Friday, August 28, 2009


that's my city and i run it, while you just run around in it
back for the first time


Photobucket 25.SCARBOROUGH
whether it be malvern, glendower, section 6, parma, flemo, or chester le, (sorry if i forgot any) we all hold it down. i'm from the place with the stupidest nicknames. scarlem, scompton, scarberia, and scarlanka?!
a sweet place down an outrageous hill just beside a suicide cliff. come during the day for great scenery, maybe a picnic, or even an adventurous hike along the lakeshore. OOORRR come at night where after hour club people stroll along the beach or just dangitty in there cars.
my favourite secret of Toronto is Edward's Garden. a botanical garden that's most beautiful during the mid summer. it's the start of the toronto bike trail, open fields, dog parks, picnic grounds, horse back riding, a small ravine to feed ducks, the best scenery of flowers and trails a.k.a the best spot to take a date.
they raise the prices every now and then, complain about there rights quite often, and go on strikes even more. without them, we are left stranded. this is your Toronto bible, memorize it!
Photobucket 21.WOODBINE BEACH
Lake Ontario water isn't the cleanest water to swim in but still good enough. volleyball on wednesdays are bomb! walking on the boardwalk is chillage, and nothing beats having an ice cream at the beach on a hot day (especially with all are smog) WORD TO BOTCH!
Photobucket 20.YONGE STREET
bussiest street in Toronto, longest in Canada! kinda a big deal
my Toronto hater of a friend called it the time's square ripoff. i don't care, i'm kinda debating if i should consider this as the heart of Toronto? it's up there, but it certainly is the centre of my city.
Photobucket 18.QUEEN STREET
obviously highlighted by the chum city building home of citytv and muchmusic. Queen street is the place to be on a hot summer day of shopping. little boutiques and patios, with the street filled with only the prettiest and flyest.
Photobucket 17.TORONTO ISLAND
this is the infamous view from toronto island, the inspiration for my tatoo. take a ferry, stroll the paths along the day OOORRR rock out at night.
Photobucket 16.QUEEN'S ALLEY
Toronto's best display of local and international grafitti. starts just beside muchmusic and goes all the way past Bathurst in the back alleys of the buildings along Queen Street.
another canidate for centre of Toronto. chillage during the summer while the water fountains are streaming. BUT nothing beats skating on the frozen ice during the winter!!! just ask Botch about our first date.
SSOOOOOOOOOOOO supposedly Winnipeggers are religious about how amazing there street meat is?! i beg to differ TORONTO STREET MEAT>over your city's hotdogs. i really mean it.
you already know CP24 is on lock right now on your tv, this is your bible!!! Gord Martineau = GOAT.
Botch is going to hate me for this one! Toronto finally has a voice in hip hop and not just a minor one, a big one!!! dude is talented and is the next to blow (pause)! i'm not going to hype him up too much, but i hope he makes our city proud, we're all behind you on this one.
before there was Drake, there was Kardi. been putting out hot shit but never been able to reach to the masses outside the dangerous did well but his cd did ok i guess. hopefully he can keep putting in work and get the recognition he deserves ..... ol' time killing.
if you ever listened to flow 93.5 at 5 pm, you'd know exactly who dj starting from scratch is? traffic show mix show!!!!! where scratch just murders his own mixes and songs he blends together. PARTY IN YOUR CAR. but unfortunately he's kinda lost some cool points with me of travelling up to Winnipeg and hitting on my girlfriend?!
the original owner was a new york club owner so i guess he knew what he was doing when he bought the former playdium building over and built his own club costing around 2 million with about 20 hidden rooms. it was hot when it opened. odd crowd on the fridays but they always came through with the special guests. too bad the owner sold his club for a shit load of money to some new owners who are trying to turn it into strictly a hip hop place. overall, probably one of the best clubs in TO. an escalator in a club?!
TO's first sneaker spot opened back in 2003, right in the middle of the SB era and has expanded into ransom, nomad, stussy toronto, along with 3 other Toronto locations. Livestock you still got a place in my heart.
Photobucket 7.CARIBANA
long weekend August, it's a wrap! streets are flooded, clubs are flooded, gal wine pon mi. IT'S JUST A HUGE PARTY
just walking in the area gives you the best vibe. local marketers selling anything creative from vintage gear to homegrown vegetables.
Photobucket 5.STREETCARS
you know your downtown Toronto when ...
Ontarion Place is fun for a million things especially when the ampitheatre is rocking but for the 2 1/2 weeks in august leading to Labour day weekend, nothing beats the CNE.
Kerry Joseph is not a good fit for the Argonauts. Chris Bosh is going to leave us but hopefully Hedo and Bargnani step up for the Raptors. Leafs aren't going to win much but atleast they'll fight every game, Burke knows what he's doing and the Jays need one more slugger, DON'T TRADE HALLADAY!!!
i was alittle upset when Ted Rogers bought over the Skydome and renamed it the Rogers Centre but it's grown on me. First baseball game memories, a date with Botch, crisp day open dome, beers, yankees.
you didn't think i was going to leave this one out, DID YOU??? C'monnnnnn. Dubai may have built a bigger tower but we still love ours the same. this is my city and i put on for it.

