Saturday, January 10, 2009


so i was pretty much on my death bed, with a fever that was off the charts, horkin up gross shit every five minutes.. but i spazzed anyway. & it was wiCked.. and is it weird that i felt absolutely awesome this morning?! like still sick, but much better?! i know. shout out to everyone who came through, whether you were planning on showing, or came last minute.. i don't give a fuck. five minutes of your time is more than enough for me, and i'm a really lucky person to have such kick ass friends!! shout out to everyone for my kick ass presents (MOB, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, SNEAKERS, MUSIC, BOOKS, YALL KNOW ME SO GOOD !!), and for making everything absolutely 500% better than i could have ever expected..!! my birthday's not over til january's over, so lets keep rocking:)

I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS THANKS THANKS.. for everything and some. i'm 21!! VEGAS BABY!..?
xoxo and hip hop forever.