapes today, and i really thought wale was going to get the lowest rating out of all three.. but this shit is classic wale, he's improved drastically and he won me back. i think it's cleaner than j. coles, even though i think j cole is better than wale.. this tape is better. wale did it. it's close to a perfect mixtape man, it's fucking close.. and the fact that he dropped a mixtape instead of an album makes me applaud him even more.. he threw it down.. and he threw a large vocabulary in there to prove his intellect. fuckin' with politics and world issue references to get your learn on.. and he did it all whilst talking about nothing. the only thing that took away from it was that some instrumentals didn't cut it for me, but honestly.. everything he says is honest, and hip hop. so take a listen and grab it.. here: CLICK


Anonymous said...

Someone went in on the mixtape posts today. Put in work! I can't believe you rated Wale higher than J. Cole :/. Not sure if I like you anymore. Lol. You contradict yourself a lot missy. First you say you don't like raps about money, then you say Wale's money song is your favorite? This is the last time I go to your blog!
Only teasin' ya. Your reviews are on point, I don't want you to come through your computer and hurt me.

syntifik said...

hahahaha WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! first off, what i said about money rap is that i'm never really down for it. RARELY.. but it happens.. and i wouldn't classify wale's breeze about money exactly.. his flow is good on the track. so eat your words bud.
i will not hurt you but i will not get grilled either.. :( so before you bust my balls, listen up.
i like cole more than wale, but let's be real. more about nothing is an over-all better tape. no question cole is BETTER than wale.. but was the tape better?! no. that's like comparing nas to jay. jay might have more money, but nas is a better rapper.
*drum drum symbol*

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Respect Botcho, your entries were on point. No need to go ape shit on me.
I'm still your number one fan!

syntifik said...

haha it's cool.. ! & thanks..! i just gotta protect myself ;)

jHefff said...

^you should try calling her a lesbian....


*runs away*

jepppreee said...

haha for real though. Do you actually listen to all the songs beginning to end? even the ones you don't like? Because for me whenever I get a new album I only listen to the beginning and first chorus then after that I choose the ones I like and play over and over lol. you crazily =/

syntifik said...

haha when i get an album, i don't skip through it. after my first initial listen, i might start the skipping..!

i'm not a lesbian :(