Friday, January 2, 2009


& it's my daddy's birthday today! happy birthday pops..! i miss you..!!!!!!

i had a conversation with my brother yesterday. and it started out cause i said i wanted to get hypnotized to quit smoking. i know i haven't really fully committed myself to quitting, i would just like the easy route lol.. and my brother was like telling me how he doesnt really wanna be a non-smoker, cause non-smokers are wussies. AND YOU KNOW WHAT! he couldnt be more right. you nonsmokers need to get off our dicks with your holier than thou attitudes. you're all pussies. the difference between non-smokers and smokers is so huge, it astounds me sometimes.. i'm not saying we're better than non-smokers, i'm just saying smoking makes us look cooler.. (jk.. maybe) /asshole

new years pics to be posted. stay tunneeeddd.
p.s. holla to val for the kick ass presents. i literally gasped when opening.. a million thank yous, & i antiCipate ur return to winnipeg!