Tuesday, December 29, 2009


new year, new gitch.

so i just finished posting my music player. configuring the html to make that shit not be so fucking huge was a battle on its own.. but now, you have the option of pausing, and since the list is on random, it'll be a new song every time you reach.. YEAH SEE. i listen to my readers. yall wanted this option, so i dids it. i'm not giving you the option of seeing my entire playlist.. and i'm only doing that because i plan on adding songs and deleting songs frequently.. as well as having the option if i really dig a song and want it to play first, this is my blog so fuck you. i'll do what i want. hahaha.. a real post coming in a few, til then, you can officially make http://5YN-tifik./blogspot.com your online winamp ;)


the one that asked for the playlist haha said...

definitley making this my online winamp. thanks, bro.

syntifik said...

no problem, i hope you like it!
lemme know.. i'm gonna be making(FREE) cds from the songs i used during 2009. get at me.

Anonymous said...

So.. I'm at work and I was like, "Fack, I haven't been to Botcho's blog in a while" .. I have a shitload to read. Fuck having a slow connection and small screen on my berry, and fuck having a slow computer that restarts itself.

I can't view any pictures so I kinda don't know what to do hahahaha

On to the older posts!

- Bonibelle

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I can't hear anything either. Why don't they just block me from the internet already?

Anonymous said...

siiiick!!! i love ur taste in music. ill be here twice as much

Maribeth said...

i am lovin this new music player! the fact that it has music videos makes it even more awesome!

"KWELI! Keep on dancing... keep on dancing..."

syntifik said...

boner: finally.. cuz goodness i miss you.. that's how i felt in dental technology. no internet for me?! cmon! hip hop blogs is waitin!

anonymous: thank you!!

maribeth: swwweeeet. glad it pleases. all i wanna do is keep adding songs to it!