Monday, January 19, 2009


two posts in one day? dear. i really need to write though.. so long post here we go. so grandmaster flash is droppin new shit! set to drop feb 23, 2009.. featuring cameos by krs one, big daddy kane, q tip, princess superstar, dj kool, and more.. BUT WAIT. when i found this out, i was juzz like you, fuckin pullin out my hair like "WHAT! THIS IS CRAZY!!" then i heard the leaked single with snoop.. and OMG! TOTALLY SO.. it was garbage. LOL! it was honestly, possibly the worst song i heard that night, and i was listening to the radio. it's called "swagger". someone else needs to give me their opinion on this song cuz honestly.. if this is a preview to what the album's like, i aint fuckin wid chu flash! HOWEVERRRRR, LOOK AT ALL THOSE CAMEOS.. it's like what? this should be crasy? i dunno.. better be more than ten fuckin' tracks i'll tell you that much.. i'm fuckin sick of paying $14.99 for albums that are ALRIGHT. that might be half the reason i don't cop shit as soon as it drops.. "what you don't have q-tips album!?" like relax, it'll be 6.99 at hmv in like a month.. lol. just a cheap ass. is this like an album that i have to buy? cause i feel like it.. but it's also making me wonder.. why now? why is flash deciding to drop this shit now? is old hip hop being missed that badly? OR (although i wish not to type it..) is old hip hop becoming trendy? i feel like a lot more people are "hip hop heads" these days. wtf am i saying right now?! you know i'll be at hmv come feb 23.. it's just something that doesn't happen too often!! PLEASE DONT FAIL ME !! LOL. *throws middle finger up*

review on common's latest tomorrow, and tronic to follow. i know i'm slow, but yall can eat my nuts freal..