Thursday, December 31, 2009


and i dunno where i'm going tonight.

i just want a shit load of alcohol and to not look fat.
someone make that happen.

dear friends, holla at my fucking cell phone.


..and we got a shit load to handle.

but first i need to know what to put on it.. lemme know by picking from the list below.. as many as you want, all u gotta do is copy and paste. help a bitch out

december 2009
platinum pied pipers, feat. neco redd - i luv 2 U
wale - rhyme n reason
amanda blank, lykke li - leaving you behind
brenda lee - rockin around the christmas tree
nas - nothing lasts forever
kid cudi - i be high

november 2009
funkdoobiest - wopbablubop
kid cudi - switchin lanes
wonder girls - nobody
lupe fiasco - that funny feeling

october 2009
mad lion - take it easy
david guetta, kid cudi - memories
santogold - creator
justice - DVNO
lupe fiasco - solar midnite

september 2009
kid cudi - cudi zone
kid cudi - enter galactic
a tribe called quest - award tour
nas - represent
a tribe called quest - 1nce again (keys n krates remix)
lords of the underground - funky child

august 2009
88-keys, kid cudi - ho is short for honey
nas - black zombies
lmfao - i'm in miami bitch
nas - made you look
kid cudi, david guetta - memories

july 2009
lupe fiasco - birds and the bees
jay-z - i can't get wit that
memphis bleek - when you hear that (ratatat remix)
black moon - u da man (evil dee remix)
kid cudi - switchin lanes
consequence, kanye west, john legend - whatever you want

june 2009
nine - whutcha want
jay-z - death of auto-tune
dre, snoop - the next episode
asher roth, cee lo - be by myself
kid cudi - dat new new
lupe fiasco ft. matthew santos - shining down
raekwon - heaven & hell
wu-tang clan - ice cream
a tribe called quest - 1nce again (keys n krates remix)

may 2009
gang starr - work
the pharcyde - passin me by
nas - can't forget about you
common (feat. kanye) - punch drunk love
polyrhythm addicts - it's my life
hot hot heat - middle of nowhere
kid cudi, kanye, gaga, common - poke her face
gang starr - full clip

april 2009
pete rock - square one
method man - all i need
method man, cappadonna - sweet love
biggie - party & bull shit (ratatat remix)
m.i.a. - $20
kid cudi - down & out
the yeah yeah yeahs - date with the night

march 2009
total feat. biggie - can't you see
common - make my day
outkast - bombs over baghdad
keith murray - the most beautifullest thing in this world
lily allen - knock em' out
blu & exile - first things first
method man feat. d'angelo - break ups 2 make up
atmosphere - little math you
jurassic 5 feat. nelly furtado - thin line
jeru the damaja - ya playin yaself

february 2009
nas feat. res - ice king (remix)
arctic monkeys - fake tales of san francisco
east flatbush project - tried by 12
memphis bleek - understand me still
murs - bad man!

now.. aside from that. i have a few 2009/2010 things to get through.. and i would like to do a wale review.. and i don't know where to start!

so uhhhh..

hey. how's it goin?! this is my blog and shit! glad everyone's diggin the music player.. i just added more songs and reached my 200 limit so that kinda sucked, didn't know i had a limit.
what was the point of this?!

i dont know, just post your fav songs bitches.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


new year, new gitch.

so i just finished posting my music player. configuring the html to make that shit not be so fucking huge was a battle on its own.. but now, you have the option of pausing, and since the list is on random, it'll be a new song every time you reach.. YEAH SEE. i listen to my readers. yall wanted this option, so i dids it. i'm not giving you the option of seeing my entire playlist.. and i'm only doing that because i plan on adding songs and deleting songs frequently.. as well as having the option if i really dig a song and want it to play first, this is my blog so fuck you. i'll do what i want. hahaha.. a real post coming in a few, til then, you can officially make http://5YN-tifik./ your online winamp ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


chin up, pride tall. four beers, five hundred thank you's, and a very merry christmas.
i have good friends, great family, and a kick ass boyfriend.
shout out to everybody for making me feel like a billion bucks.
all i need is a ticket to scarborough and life is complete..!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


well technically, christmas is over.. but my christmas isn't cuz we still have upcoming gift exchanges.. whoooo!! christmas was.. different. & by different i mean, some of it i loved, some of i it.. not so much. so i plan to state nothing, and immediately follow this short with nothing but pictures.

he ain't heavy..

he's my brotherrrr..

my second brother!

&my newly adopted third brother!

man why can't life always be this easy!

sunset on a boat!

whoa hey there

a shit load of dim sum, $6.

we was dyinnnn..

