Wednesday, January 28, 2009


is your dad a dealer, cuz you're dope to me..

closet mission = complete!! if anyone would like to browse through my garbage bag of clothes i'm giving away, it's all yours baby. "password = alibaba" hahahahaha. i laughed so hard. okay. on to business. i have no cigarettes.. sick. what else is going on.. writing, good. gettin er' done. assholes, gone, at least the asshole attitude. apologies, accepted. that's all i really need ever, is an apology. so thanks for apologizing, it shows me you know you did wrong. what else?! weather, blows.. but we're gettin there. +1c? antsy. get lifted? too easy.. hate mode, at half time. sometimes i gotta stop being a bitch and just let you annoying bitches do your thing. cds, done, and accounted for. i know what i'm missing, and who has what, & i'm never letting anyone borrow my cds again, ever. bed? made.. whoa i can say that! success? baby steps botch, baby steps. weekend approaching faster than ever.. yo that is ill. i've never had time fly by and now it is just goin' at full speed & what can i say, i am lovin it bitchhhess. work out plan? fail, will re-attempt tomorrow. sharpies? check. life? check. wallet? empty. sick. everything is sick.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


wanna go see a movie? no. wanna go to hifi? no. wanna shop? NO. wanna sit on ur bed and color? hellz ya baby. long day. today will be the day i organize my closet. i say this every month or so, but i only do a half job. no more! it's getting done, TODAY. ATTN HOCKEY PLAYERS: 7th player needed for shinny hockey @ the forks for this coming weekend, and if you suck, pls dis-regard this message. looking for champs baby. it's FREE, so HOLLA! hip hop is going hard right now. so is life. everything is fucking awesome, i just complain a lot when really i have nothing to complain about. everything is mint. i don't miss facebook, surprise, i know. i'm shocked. i really thought i would, give it two days. lol. quitting smoking = fail. i like smoking too much, i just don't feel like quitting right now. i told tim i relapsed and he said "no one can get on you, you gotta do it yourself, and it won't happen til you're ready." thanks for the non-guilt trip tim. im'a get on it by the time i'm 30.. or something. so when you threw my ring away, i just realized today, you pawned it. rats. OKAY CLOSET, here i come...

mission organization = fail. mission gossip w/bonibelle = all day.

Monday, January 26, 2009


i'm sorry. i don't care what your opinion is.. but notorious sucked. let's start off with the good. the gal who played lil kim, bang on. she did her homework. lady was my favorite thing in the movie, she repped well. the movie did good with keepin' that 90's feel.. clothes, cars, scenery, pretty on point. the guy who played biggie did a good job, and the relationship between him and his mom came off real and heart warming. even with all of that, there was bad shit! the amount of emceeing/biggie songs in the movie was disappointing. it was hard to tell who was who at times, because no one really looked like who they were supposed to be.. aside from big, faith, & lil kim. they got a lot in there and made biggie look like a saint.. not to say he isn't phenom, the greatest rapper of all time died on march 9th, god bless his soul, rest in peace kid.. they fit a lot into the movie, but they only kept little snippets of everything that went on during his lifetime. it felt rushed, as if you kept getting plates of food but every time you took a bite, a waiter would come take it away. you weren't really getting enough of anything. i felt like they focused more on his love triangle rather than his career. & the movie didn't include anything you didn't know already, which disappointed me. diddy was sugar coated to shit. he was portrayed as some god-ly like figure, and that's a load of shit. puff used biggie, and in the movie, big was made to look like diddy's bitch. not to say that big didn't appreciate him, but he sure as hell wouldn't have sucked his dick (not literally). the characters are stereotyped to shit. lil kim was made to seem like nothing but a booty call. it was directed poorly, and anthony mackie as tupac has to be the worst decision of 2009. don't rent it, or buy it, borrow it from a friend. & if you really wanna learn biggie, wikipedia him, you'll get a better understanding for who he was without this shit movie. 2/5.

so did i mention how my weekend was bomb?! apologies to my server katherine, but some of my food wasn't cooked and some was over-cooked. that has nothing to do with you, you didn't do shit, & i regret not tippin you doll.. i just want things my way all day!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


i had a really good weekend:)


