Saturday, August 21, 2010


"Kicks for women that weren’t pink or some other gender-polarizing version of what a corporation thinks women want."

in all honesty, i don't own one pair of keep sneakers. i thought it was a quickfast line that was gonna fade out eventually.. i know i'm a little late in the game, but i finally read about her. i wasn't aware that keep was started by a woman, but after reading an article (via sneakerfreaker - CLICK HERE) on miss una kim, i think i just might.

an east coast broad who was sick and tired of the sneakers being put forth for woman decided to take matters into her own hands. hailing from the east coast of cali, una started keep, a footwear line aimed at women.
after realizing that her and her friends were always getting shoes in boys' sizes (word to life), she wanted to throw something out there that made it a little easier for females.. and i applaud her.. she's gotten as far to have dudes saying "yo make these in men sizes". FINALLY turning the tables!!
with that being said, i look forward to checking out what else keep has in store.. & i'll definitely be grabbing a few pairs.

"We do Keep for all the women who have their game tight, who work hard to make things happen, who spread positivity and energy around them, who take care of their loved ones and most importantly take care of themselves. We make Keep shoes for those women who are tired of clown shoes, too many bells and whistles, and the misappropriation of the color pink."


so for today's sneaker saturday, read up on una kim. do it.