Wednesday, August 4, 2010


my hair is almost always long. it grows retardedly fast. no matter how many times i cut it, it's back to being long soon. which is fine, i suppose, because at least i kinda get the choice.. but some days, just some days.. i'd like to know what it's actually like to have short hair for more than a month.
i always set the microwave to weird times. instead of 1 minute, it'll be 1:03, or instead of 45 seconds, i'll set it to 47 seconds. same goes for my alarm clock. it's set for 6:54 a.m.. like really!? those extra six minutes are really going to help me out?! NOT FIVE, but SIX.. i really need that extra minute hahaha.
i'm kind of OCD with things. i'm a messy organized person. all of my music HAS to be in alphabetical order. & for artists that have more than one album gracing my ownership (nas, for instance;), they will then be categorized by the date the album came out.
i only shower at night. i'll only shower in the daytime if i have an absurd amount of time, which i never do. mornings are ridiculously hectic for me, and i'm always rushing out the door..and i'm ALWAYS late, to EVERYTHING. i've been late to my own birthday. anyway, night showers are awesome. & i usually take them at odd times. 3 am showers are pimpin. i like getting the day off me.
my shower routine is systematic. i shampoo then rinse out. condition, leave that shit in. wash face. body wash. brush my teeth (i brush my teeth in the shower as well as before i go to bed/when i wake up) shave my legs, if i feel like it ahahaha. shave the armpits. rinse face. &then rinse out conditioner. IN THAT STRICT ORDER, always. i HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE 2 in one shampoos. that shit is strictly for boys only in my opinion. i also always use two towels. one for my hair, and one for body.
i don't go to church, but i believe in god. i believe in karma, and fate STRONGLY. i believe in universal mind control and magnetism. literally every time something bad happens to me, i try to think of the last dis-honorable thing that i've done that made the bad thing surface.
for decisions that i can't make on my own, i still use eeny meanie miney moe and the ol' flip a coin. tough or easy. whether it be a meal, or whether i should take a big trip, or make a big purchase. i use the two devices. it sounds silly, but i feel when i put choices in the hands of the two, fate takes its course.
i haven't gone out for the past FOUR weekends (possibly five?) in a row. this is very different for me.. but i'm nothin less than satisfied.

my name is botch, and this is my blog.


Villain said...

i stop the microwave at 1 second left to avoid the beeping noise. sometimes, if i know its nearing end, i will race to stop it @ 1. i mean REALLY race for it, hurdle over shit and dive before the buzzer type shit....well not that dramatic, but i definitely hurdle over shit.

Anonymous said...

all of this i knew already. I miss you!! - JANET

syntifik said...

villain: i do the exact same.. i'll stop it at one second.. i don't make that much of an effort, i'll only do it if i'm still there. sometimes i put things in for like seven seconds. hahah. like really!? sevon seconds botch?!

janet: aww.. THATS WHY WE'RE GOING TO BE FRIENDS FOREVER! i miss you too:(