7-11 selling alkie.. for $2 a bottle.


i was trying to get the guy behind him, cuz he was black. first black guy i saw in the philippines ahahah

came home to all my clothes clean and folded.. this is life.

then we went out for some brewskies.

cheap beer = love.

the boys bought porn :S

my mom bought purses.

the biggest grapefruit i have ever seen

my mom's friend from elementary happened to spot us on the street.

we was hot and sweaty

i'm scared.

i love you momma!

whitening cream in their "shoppers drug mart".. yep! every single product you see here, is a form of whitening cream/lotion/soap.. while i'm trying to get dark, the philippines is trying to be white.

balloons for oo!

balloons rule!

see what i mean?!

our favorites:)

my sister brought them canadian frisbees:).. they never heard of a frisbee before, and kept forgetting the name of it. it was cute.


a bug the size of my hand.. eweewwweewww

my last name is bueno.

we run new york.

my jelly fish sting after two weeks of healing.. not bad, no?

tomorrow i'll post the pictures from the pooool.
til then, i hope everyone had a fab christmas.
next up, new years.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


this is what i say, "la di da da da, la di da da da..".
my world is a complete mess right now, my room is chaotic, i have so much shit to do, i'm stressed out, busting my ass off to try and make life right.. and even though sometimes i'm just like "ahhh mother fucking cock bitch slut! i just wanna facking sleep!!!!" it's okay.. cause i'm not lettin it phase me, i'm just gonna scream really loud in my head, have a cigarette and then live my life. at the end of the day, if my wallet's empty, at least my closet's filled.. and until that's not true, i really have nothing to complain about.
i'll be back in a few with a picture post, but i just wanted to do some shout outs.. so can i holler at mother nature real quick.. yo you are doing some ill na na for me. i know i complain i'm cold, but really, i is lovin it! snow? fuck that noise.
i also want to shout out dollarama, you are my fucking haven son.
& big shout out to slurpees and red bull, you are the only reason i survive my mornings. i know that's gross, but you try my life, i guarantee you'll be tired by first quarter.
and to christmas, for coming too fast out of nowhere!? what the fuck bitches, i am so not ready. big fuck you to blackberry, you is on some next level shit, and big fuck you to myself for some how busting up my charger and having a dead phone for half the day.
big shout out to whoever is handling february. february is screaming crazy right now.
big shout out to my last weeks of being 21.. ohhhbooyyy.
big fuck you to my eyebrows ahahah cot damn can i catch some wax up in this bitch..
holler to swearing, i love me some cuss words.
blowin kisses to bianca, for calling me and interrupting my hangover only to make me feel loved and comforted, and also reminded of how ill na na my friends are.
daps to teej, for visiting me and not making fun of how grimey i was, and still being one of the illest mans on my list.
a haha for richard because your text messages are something i wish i could keep forever. a question mark for marti, cuz i dunno what the fuck you're doin these days.
an open hand to my boyfriend, and gallons of hope because the skies are grey, but i keep sunshine in my pocket.. and i got a shit load for you boo.
a baby daps for james the daddy.
a "trust me" to my moms. cuz no matter what chu thinkin mommdukes, i got this.
a thanks to maribeth for being the true only cool person in this world, cuz she's the only one who comments on my fucking blog.

stay up son, always.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



good morning.. wanna go look at some turtles?!


baby turtles! .. let's go lay by the pool now.

so hot.

life too easy!

i got hungryyy.. i love mussels ! *dies.

and spaghetti rules too.

we found a bootleg scrabble and bust it out.. during happy hour!!


by the time night time hit, we had to go eat some more.

down the endless steps we go.

the fuck.

i hope he's okay..!

so after the endless staircase, we walked down to the beach where we had a very private dinner.. the set up was dooope.

boys was thrilled.

so was gyaldems.

you're pretty:)

candle lit dinner for us!.. ON THE BEACH!

i hate flowers in the hair.

after telling my sister how much i hate flowers in the hair, we took these pictures. "WE'RE IN THE TROPICS!! ITS OKAY!"

my very own hand picked toppings!

with an ice cream crepe for dessert.. oh..mygahh.

the next day.. we hit the ocean, three different spots to check out some fishies! i could see the jellyfish that stung me! they're tiny little fuckers, and you can see their lights under water, they're so pretty but after being stung by them, you see the tiniest one and you're like "aCk faCk! fuck off fuckers!"..

scuba diver on deck!


at one of the spots we were taken to, the beach had a bunch of washed up coral.

.. and plenty of other items.

pretty much a lost and found, it might seem crazy but it was neat.. the miscellaneous items screamed stories of sentiment and tastes of the ocean.

how's it going!?

good-bye fishies!

i have a shit load of things to do but i keep avoiding it. i need a smack into gear.. or a day for just me. a day where i can wake up when i want! a day where my alarm clock isn't on! a day where i can stay in my pajamas the entire day and drink tea on my bed, because my room is clean.. because i cleaned it! i need fresh laundry so i can PICK what to wear instead of wearing something cause it's all i got left. I WANT I WANT I WANTTT.. "then go do it botch".. ehhh yeah. i will later.