Monday, January 26, 2009


i'm sorry. i don't care what your opinion is.. but notorious sucked. let's start off with the good. the gal who played lil kim, bang on. she did her homework. lady was my favorite thing in the movie, she repped well. the movie did good with keepin' that 90's feel.. clothes, cars, scenery, pretty on point. the guy who played biggie did a good job, and the relationship between him and his mom came off real and heart warming. even with all of that, there was bad shit! the amount of emceeing/biggie songs in the movie was disappointing. it was hard to tell who was who at times, because no one really looked like who they were supposed to be.. aside from big, faith, & lil kim. they got a lot in there and made biggie look like a saint.. not to say he isn't phenom, the greatest rapper of all time died on march 9th, god bless his soul, rest in peace kid.. they fit a lot into the movie, but they only kept little snippets of everything that went on during his lifetime. it felt rushed, as if you kept getting plates of food but every time you took a bite, a waiter would come take it away. you weren't really getting enough of anything. i felt like they focused more on his love triangle rather than his career. & the movie didn't include anything you didn't know already, which disappointed me. diddy was sugar coated to shit. he was portrayed as some god-ly like figure, and that's a load of shit. puff used biggie, and in the movie, big was made to look like diddy's bitch. not to say that big didn't appreciate him, but he sure as hell wouldn't have sucked his dick (not literally). the characters are stereotyped to shit. lil kim was made to seem like nothing but a booty call. it was directed poorly, and anthony mackie as tupac has to be the worst decision of 2009. don't rent it, or buy it, borrow it from a friend. & if you really wanna learn biggie, wikipedia him, you'll get a better understanding for who he was without this shit movie. 2/5.

so did i mention how my weekend was bomb?! apologies to my server katherine, but some of my food wasn't cooked and some was over-cooked. that has nothing to do with you, you didn't do shit, & i regret not tippin you doll.. i just want things my way all day!!


Anonymous said...

Ever since the premiere, lil kim has been steaming about the way she was portrayed in the movie. She said they never asked for her input in the movie or character. She said it was more of a faith and ms Wallace movie. They definately sugar coated alot of shit. Shouldve had more of that gimme the loot type of big. The dude who played tupac looked like sticky fingaz, and glad you know your cannibus lines

syntifik said...

my friend was telling me..!!

she's always been tryin to tell the world about her thing with big, and i'm surprised the way they made it look in the movie.. tupac dic look like sticky fingaz!! ahaha. i think sticky fingaz might've looked more like pac actually ahahah.
did you like it?