Friday, August 21, 2009


when i first started this blog, i wasn't sure where it was going to go. i mean, at the time, i had facebook.. and i decided to start a blog and de-activate my facebook. i no longer wanted a facebook account for many reasons. i find if people want to communicate with me, i have a cell phone. i'm kind of old-fashioned. i believe in letters, and phone calls. i think that if i'm important enough, there are ways to contact me, and facebook is lazy. i don't need to "keep in touch" through facebook. nah, if people really care, it's not that hard to get to me. i like blogging because it's more me, everything here is designed by me. i put my time and effort in to this blog.. and if you find me interesting, you read it. if you find my words semi-decent, you comment. waddup world, thanks for the word.
due to the hardships i've faced during this series, i've received a lot of help from you fuckers! a lot of suggestions, and that's word, too awesome. so.. for this 25, i'm doing nothing but questions/25 suggestions i've received from my readers! even though some of you punk asses are too shy to leave a name.. pansies. some of them are kind of hard to do 25, 25's a big number, so i decided to group them all together. i'll do what i can with them.. i hope the grouping doesn't get too confusing lol.. once again though, thanks.. bitches!


well after living in toronto, i'd like to step my game up to new york.. but that's only if my life is right. i'm not gonna move there without any game plan. i know that all people with dreams are like "i wanna live in new york!" and i always think those people are homos. hahaha. i don't see it as homo when i say it, cause well.. i'm awesome.. but really, i'm a city girl, i need to live in a city world. i'm one of the few people who could never live on like.. a beach. don't get it twisted, i LOVE the beach, i love the ocean.. but i also love snow, and christmas, and lights, and subways, and buses, and traffic, and walking, and cafes.. if you gave me a beach, and a park bench in new york, and said, "pick a place to read".. i'd pick the bench. call me an odd ball.. BUT.. i will DEFINITELY come back to winnipeg. it will always be number one, no matter what.

PARIS! tokyo! chicago!!! holy lupe. but no really.. i really do.. AND AUSTRAILIA! and amsterdam.. and brazil.. oh lawd. i wanna see the world.. show me the world! i want to be able to tell me kids "one time i was so broke, i slept on this park bench in brazil, and it started to rain, and i had no food.. it was one of the greatest experiences of my life!!".. what's with me and park benches?! hahaha

uhm.. a music player for sure. some food would be nice lol.. and either nas, kid cudi or alex, so i'd have someone to dangiddy dangiddy.. then we can just re-populate the island! and i can be ruler of ALL! ..haha? serious face. i'd want a picture of my parents, cause that would give me hope. a rosary, because when i get scared, i clutch on to my rosary like no thang.. and cigarettes. maybe some beer?! hahahah parrrrttyyy on an island bitch!!

walking downtown toronto in the freezing cold with alex. i could re-live that any day!

this one time, i dared marti (for one dollar) to jump the badminton pole in leadership. he took it as no problem. he had on these really baggy sweat pants.. like gangster baggy. anyway, he started at one end of the gym, to get a running start, and went for it.. but his baggy ass sweats, got caught on the badminton pole! so he got stuck, upside down, and kinda hung there for a bit, before falling on his head. oh. my. god. it was so awesome. his dick must've hurt so bad ahahahha.. HOWEVER, if he wasn't wearing those sweats, he would've totally cleared it.. no question. i'll give him that.

6. "yo! what class you got!?" arvin was asking one of us what class we had, it absolutely was not marti, cuz marti had the same class as arvin.. so obviously arvin knew that marti had the same class.. but marti turned around, gave the gun point and wink and said "dental." and we started dyinggg.. ahahhaha what the hell marti?! not you.. !! i know it doesn't sound that funny, but he really thought we were talking to him, and that he was soo cool ahhahaha. oh lawd.. okay that's my last marti story, i swear.

CITY OF GOD. fuck all other movies.. okay. not really, but city of god is definitely number one. this movie is fucking amazing.. and i could watch it every day for the rest of my life. city of god all day! omg. i wanna watch it right now! funny thing is, i don't even own this movie.. i bought it twice and it got stolen twice. fuckin a.

8. the wackness. this movie isn't even that good ahahha. like the acting is mediocre, the story line is alright.. but damn. if ever i had a summer like this, i could die happy.. which might seem a little crazy to the people who've seen it.. but this was the best era for hip hop!! plus josh peck is so fucking hot in it..

9. the aviator..!! another movie i could watch forever. i love leonardo di caprio, whenever i think of him i think "fucking pansy".. but he really isn't.. like in the aviator, he's fucking boss.. and catch me if you can is wicked too.. and the departed.. okay. let's move on.


11. requiem for a dream. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY IN THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY OF ALL TIME. quote me on that shit. plus when that symphony goes off.. my heart stops and all i can think is "holy shit.. this is too crazy."

12. raging bull. nuff sed.

13. king of new york. OKAY YO! that subway scene, when walken whips out that fucking stack.. THAT SHIT IS TOO FUCKING GANGSTER.. when i first saw this scene, my jaw dropped. then when i got it on dvd, i fucking re-winded it and watched it over and over again like five times.. THAT SHIT IS TOO FUCKING BOSS~! omg. i need to watch it right now.

14. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. HELLLLLLOOOOO.. so fucking perfect. it's to die for! kate winslet is really a doll isn't she?! this movie was constructed so beautifully and made so simply.. yet it turned out so complex and makes your mind wander and has you thinking "how did they do that?!".. and at the same time, the story line really hits you hard.

15. belly. cause the acting sucks, but my boyfriend's in it! plus it's a smart movie, with quotes that are forever remembered, and inspiring.. even though the acting's wack lol.

16. the science of sleep. this movie + head bust = ill na na.

17. blow. because if blow wasn't in here, what kind of a person would i be?!

18. scarface, because i just have to.

SMOKING. i know. it's fucking horrible.. but i fucking love it. it feels good. i'm not really into sweets and shit.. like.. i love ice cream, and cake and cookies.. but i can't eat them if they're too sweet. i eat chocolate like once every two months. i like really light pastries.. but smoking is definitely my number one guilty pleasure.. for suuure.

20. BEER. i fucking love beer. all the fucking time. well not all the time.. but i love a nice cold beer at the end of the day.. and it just makes me fat, so i feel horrible drinking it, but i'm like "ugh.. gimmie more..!!" haha. beer beer beer!

dolls. as pansy as that sounds, if you leave me alone in a room with a doll, i will cry. i might even cry if you're in the room with me. i can't fucking stand them. it relates to when i was a kid.. i'll fill you in more if you want, i'll do a post about the trauma later.. but yeah.. i can't stand them. even typing this, is kind of hard for me. i like literally just looked over my shoulder cause i thought i saw something ahah. i know. it's fucking ridiculous.. but i seriously can't deal.. and if any fucker, decides that they think this is fucking funny, and you fuck with me!! i swear i will beat your ass down. don't. fucking. don't.

22. BUGS. i hate bugs. can't stand them. whenever i see one in my crib, i cover it with a glass, raid it, and wait for someone to handle it. cause.. ack. i don't like them.

i LOVE nicholas cage.. love him. his cool movies though, like.. matchstick men. not his pansy movies. love christopher walken too.. he's a fucking boss everywhere. robert de niro is the fucking man.. leonardo di caprio.. brad clooney.. i could go on forever. i decided not to do actresses cuz i dont really watch girls.. im into boy movies?!

(this isnt in order) carmelo, kobe, michael jordan, tom brady, larry bird, reggie jackson, derek jeter, luongo (i know, relax, he holds it down though).. BO JACKSON! holy. bo jackson too crazyyyyyy.. i love watching bo jackson from back in the day. nystrom & iginla:) i'd think of more but my mind is tired so i'll try and do a better post on this in the near future/. i might have to do a full 25 on this one ay?! i'll see what i can do..

okay. and the bombers, ahahahah.. seriously though, fuck you, bombers all day. if toronto can like the raptors, i can like the bombers.. i might have to do a full 25 on this one too.. agh life!!

hahaha.. so fuck !! i obviously wasn't able to get all of the suggestions in.. so throw me more ideas, and i'll get them all in this weekend if my computer complies with me.. i might also re-do some of the ones where i can actually come up with 25. we'll see what'll work out. my internet is such a fucking bust lately!! this entry done took me two hours, which i'm pretty proud of. almost record-breaking folks! almost record-breaking!! i'm totally supposed to be rocking out at the pete rock show tonight.. but stupid rock the bells doesn't go down half the time. "guerilla union needs to re-think some things".. fucking true say. so now i'm stuck at the pad .. nothing's going down tonight as far as i know. my boyfriend went to pickering for the night so i guess it's just me and lize.. and some beer.. not that it's anything to complain about. i'm just fine staying in.. as long as i have my burr. cheers..!


Anonymous said...

When I was reading the Marti stories, I was dyyyyyyyyyying ahhahaha

"I'm gonna punch you in the ovaries!!!"

Anonymous said...

Hey I appreciate you using some of my suggestions. You`re a man of your word.

how about 25 favorite video games of all time?
25 favorite places in Winnipeg?
25 favorite letters in the alphabet (just keeeding mang)

you don't have to OBVIOUSLY....and it IS your blog....just trying to help.

syntifik said...

boner: as a friend, he's definitely a keeper.

anonymous: hey now, i didn't mean to come off as, "fuck you guys this is my blog, ill write what i want!" cuz i totally needed that shit! i appreciate the help, i need as much help as i can get!! so thanks..!! :)

Anonymous said...

Can I get an invite to the Big Apple when you've finally get there!?!

& I HAVE eternal sunshine too! Bought it at superstore one day.

No Johnny Depp in your faves? Shocking!

- Bahnet

Ron said...

I also love beer.

syntifik said...

janet: absofuckinglutely!!
great movie huh?!
nd ya.. i LOVE johnny depp.. but i dont LOVE his movies.. if that..makes sense.

ron: half the reason why i love you!!

Maribeth said...

time for my irrelevant comment check out this blog post from jezebel... they asked people to submit their journals from times gones by. pretty shhweettt.

botch said...

tanks ma!