Friday, January 23, 2009

TGIF, bitches

i am gonna drop kick this weekend in the fucking face.. word? word. i am in love with josh peck. remember when we used to mix whiskey with juice?! back when we would go to the craziest parties and just kick start under-age drinking. &the only drink we knew was a screwdriver. gotta love the screwdrivers.. and debuts.. and wearing outfits that you hoped made you look legal. now i'm legal all over the world.. ew. when does wearing t shirts and sneakers become "grow up botch". hopefully never. anyways i'm gonna get fucked up tonight. on the docket: alcohol, movie, alcohol, hip hop. word life!!!!! let's paint this city drunk!.. on a budget!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


too bad, they're all mine bitches!!

no need for jackets today.. no need for sneakers either. today was a good day. i smoked a lot today though. URGH! i need help.. and distractions!! &money if i wanna go to toronto.. HELP HELP HELP!! also, tickets for my sister's social avails at bueno!! HOLLER AT ME SONS! let's get sloshed!! $10 a pop to party, cmon.. get off your ass and let's get down to it! the food will be amazing, and i know the ladies are looking to win that bath&body works basket;) gents, i know you wanna see some sexy females, so come out..!! tix are going fast ppl, and i want all my friends to be there !! we will jump to house of pain and drink bud and have a great time:) all i wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom..!!
hot sex on a puke platter. genius!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


so quitting smoking's hard.. so instead i quit facebook (i'll return, maybe.) but for now yall can come here instead.. it's my evil ploy to spam my blog >=) GENIUS!
life is too crazy right now. too many things are happening. im sucha fuck up! ahahhaha. okay wait slow down, not completely.. but sometimes yo.. im a little stupid.. yall can hop off my nuts like nowwww. i'm not really "satisfied" but i'm not like hating shit either. like shit is kinda like.. just going. &i'm like oblivious to all of it. like watching my life from a distance or something.. that's not supposed to sound emo. i just mean like, i wanna chill out with my friends and shit without a worry, and it's a breath of fresh air to not have people being on your facebook checking to see who you made out with, who you're dating and shit.. yeah. fuck off. aint got no time for no hatahs.. juzz livin my life, aaayyyaayyyayyyyy.


you the man..!!

$30 mill worth of security, plus 2 million+ fans coming to see you, i don't know what else i can say. ballin' barack forever.

