Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Day 1 was definitely not as busy as day 2.
Kanye telling us he had a family emergency had us all buggin'.
Relationship goals! Peep that Baby Milo tee! While beauty on the right has all eyes on her, literally.
Perfect. A plaid vintage blazer paired with basics and the boots to match. Festival lookbooks.
Confetti can always make festivals feel that much more magical.

Despite being in its first year, despite Kanye leaving half way through, despite the amount of basketball jerseys, Meadows Fest might be the next festival to watch out for. The fashion was actually pretty on point, once you looked beyond the basketball jerseys of course. I wish I could have captured more, but unfortunately I didn't charge my battery pack. So this will have to suffice until next festival. If we're really gonna ask questions tho, musically.. CHANCE WAS AMAZING.
Be back with a music write up soon.