Wednesday, January 28, 2009


is your dad a dealer, cuz you're dope to me..

closet mission = complete!! if anyone would like to browse through my garbage bag of clothes i'm giving away, it's all yours baby. "password = alibaba" hahahahaha. i laughed so hard. okay. on to business. i have no cigarettes.. sick. what else is going on.. writing, good. gettin er' done. assholes, gone, at least the asshole attitude. apologies, accepted. that's all i really need ever, is an apology. so thanks for apologizing, it shows me you know you did wrong. what else?! weather, blows.. but we're gettin there. +1c? antsy. get lifted? too easy.. hate mode, at half time. sometimes i gotta stop being a bitch and just let you annoying bitches do your thing. cds, done, and accounted for. i know what i'm missing, and who has what, & i'm never letting anyone borrow my cds again, ever. bed? made.. whoa i can say that! success? baby steps botch, baby steps. weekend approaching faster than ever.. yo that is ill. i've never had time fly by and now it is just goin' at full speed & what can i say, i am lovin it bitchhhess. work out plan? fail, will re-attempt tomorrow. sharpies? check. life? check. wallet? empty. sick. everything is sick.