i bought this album before listening to anything. i had it for about, a week? two weeks? before even opening it. i was pissed it was only ten songs long. however.. i was kind of antsy when i found out it was done by n.e.r.d..... after hearing 'seeing sounds' you pretty much follow n.e.r.d's dick wherever they go.. so i thought, okay this album's gonna be crazy!! with that assumption, i popped it in and hit play.
at first listen i wasn't satisfied. i was expecting BANG BANG BANG, HARD HARD HARD. shit started out with that, but in a mellow tone. i wasn't paying enough attention to it, and it wasn't until my fourth listen that i actually thought i could write about it. the first track, is a banger. i was like wow is this afrika bambaataa or what?! sounds pretty close, but it's not like disgusting "ew biters", it gets you hyped up for the album.. i've never really been hyped for common, but ladies and germs, i was hyped for common. second track has kanye.. and that hook, FUCK! HOLY FUCK! sucha good hook. this is when i started noticing his metaphors, fucking witty as hell. we all know common's witty.. but as this album is more of a fun album than concious album, you kinda gotta go "ooooh baby." when you hear some of his lines (very few!). "i'm the doctor i can hold ya til my patience is up." not genius, but definitely clever.. and i'm a big fan of clever.
number 3. possibly my favorite song on the album. the intro makes you feel like you're laying on your tummy on the beach.. with ur feet in the air.. swaying them from side to side.. smiling.. cause everything in life is just fucking awesome. you listen to it and be the one to tell me i'm wrong! cee-lo does his thing, kinda sounding like anthony hamilton.. vibe wise. in every good way possible. i love this song, and i've looped it billions. it's a sweet lovey dovey happy go lucky awesome wicked righteous kinda song.
NUMBER 4 (doont worry im not gonna do every song..) number four.. oh track number four. sex 4 sugar. how about number 4 fucking sucks. i hate this song. it's all about sex, it dumbs the whole album down, and it shouldn't have made the cut. i hate it. it's garbage. and anyone that likes it is garbage too lol.. HOWEVER, i will give it this, there is one point where he goes "electricity is definitely there..! i got shocked when i touched your hand." like okay. the song should've only been that line and it would've been better lol. cmon, it's a fucking cute ass line.
the next song is announcement, and all i'll say about this song, is this song should have been the leaked single. it would've grabbed on to everyone who was sketchy on buying it.
in "changes", he steps up his lyrical game.. but to me it almost felt forced. kinda like he knew i was thinking different of him so he tried to let me know he's still a lyricist.
i wouldn't say common failed with this one. i mean, common without jazz kinda throws you off at first.. but the dude wanted hyphy. the album doesn't go hard, but it's definitely harder than common usually goes. he tried, and he didn't do a horrible job. it's a good album to bump, you'll still have a good time, just don't expect everyone to start whylin'.. common's a lyricist, and it's honestly a little hard to hear him throw some bangers out there. you get a little pissed at dude for not giving you something that shocks you with how someone could come up with something so witty. 1-5 minus number 4 obviously, are my favorite songs on the album, but they could easily be by any other artist. & liking 4 out of 10 songs isn't exactly a win for you common. i won't call him a sell out, i refuse to, cause sometimes you wanna make bangers. the production on the album is great, it's worth owning.. but if i'd known earlier, i would've bought it used. i originally wanted to give this album 3.5/5.. then i listened to it like 7 more times, and ive finally reached my verdict. 2.5/5.. he went down a point ONLY cause it's common, and i wanna see more of him. if it was an artist who i didn't view as someone as lyrically talented, this album would've gotten the 3.5/5. his next album should try combining production with his talent rather than trading one for the other.. cmon common. step it up.

Monday, January 19, 2009


two posts in one day? dear. i really need to write though.. so long post here we go. so grandmaster flash is droppin new shit! set to drop feb 23, 2009.. featuring cameos by krs one, big daddy kane, q tip, princess superstar, dj kool, and more.. BUT WAIT. when i found this out, i was juzz like you, fuckin pullin out my hair like "WHAT! THIS IS CRAZY!!" then i heard the leaked single with snoop.. and OMG! TOTALLY SO.. it was garbage. LOL! it was honestly, possibly the worst song i heard that night, and i was listening to the radio. it's called "swagger". someone else needs to give me their opinion on this song cuz honestly.. if this is a preview to what the album's like, i aint fuckin wid chu flash! HOWEVERRRRR, LOOK AT ALL THOSE CAMEOS.. it's like what? this should be crasy? i dunno.. better be more than ten fuckin' tracks i'll tell you that much.. i'm fuckin sick of paying $14.99 for albums that are ALRIGHT. that might be half the reason i don't cop shit as soon as it drops.. "what you don't have q-tips album!?" like relax, it'll be 6.99 at hmv in like a month.. lol. just a cheap ass. is this like an album that i have to buy? cause i feel like it.. but it's also making me wonder.. why now? why is flash deciding to drop this shit now? is old hip hop being missed that badly? OR (although i wish not to type it..) is old hip hop becoming trendy? i feel like a lot more people are "hip hop heads" these days. wtf am i saying right now?! you know i'll be at hmv come feb 23.. it's just something that doesn't happen too often!! PLEASE DONT FAIL ME !! LOL. *throws middle finger up*

review on common's latest tomorrow, and tronic to follow. i know i'm slow, but yall can eat my nuts freal..


yeah. i'd raaaaather not talk about what's been going on lately. sorry ? lol.. in other news, if you've been hanging out with me, you've surely been hearing me complain about the lack of shows lately.. well the other day i was going a-wall. I WANT A FUCKING SHOW.. and so, god was like, "yo botch, have this one." and im like "sick, cool, who are you gonna give me?" and god was like ".. uh. hm let's see. you can have gza." and im like "i GUESS that'll have to do:/"
GZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brother, are youuu dowwwnnnnn1!!?!? i'll reach by myself, i juzz dun givvuh fuck. too crasy.