hope i didn't miss anything too critical. anyways hope you had fun. my name is Alex ... again. my favourite color is red, my favourite number is 9, my favourite beer is Blue, and kobe>lebron



Anonymous said...

found this in my flickr, such a sweet smile. sorry i don't know how to html-display this here:

Anonymous said...

Fuck! You two are cute as fuck!

Didn't know you had a boyfriend.
Dope tat too bro...What else you got?

syntifik said...

22. *their
21. *our
20. *busiest
17. *tattoo
16. *graffiti
14. *their

.. just throwin that out there;)

ok.. fo reals..long comment time..
25. scompton is so homo, why try to make the boro sound so grimey. scarborough's grimey enough, no need for nicknames people!!
24. "..suicide cliff. come during the day for great scenery" made me lol.. sounds beautiful ahahah
23. best spot to take a date!? uhhh okay.. why havent we gone there?! lets go right now!
22. i have this bad boy in my room!! thanks babehh!!
19. i wanna lay in the middle of dundas square at 3am cuz thats when its the most dead.. wanna come?!
15. heh i heartchu.
14. HAHA, you need to relax there son!! one bad hot dog and dude thinks he can make this statement..! lol at the lcbo right behind it.. crown royal and some fuckin hot dogs, and its a party bitch!
12. i got nothin!
11. surprised you put kardi before drake.. i guess cuz he's a vet?! barkadi slang was ill na na, everything else kind of annoys me.
10. pretty sure scratch would never give me a picture frame, nd for that, he's got nothin on ya!!
8. goodfoot never has anything in my size.. the goodfoot bomber is too gnarly.. i always think 'wowzers' when i see it.
7. caribana is too crazy, alls the time
3. calgary is bringin it this year.. turkoglu will do you proud.. dont want to talk about hockey cuz you already know how i feel.. boston TOO CRAZY for ya! RICCIARDI NEEDS TO FUCKIN BOUNCE!
2. i love beer! & the yankees!!
1. lets just build the cn tower higher than dubai's (i didnt know they built a tower, but i wanna see!)!! we'll make an add-on!! AND.. fuck the restaurant.. at the top we'll have a club! with a patio!! holla.

you did good daddy! you did good..!
bang later? cool. peace.

syntifik said...

VAL: tenks val! she's such a princess.. i miss her!!!!

Anonymous said...

word. i miss her too.

rodrigues said...

it's tuesday night. when not on the phone with you or sleeping, i'm looking for anything exciting on the internet. im bored shitless. praying that you'll call me but to no avail. hey hey yeah yeah

syntifik said...

so now im back from the states, and YOU'RE GONE.. wahhhwahhh.. i wanna callll youuu.. sall good. ill see you tomorrow shit face!

any1 wanna write a 25 for me?! hahah faCk!

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