Monday, December 14, 2009


i try not to make wishlists, because then i just get ten billion of the same thing.. and i've never really been disappointed with surprises.. i loves surprises.. but i've been asked to make one.. so here it is. i've made it as general as i could so getting two won't matter, and so that it would be easier.

- anything from american apparel, i fucking loves you ~!
- sharpies, i love sharpies!
- post it notes!
- lotto scratch tickets so i can make all of us rich bitch!
- bikinis! and sunglasses!! i need more always.
- gitch.. i need some :S
- make-up! pigments! and lipsticks!
- purses!
- tims :(
- j'adore perfume by dior! or ANYTHING by anna sui.
- a cd made by you with YOUR favorite music! (i would be happy with nothing but a pile of burned cds made by good people!)

i'm happy with anything i get, so if you're really stuck, gift certs satisfy me completely! AA, urban, chapters, mcnally, walmart, shoppers.. haha i'm simple, really.

hope that helps. christmas!