Friday, January 16, 2009


richard: are you ready?
botch: i will be!
richard: when?
botch: whenever you get here..!
richard: i'm outside.

jerk..! so i took a shot of vodka, and then i'm like, oh i should crest white strip my teeth. COMPLETELY DISREGARDING THE FACT that i just took a shot of vodka. and as soon as this strip enters my mouth, it starts burning! and im like "OMG THIS IS ALL BRAND NEW, WHAT DO I DO!!" i swear, this was like a migraine/cramp/burn/sting inside ur fucking mouth. a pain i have never felt before. so after holding my mouth under the faucet for forever, i tell my brother. and he's like "duh dumb ass, %40 alcohol plus a shit load of chemicals." yeah. i'm a dumb ass. today i am wearing the same shoes that i wore the last time i fell on my ass and embarrassed myself to shit. cheers to hoping i don't fall again! & good hip hop, always!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


- You share your birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world.
- The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan. There was never a recorded Wendy before it.
- Because metal was scarce, the Oscars given out during World War II were made of wood.
- On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents every day.
- Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than every Nike factory worker in Malaysia combined.
- The average child recognizes over 200 company logos by the time he enters first grade.
- Theaters in Glendale, California can show horror films only on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
- Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people do.
- In 1977, a 13 year old child found a tooth growing out of his left foot.

ponder..! in other news.. holy fuck it is cold. IT IS FUCKING COLD! -42c, dog, im no fan. and then i hear, tomorrow it's gonna be -23c!! 23?! OMG LETS FUCKING SUN TAN! then i hear saturday, -2C, and sunday 0, and monday +2c?! WHAT WHAT WHAT !? LETS GO TO THE BEACH!! im so excited i can hardly waaaitttt. like no tights under my jeans, no beater+a shirt+a sweater+another sweater+parka.. siick.. just fucking sick.

dangiddy dangiddy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



thanks to everyone who came out.. we killed it:)

these are the pics from us spazzin' for my 21st birthday. but my birthday isn't over til january's over. so expect more soon:) the pictures don't do the night justice. it was way more righteous..!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


SO "DEATH" MIGHT NOT LET ME LIVE. ya dig? fresh? yes he is.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


so i was pretty much on my death bed, with a fever that was off the charts, horkin up gross shit every five minutes.. but i spazzed anyway. & it was wiCked.. and is it weird that i felt absolutely awesome this morning?! like still sick, but much better?! i know. shout out to everyone who came through, whether you were planning on showing, or came last minute.. i don't give a fuck. five minutes of your time is more than enough for me, and i'm a really lucky person to have such kick ass friends!! shout out to everyone for my kick ass presents (MOB, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, SNEAKERS, MUSIC, BOOKS, YALL KNOW ME SO GOOD !!), and for making everything absolutely 500% better than i could have ever expected..!! my birthday's not over til january's over, so lets keep rocking:)

I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS THANKS THANKS.. for everything and some. i'm 21!! VEGAS BABY!..?
xoxo and hip hop forever.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


so i HAVE been keeping up w/my 365, i just haven't posted them. maybe i'll do a weekly post, cuz like, my lazy ass is really not gonna do it every day. i am still sick. my throat, is fucking a-wall. i wish i was a celebrity so i could get that needle in the bum that just cures you instantly.. actually, i don't wish i was a celebrity JUST for that, but cmon, that is a fucking perk. i type that as i cough up a lung.. gimmie the bum shot!

