Wednesday, December 23, 2009


this is what i say, "la di da da da, la di da da da..".
my world is a complete mess right now, my room is chaotic, i have so much shit to do, i'm stressed out, busting my ass off to try and make life right.. and even though sometimes i'm just like "ahhh mother fucking cock bitch slut! i just wanna facking sleep!!!!" it's okay.. cause i'm not lettin it phase me, i'm just gonna scream really loud in my head, have a cigarette and then live my life. at the end of the day, if my wallet's empty, at least my closet's filled.. and until that's not true, i really have nothing to complain about.
i'll be back in a few with a picture post, but i just wanted to do some shout outs.. so can i holler at mother nature real quick.. yo you are doing some ill na na for me. i know i complain i'm cold, but really, i is lovin it! snow? fuck that noise.
i also want to shout out dollarama, you are my fucking haven son.
& big shout out to slurpees and red bull, you are the only reason i survive my mornings. i know that's gross, but you try my life, i guarantee you'll be tired by first quarter.
and to christmas, for coming too fast out of nowhere!? what the fuck bitches, i am so not ready. big fuck you to blackberry, you is on some next level shit, and big fuck you to myself for some how busting up my charger and having a dead phone for half the day.
big shout out to whoever is handling february. february is screaming crazy right now.
big shout out to my last weeks of being 21.. ohhhbooyyy.
big fuck you to my eyebrows ahahah cot damn can i catch some wax up in this bitch..
holler to swearing, i love me some cuss words.
blowin kisses to bianca, for calling me and interrupting my hangover only to make me feel loved and comforted, and also reminded of how ill na na my friends are.
daps to teej, for visiting me and not making fun of how grimey i was, and still being one of the illest mans on my list.
a haha for richard because your text messages are something i wish i could keep forever. a question mark for marti, cuz i dunno what the fuck you're doin these days.
an open hand to my boyfriend, and gallons of hope because the skies are grey, but i keep sunshine in my pocket.. and i got a shit load for you boo.
a baby daps for james the daddy.
a "trust me" to my moms. cuz no matter what chu thinkin mommdukes, i got this.
a thanks to maribeth for being the true only cool person in this world, cuz she's the only one who comments on my fucking blog.

stay up son, always.


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