Tuesday, January 20, 2009


you the man..!!

$30 mill worth of security, plus 2 million+ fans coming to see you, i don't know what else i can say. ballin' barack forever.

i bought this album before listening to anything. i had it for about, a week? two weeks? before even opening it. i was pissed it was only ten songs long. however.. i was kind of antsy when i found out it was done by n.e.r.d..... after hearing 'seeing sounds' you pretty much follow n.e.r.d's dick wherever they go.. so i thought, okay this album's gonna be crazy!! with that assumption, i popped it in and hit play.
at first listen i wasn't satisfied. i was expecting BANG BANG BANG, HARD HARD HARD. shit started out with that, but in a mellow tone. i wasn't paying enough attention to it, and it wasn't until my fourth listen that i actually thought i could write about it. the first track, is a banger. i was like wow is this afrika bambaataa or what?! sounds pretty close, but it's not like disgusting "ew biters", it gets you hyped up for the album.. i've never really been hyped for common, but ladies and germs, i was hyped for common. second track has kanye.. and that hook, FUCK! HOLY FUCK! sucha good hook. this is when i started noticing his metaphors, fucking witty as hell. we all know common's witty.. but as this album is more of a fun album than concious album, you kinda gotta go "ooooh baby." when you hear some of his lines (very few!). "i'm the doctor i can hold ya til my patience is up." not genius, but definitely clever.. and i'm a big fan of clever.
number 3. possibly my favorite song on the album. the intro makes you feel like you're laying on your tummy on the beach.. with ur feet in the air.. swaying them from side to side.. smiling.. cause everything in life is just fucking awesome. you listen to it and be the one to tell me i'm wrong! cee-lo does his thing, kinda sounding like anthony hamilton.. vibe wise. in every good way possible. i love this song, and i've looped it billions. it's a sweet lovey dovey happy go lucky awesome wicked righteous kinda song.
NUMBER 4 (doont worry im not gonna do every song..) number four.. oh track number four. sex 4 sugar. how about number 4 fucking sucks. i hate this song. it's all about sex, it dumbs the whole album down, and it shouldn't have made the cut. i hate it. it's garbage. and anyone that likes it is garbage too lol.. HOWEVER, i will give it this, there is one point where he goes "electricity is definitely there..! i got shocked when i touched your hand." like okay. the song should've only been that line and it would've been better lol. cmon, it's a fucking cute ass line.
the next song is announcement, and all i'll say about this song, is this song should have been the leaked single. it would've grabbed on to everyone who was sketchy on buying it.
in "changes", he steps up his lyrical game.. but to me it almost felt forced. kinda like he knew i was thinking different of him so he tried to let me know he's still a lyricist.
i wouldn't say common failed with this one. i mean, common without jazz kinda throws you off at first.. but the dude wanted hyphy. the album doesn't go hard, but it's definitely harder than common usually goes. he tried, and he didn't do a horrible job. it's a good album to bump, you'll still have a good time, just don't expect everyone to start whylin'.. common's a lyricist, and it's honestly a little hard to hear him throw some bangers out there. you get a little pissed at dude for not giving you something that shocks you with how someone could come up with something so witty. 1-5 minus number 4 obviously, are my favorite songs on the album, but they could easily be by any other artist. & liking 4 out of 10 songs isn't exactly a win for you common. i won't call him a sell out, i refuse to, cause sometimes you wanna make bangers. the production on the album is great, it's worth owning.. but if i'd known earlier, i would've bought it used. i originally wanted to give this album 3.5/5.. then i listened to it like 7 more times, and ive finally reached my verdict. 2.5/5.. he went down a point ONLY cause it's common, and i wanna see more of him. if it was an artist who i didn't view as someone as lyrically talented, this album would've gotten the 3.5/5. his next album should try combining production with his talent rather than trading one for the other.. cmon common. step it up.