Thursday, August 6, 2009


today i was supposed to get my passport done, but i went to the beach. i fail, a lot. alls the time. MONDAY! for sure. bring me? I'M SO DARK NOW. help. i need new make up, cuz my current make up no longer matches my face.. but i'm broke. holluh. i miss bianca:( anyway i have a few ideas for my next 25's, but i'm so laazy. why did i pick such a big number?! oh lawd.... today it was brought to my attention that some people don't know how to view my full entries?! uhhhh dumb asses! HAHAHA just kidding, just click the "get lost between god and a shot of scotch" link that's at the bottom of every entry.
so i was thinking for a long time about this 25. i put people on, then took people off, but one thing that did happen, was this list filling up fast. i consider people products. products of surroundings, of music, of food, and of people. 25 people have made my life, and i'm about to diss them all, right now.

.. just kidding (kinda)


in absolutely random order.

BONJOUR PAPA. je vous manque autant de!! je ne peux pas attendre de vous voir encore! you really are everything i aspire to be, and i thank you for absolutely everything you have given me before you had to leave.. BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE GIVEN ME, is WAY more than what i deserve. your work ethic, and morals have made me want to become, if possible, as close to perfection as you were. i love you so much, and think of you every day. i know i can never beat you in trivial pursuit, but yo, if you ever wanna scrabble things up, it's so on. THE JETS ALL DAY!! til then, we gotta up calgary. i haven't been up to standards on my bombers this year, but i'll try and reach soon and cheers for you. shabazz is rippin it up ay! ima go ahead and say he's one of the best linebackers we've seen.. rock his jersey, i'm sure everyone'll know whats up. LOVE YOU.

sucha fucking boss, and the only thing i listened to for 2004. seriously, for one whole year, nothing but biggie smalls.

i miss you punk!

MOST OFFICIAL! some times i realize how much alike my mom and i are. she's way cooler though. she's been through a lot, and she's honestly the biggest trooper in life. like forreal dude, if you took prisoners or like.. soldiers, and done put them in all the situations my mom faced, guaranteed 90% of them wouldn't be able to hack it.. and for that she's inspiration. strong head on her shoulders, the dopest sense of humour, and taking all the crap i've thrown her way have got to count for something. she's taken care of me since day one.

5. NAS
if you don't know how i feel about nas, you don't know nothin!

fuck you, you piece of shit. just kidding, i love you. relax. you and me til at least january for sure.. :) im kidding. i love you like a rap kid loves breaks. you're the greatest boy in my life. when i get right i promise that we gonna liiive it uppp!! ha seee.. drake in the building! just for you! here's to us and many cakes, blunts, beers, and pairs of sneakers to come!! PURSUE YOUR INTERESTS CUZ EVEN IF IM TICKETLESS....

OH BIANCA. we haven't ever really had a flop night. i mean, we've had our share of, "hm" nights.. but i honestly think people could throw us anywhere, and we'd have a good time. FUCK YEAH.

next to nas, the biggest hip hop influence in my life. he changed rap for me, and i forever started listening to hip hop with a higher interest.

even though we have our share of disagreements, we have a fair share of fun. let the good times and red bull roll son! you make me laugh really hard, which is basically working out, so thanks yo! LETS LISTEN TO CUDI NOW!

because even if we don't see each other for awhile, when we do it feels like we done been hanging out every day. you're the coolest.

because you seem to be the most care-free person in the universe, and I LOVE YOU.

YA DUNN EVEN KNOW. pretty legit wherever we go. the pictures should say enough.. and i done said it enough times, i got chu kid!

dude has gotten me through some tough times, and he did so beautifully.

you'd think that sister's grow to be some what of a mom figure. my sister was the opposite. she pretty much was my mom first, and then became my sister. which is nothing bad. she holds it down as ill na na whenever needed, she has my back, but she can still throw down a good lecture if needed. having a sister is awesome when you have nothing to wear, but you also get the benefit of phone calls during break ups, and late night drives when you're feeling kind of down. i've been lucky enough to live with my best friend, and not many people can say that. i'm even luckier to be related, and that's word. plus she's a girly girl and keeps me from completely turning into a rowdy ass chain-smoking beer drinking spittin on the cement boy. she's retardedly pretty, smart, and she can sing a bad ass tune.. and if ever you've had enough of the three, throw a worm on her and i promise it'll be a good time >=)

this girl is hilarious, beautiful, and she gave me the greatest gift in the world.. a god son. plus her name's pretty ill na na;) she's crafty and sweet, and i've known her since i was 12 years old, and we're still friends. thats keepin it real.

16. RICH
because we match music wise! you're my concert partner, and i can always count on you to have something good playing. we have never had a bad time, go team!

because this isn't the list of good people, this is the list of people who have had an effect on me.. and philly's included. i still gotta thank him, for making me realize how things REALLY are. i'm quicker to notice faults now, and it's saved me quite a bit of heart ache. regardless, fuck you dude. hahahah

even though we're not on the greatest tip right now, we'll get back.. with time. i still got you, gayness. i still got you. waddup.

19. TIN
you fucking asshole. you're sucha fucking little jerk but i love you. in due time we'll be taking photos, attending concerts and living life as we were and lady, i can't wait for it. you're in id-yot but hey, you're still up on the rankings, you just have a bad review. AHHAHAHAAH omg im sorry, i love you.

so i love janet? WHO DOESNT LOVE JANET?! anyone that doesn't love janet, clearly knows nothing and should die. she's the girl everybody loves, and she's one of my best friends, no matter how far she is!

21. TEEJ
you make music and life fun. i miss you like crazy! step back into my life!

you're the sickest artist i know, SON!

23. CUDI
OH CUDI!!!!!!!! you are one of the greatest things in life! plus he holds cigarettes in his ear!! i'd do that, but my ears are too small and the cigarette always falls down. HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE A CIGARETTE IN THE EAR?! TELL ME HOW.

24. LEM
first off, we only have like two pics together, and we look fucking gross so i refuse to post them! ahahha ew ewew, wtf.. but anyways, i can always count on you to answer my 3am drunken phone calls, listen to me rant/cry, or laugh at my wack ass jokes. so thanks.. and uhhhh yeah...cop me some shoes from footlocker son! read my blog nd shit! one! hahahahha

25. ESSA
even though you're not in my life anymore, you taught me a lot. i'll leave it at that.

this post just took me 3 and a half hours. FUCKING A!

OH and i forgot to mention, i made it to 15 000 hits!! that was on my list of goals that need to be completed by april 11 2010.. SO HOLLA! one more down. thanks biiiiiiitttchhhesssss!! now i want 20 000 by december. get to work! hahahahah


Unknown said...

When I said, "Shout me out", I didn't mean for you to subliminally diss me haha.

Anonymous said...


Hey! You're lookin kinda cute.. in the polka dot bikini girrrrrrrrrrl! HEY!

I'm supposed to be in bed, but I'm not. I haven't commented in foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I don't touch my computer anymore. Fuck Facebook! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

You know all the GREATEST people B! That's why I love hanging around you! And youre quite cool too

We need more pictures together =(
Regardless how awkward I am in them

- Jaaaanet

Anonymous said...

syntifik said...

ryan: it wasnt just you, don't worry about it! i wasnt dissing.. jules dip dip, sta mina set set;) hahaha

boner: fuck facebook is right *middle finger in the air.

janet: you're cooler! start a blog!! we DO need more pictures together.. i feel like IM awkward in them. you're hot shit. that's word.

lex: fuck he's a goof