Tuesday, August 10, 2010


so i've been having a good past few days. i won $100 on a scratch ticket, so i was like fuck yeah. put that shit on my over-maxed credit card.. so i planned to put money on my credit card to actually get it in a range where it's not over-maxed haha. WHOO. it was exciting. so i did that. threw some money on my credit card.. and now that my credit is in a safe place.. i wanted to book a hotel for new york. did i mention i'm going to new york yet?! yes. greyhounding it from toronto (brutal! but 25 minutes in buffalo if anyone wants to say hi?). hollur. anyways, so i'm online booking this shit, when i go to type in my expiration date.. MY CARD IS EXPIRED!! WHAT?! so i freak the fuck out basically. cuz i need to book this shit within three days. how can they not notice?! i mean i've been paying my expired credit card for six months.. so wtfuX?! i guess i'm dumb for not even noticing it's expired, but STILL.
so i call up my bank, and i'm like, "yo bank, where the fuck's my new card".. and they're all "yo botch, we sent it to you", and i'm all "yo bank, if i had that shit, i'd be using it." and the banks all "yo botch, the status is that it sent". SOOOOOOO FUCK ME. my new credit card was lost in the mail, or someone stole it. puttin my money on the steal-age.
so basically, they cancelled the sent one, and are giving me a new one, that i'll pick up so that it won't be so "lost" or "stolen" this time.. AND THEY SAY, it'll take 7 business days. so i'm like, "yo bank, i need it in three days." and the banks all "yo botch, express courier?".. and i'm all "yo bank, get it to me within three days. that's it. make it happen"
so it better get here in three days, otherwise there will be a crazy woman in the bank yelling to give her a credit card.
that is all.