Thursday, August 13, 2009


i don't think you guys get just how tough this 25 series really is. it's like fucking homework. blogs are cool as shit, but when i threw myself into the 25 series, i never got how difficult it might get. i was kinda just like "yeah lets fuckin do a 25, why the fuck not?!" but uhhhh it's been pretty difficult. that's the reason i haven't been up to par in the blogging tip. blogs should be consistent, they should be frequent..
they should represent the writer, and should intrigue the viewers. so i really hope that my 25 series lives up to its intention.. apologies if some were shitty.. i hotboxed my bathroom so my mind is right, and i'm about to hit you.. with my next 25. i'm kind of a pack rat, and i'm trying to change that. i fucking keep everything! i'm talking EVERYTHING. i have this drawer on my desk, that's filled with the most random shit. i call it my memory drawer. inside i keep every invitation to every party, every letter, every single thing.. possible. i even have this chocolate kiss in there, that i got from this dude in like grade 7. he was an amazing ball player, and i was just yelling shit like "YOU'RE SO HOT! HANDLES FOR DAYS!".. ball handles, get ur mind right. anyway it's like really?! we saw each other one day at a basketball tournament, and i really gotta keep this chocolate?! lol.. well this month, i'm going to try and clean up my life. it's hard for me to throw shit away, but i've recently realized i tend to look at this shit like maybe once or twice a year, be like "aww" then i move on.. and to show you how much of a fucking pack rat i am, i thought i'd give you a little looksies.


1. this is my bag/purse. i hate the word purse. it sounds too feminine.. so yo, this is the bag that holds my shit! haha. i done been using it for quite some time now, because it is huge, but it's not huge. it holds enough of my life, without me looking like a hobo. i bought it for $15 at target, and i can say i always switch from my expensive bags back to this bad boy. it gets the job done and it's lasted me a life time.. let's take a look inside shall we..

2. so i bought this like three weeks ago. if yall seen me with red hair this is what i use. i love it cuz you don't have to bleach your hair for it to be vibrant. it's fucking awesooommmeee! i guess i keep it in my bag waiting for an opportunity to dye it cuz im such a slack. any volunteers?! lol

3. i either have like forty billion lighters, or no lighters at all.. and i always have batteries, that are usually dead. my camera's so old it takes double A batteries. ghetto shit.

4. LADIES! i love mac, i love sephora, i love make up. but when times are tough, sometimes you just have to hit up the sale section at shopper's drug mart. this shit was two fucking dollars, TWO DOLLARS! & i LOVE it. it isn't sticky and the shine on it is fucking bomb. a must have, absolutely everywhere. recognize NYC, recognize!

5. receipts receipts receipts. for days. this kinda looks bad because the ones on top are for alcohol. DAMN. ahahaha. get loose off the goose.

6. obviously, i'm fucking flossin. ya dunnn evenn know. i make it rain.. and with all this change, it kinda hurts to be so rich. (get it?!) val gave me that pin right before i left for toronto, so it's special. unfortunately, after some aggressive rollerblading and backpack bumping, the pin part broke off and it's basically just a button. i still love it to shit, and keep it so someone will one day fix it for me?!

7. in class one day, ryan dug through this plastic container filled with felt letters while we were supposed to be learning. at the end of class, he passed me the letters to spell "botch". i always take them out and carry them with me, i don't know what i'm going to end up using them for.. especially since i've lost the "c".. but i've had this shit around with me for almost two years now, so i'd like to say i did pretty good.

8. yup. that's my bikini, because it is SO MOTHER FUCKING HOT, that i'm pretty much prepared every day. which has been pretty fair. how many times we been at the beach this month?! too many to counttt!!

9. a cd made my lem!! if i could have something from everybody.. i'd pick to either look through their wallet, or get a cd made by them.. i LOVE when people make me cds, it's good times.. and the magnum sharpie which is so mother fucking hard to find these days!! wtf?! when my previous one ran out, i spent three months without one til i found this bad boy.

10. i got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night. ahahha. i'm not an alcoholic, i swear.

11. this ladies and germs, is the monthly cost for my doggie's medicine. get better baby:(

12. this bad boy holds all my small shit. loose change, lip gloss, allllahh that shit. goes in here. i keep it in here to make me feel like my bag's more organized, even though it isn't.

13. gotta love getting visa statements.

14. i'm kind of obsessed with brushing my teeth. not like hour long sessions, sometimes i just like to get a 3 second scrub between meals. i'm a smoker, and my mouth gets dry as fuck, toothpaste does wonders.. hand sanitizer too.. cause after seeing disgusting bathrooms and how dirty people are, you kinda get ocd.

15. my id, my boyfriends id, my mom's id, some random people's id ahahha, just kidding. but forreal if i stacked up all my plastic on top of each other, it's like half the height of a shoe box, which is a lot. *gag.

16. bath & body works all day!! LOVE their lotion. plus those tiny beads in there, yooo it's two for one! & water is the bomb any time of the day.. and yes.. ALL OF THIS WAS IN MY BAG.

17. my wifey, the blackberry. at the moment i was talking to mister jason au himself! check out his blog, there's a link on the side.. or you can just stay here, the choice is yours:) hahahah

18. so the only book i've ever read by chuck palahniuk was fight club. when i first started dating my boyfriend in february, he took me to chapters on richmond, and told me all about palahniuk. he was one of his favorite authors. so i copped his favorite book, rant.. then i copped choke.. and currently starting this bad boy.. and it's safe to say i'm officially obsessed. killlllerrr author!! (next to andrew and sheldon!!)

19. the only thing that keeps me completely sane when i can't have a cigarette is gum.

20. THE SMELL OF GUNSMOKE'S MORE COMMON THAN CIGARETTES. love/hate relationship, but that's a thug's nature. i love you belmonts, you fucking assholes. oh and that mint is from some chinese spot i ate at ages ago, i always fight because i want all the mints.. and then i never eat them.

21. every day shit. life's ESSENTIALS. okay okay!.. and more fucking mints ahahhah

22. see what i mean?! fucking pack rat! i keep all transfers, ticket stubs, parking tickets, EV-ERY-THING. oh and those are my winning lottery tickets. i haven't checked them yet, but i'm pretty sure they're winners, cause that's basically my destiny.. plus i switched my motto, instead of saying fuck tomorrow..

23. yeah i'm kind of a ditz, in the sense that i never remember anything.. even when it comes to blogging. so i write shit down, i have this mini-notepad that i write in all ideas in.. then i blog about them later. one day, i will sell it for trillions.

24. my cell phone bill when i limited myself to very few long distance calls. NOT TOO SHABBY i'd like to say:)

25. CURRENTLY IN ROTATION. jaylibbbbb the beastie boys and some fucking keith murray. ya dunn even know right now! i don't own an ipod, and i refuse to completely fall into the complete technological side of things. i enjoy cds, and i won't stop buying them. i love opening them, i love the art the musician chooses for the inside covers, i enjoy seeing who produced what, i LOVE hard copies. i NEED hard copies.. it's just more shit to stack up in my crib!! and most importantly, i like supporting who i enjoy. they run my life. music runs my life. music is life.. and so is blogging. thanks for taking a glimpse through life in a quick two minute period! what up, thanks for being a part of it. soon we'll be causing a complete fuckery on the world, and you my friend, for reading this, are officially a part of it. history in the fucking making!

i miss bianca. that is all.


Anonymous said...

You have sick penmanship. You should write my tattoo.

syntifik said...

really?! i think it's sloppy.
but if you're serious, im totally down.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one am enjoying your 25 series! ;)

- Banet

syntifik said...

thank you:)
i enjoy your comments!