Tuesday, September 5, 2017


or a lottery win.. or a 50/50 win.. or just any, "win", really.

Times is hard. Care to buy a joke?

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Dear summer,

I've spent these last two weekends at the lake with my best friends, my family, and the man close to my heart. It's been a slice. I've always prided myself on being a devout city girl. I like pubs, I like concerts, I like night life. BUT.. boy oh boy, I love the outdoors. I'm not super good at it. I don't mind bugs, they can do their thing, as long as they're not on me. I'm not big into fishing, I was when I was younger, but the interest has been a little lost since I've become a vegetarian. I like make-up and dying my hair - and both of these go to shit in the outdoors.
However, there's nothing like the smell of trees. The sounds of the lake. Shoulders warmed by sunshine. Campfires and beers. I found myself last night sitting on the dock, taking in the reflection of the moon on the lake and the laughter of my friends back at the cabin that bounced over the water to echo dance in my ears.. and I just.. wanted to be in these moments forever.

I might get a lil shook when a beaver splashes in the water at 2am, but other than that, I'm a great time. Can I housesit your cabin for you?! Need myself a little weekend getaway, life goals, for sure.

Thanks, summer. You've been great.