botch: WAIT!! WAIT..!! DONT GO YET!!
mom: what?
botch: i just wanna say .. hey girl how ya doin.. you are the one that i'm really pursuin', and i'd like to get to know ya, can you gimmie your name, if ya jot down ur number you'll get mine in exchange..
mom: so everyone was wishing me a happy 18th birthday
botch: thas cuzz u soo flyy
mom: i'm gonna borrow ur shoes
botch: HA, no.
mom: if you spend all these money on shoos, i should be able to at least borrow them so it's not wasted!
botch: touche.. go ahead then..
mom: tell ur brother to wipe vicks too!

i don't know about readers, but to me, it was a sick conversation. and now you know where i get my randomness from. spazz if you want to? CHEERS!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


so after about five showers in two days, two waste baskets full of tissue, and endless trips to the puke bowl, i'm feeling better. i still have a fever, but a fever's nothing to complain about with how the past few days have been. JUST IN TIME! i took on the responsibility of changing all my sheets/pillow cases, and vacuuming my room.. shit should be germ free now suckahs! someone get my lazy ass to upload my 365.. cuz i am juzz chillin on that shit. in other news.. 2 days smoke free!! CHYEACHYEA!! im like all taking charge of my life and shit..! shouldn't be tootin' the horn yet, i got friday to face. aCk!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


like extremely, wanna stab my throat and insides sick. if i'm not sleeping, i'm puking.. and it all came right on my birthday.. and if it's not gone by friday, then :( ON THE UP SIDE, i figured it's a good opportunity to try and quit smoking. so i haven't had any cigarettes today. i won't lie, i'm fucking feenin'.. regardless of how sick i am. i fucking want a cigarette so bad. even half a cigarette. ahhhh!! brutal. in other news, for my birthday, i've decided to hop the band wagon and partake in the 365 project. i have jan 4 and 5th so far.. i just gotta post em'.. but i'll do that when my health goes up a bit cause even this entry is killin' me..
hey.. what's your name?
botcho, nice to meet you.
you too, you smoke?
nahhhh kid....
(i know i'm gonna smoke once friday hits. but it's nice to dream.)

so aside from an ikea coming to winnipeg, we're also getting a forever 21 & an h&m. I AM HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED. another helper for every single girl to all look the same!! yack fest 2009. I LOVE H&M.. and i love NOT having it here, because when i shop there, no one in winnipeg has it, so it's like SICK! now the secret is moving here, and it's going to be big because it's taking safeway's place. ugh. attempt to be original in winnipeg = fail. "OMG H&M" i can hear the fake ass girls yelling now.. go back to aritzia punks. aahhah

p.s. shout out to my moms on her birthday..! ill na na !

Sunday, January 4, 2009



a special holiday only for me, so do what i say!!
fuck you! it's not ur birthday!! so do what i say!!
.. happy birthday to me:)

Saturday, January 3, 2009



do what you do, and i'll do what i do. i'm a big girl, i know a lot more than i did last year.. i've grown, to learn, & to maintain a lifestyle that will keep both my mind and myself grounded. no one can punish me for shit that i LEARN from. nothing in my life will ever be wrong, no matter how hard i may have thought so at the time. everything is right! for now, and forever. in short, i'm awesome, on that stay up tip, i turn 21 in just under ten hours, and i just don't give a fuck.
aaaaaaaaaaaand i'm off to work. good day!

Friday, January 2, 2009


& it's my daddy's birthday today! happy birthday pops..! i miss you..!!!!!!

i had a conversation with my brother yesterday. and it started out cause i said i wanted to get hypnotized to quit smoking. i know i haven't really fully committed myself to quitting, i would just like the easy route lol.. and my brother was like telling me how he doesnt really wanna be a non-smoker, cause non-smokers are wussies. AND YOU KNOW WHAT! he couldnt be more right. you nonsmokers need to get off our dicks with your holier than thou attitudes. you're all pussies. the difference between non-smokers and smokers is so huge, it astounds me sometimes.. i'm not saying we're better than non-smokers, i'm just saying smoking makes us look cooler.. (jk.. maybe) /asshole

new years pics to be posted. stay tunneeeddd.
p.s. holla to val for the kick ass presents. i literally gasped when opening.. a million thank yous, & i antiCipate ur return to winnipeg!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


some people pack gats in their waist. i pack belmonts.