Monday, August 10, 2009


so if you don't know by now, i'm about to tell you. the greatest rapper EVER, of all time, is nas. he is the sickest rapper in the game, and will forever be the sickest rapper, of all time. quote me on that shit. if you don't agree, you must not know anything about hip hop.. but if ever you wanted proof, i fucking got you son.. my favorite nas quotes (in random order)?! esco, let's go.


1. "I switched my motto/ instead of saying 'fuck tomorrow'/ that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto/"
every time my mom asks me why i love nas so much, i say this line. we've been there. fucking harsh times, we been there.. but my mind just goes crazy on this shit. what if i took every penny wasted on a random drink here and there, a chocolate bar.. whatever. what if the next lottery ticket in line, could've been purchased by me, and was a winner?! YOU NEVER KNOW what life may give you.. keep positive.

2. "how much of biggies rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips?/ wanted to be on every last one of my classics/"
jay-z diss, let's face it. you so got owned son.

3. "put it together, i rock hoes/ yall rock fellas (roc-a-fella)/"
still cause ether goes SO HARD! this is my favorite line in ether, just cause if i had a label called roc a fella, and i heard this, i'd wanna change the name quick fast.. but like.. you can't change the name cause then you look like a little bitch who got sonned by nas, but if you keep it, do you really roc fellas?! HAHA. so good. so. fucking. good.

4. "i never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death"
NAS YOU IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! when people ask me "why do you sleep so late?!" or "why arent you sleeping!?" you'll hear this come out of my mouth.. i never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death!!

5. "i need an encore yall, you should welcome me back/ you wanna ball til you fall, i could help you with that"
this was at memphis bleek.. and it cuts you a little doesn't it?! how rap should be.

6. "i told her 'no hell' she talkin' bout 'me kiss' bobbed her head, then spit a nut back in my dick"
this is from a song called "rewind".. and i THINK it's on stillmatic, i can't remember. i love story-telling rap. it's ill. now nas is a GREAT story-teller, and a great lyricist.. but he did both of that BACKWARDS. yes ladies and germs. he rapped this whole song in reverse.. and when i first heard this song, i played it like five times just to take it all in. youtube that shit right now, nas-rewind.

7. "i got so many rhymes, i don't think i'm too sane/ life is parallel to hell, but i must maintain/ and be prosperous/ though we live dangerous, cops could just/ arrest me, blamin us, we're held like hostages/"
dude kicks knoooowledge. how the fuck did he write this on paper?! like really?! you get such a vibe of how shitty things can be, a reality slap in the face but at the same time, you're in "aw" like .. "how the fuck did he come up with that?!"

8. "everybody's a rapper but few flow fatal"

9. "life's a bitch, but god forbid the bitch divorce me/ i'll be flooded with ice so hell fire can't scorch me/"
okay so that first bar wasn't written by nas, but it's relevant for the second bar. the first bar was written by cormega.. but "i'll be flooded with ice so hell fire can't scorch me" is pretty fucking genius if you ask me.

10. "dwellin in the rotten apple, you get tackled/ or caught by the devils lasso, shit is a hassle"
how are you gonna compare hardships to the devils lasso?! that's one of the biggest things i love about nas.. he takes things and words them in a way that amazes you, and even though every word is so profound, it's also put so simply so that image and feeling is embedded in you while the song plays.

11. "zoom.. from outer space he comes/ blunt in his mouth with his hand on his gun/ bitches flappin they gums, do he be clappin and shootin guys/ actor or a movie star, rapper revolutionized"
SMOKIN! biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggg tuuuuuunnnneeee.

12. "what is his race nation or creed?/ is he arabic, black, latin, asian they read/ magazines say i walked on water, talked to the heavens/ spit at judges, stepped on peasants/ but in reality, i just entered your galaxy/ september '73, up in these wild streets"
another snippet from smokin.. smokin goes hard. go ahead and read that twice. read that three times. read that til your brain seeps nas. cuz that shit right there is ill na na. dammit. nas all day!

13. "i watch CBS, and i see B.S."
bias in the media?! nas knows child, nas knows! quirky little fun word play, i'm down.. word life. don't even watch that garbage dude. read the paper.. and only read the facts, cause opinion is fucking everywhere.

14. "it ain't hard to tell/ i excel, then prevail/ the mic is contacted, I attract clientele/ my mic check is life or death, breathin' the sniper's breath/ I exhale the yellow smoke of buddah through righteous steps"
DEEEP like the shining! sparkling like a diamond! sneak an uzi on the island in his army jacket lining! he hits the earth like a comet, invasion! nas is like the afro-centric asian, half man, half amazing!!!!!!!!

15. "the china men built the railroad/ the indians saved the pilgrim/ and in return the pilgrim killed em"
when nas was growing up, he read a lot. he dropped out in junior high, but he read books like no tomorrow.. and a lot were history books, and that shows in his rhymes. aside from stunning you, he'll throw you some education, which in short, basically rules.. for those of you who don't wanna get as literate but still wanna know shit haha.. plus it's in poetry form, and the best kind of poetry.. so it's a win for everybody! lol.

16. "i woke up early on my born day, i'm twenty years of blessing/ the essence of adolescent leaves my body now i'm fresh in/ my physical frame is celebrated cause i made it/ one quarter through life, some god-ly like thing created.."
the day i turned 20, i said this pretty much every half hour. it was my birthday anthem.. and i remember i thought of it at like the age of 16.. "I CANT WAIT TIL I TURN 20 SO I CAN SAY THIS!". it was word though, i did make it to 20, and i felt pretty fucking righteous that day.. and this is one of the greatest hip hop tracks EVER, and as soon as nas spits that first line, ohhh lawwddd i wanna melt.

17. "a thug changes, and love changes, and best friends become strangers."
i fucking hear that. i fucking heeeearrrrr that!

18. "my first album had no famous guest appearances/ the outcome, i'm crowned the best lyricist/"
YUP. how you gonna throw out such a fucking CLASSIC album without anybody famous on it? you can't do that shit now. if you don't have anybody on your album, we're nervous about listening to you.. but nas was so fucking amazing, his album spoke for itself. love you daddy. hahaha

19. "i squeeze nipples like pimples to get the puss, get it/"
this line made me buy street's disciple. not that i wouldn't have.. but like as soon as i heard this line, i missioned my ass downtown and bought it.. i didn't have to hear anything else, i needed that shit right away. lol'ing for days.

20. "some things are forever, some things are not/ it's the things we remember that give the world shock/ they stay in a place in your mind so snug/ like who the person was with whom you first made love/"
grasp memories and hold them tight in your palms! CANT FORGET ABOUT YOOOOUUU.

21. "smokin' so much ly(lie)/ i saw a dead bird flyin' through a broken sky"
nas - let there be light

22. "if the virgin mary had an abortion/ i'd still be carried in a chariot of stampeeding horses/"
if nas believes he is greater than god, nas can.. because he is the man.

23. "my lawyers only see the billboard charts as winning/ forgetting - nas the only true rebel since the beginning/ still in musical prison, in jail for the flow/ try telling bob dylan, bruce, or billy joel/ they can't sing what's in their soul/"
because VOICE is all you have. listen to nas and what he GETS to say. all he wants is the world to hear him.. speak, and speak loud while you can. nas and immortal technique should start their own label and just cause a whole fuckery on the world! haha

24. "i burned so much trees/ i keep environmentalists angry/"
YEAHYEAH ! blaze blaze. how you're gonna play that on to tree-huggers is BEYOND me, and it makes me happy! i love when nas gets comical, shit is good times.

25. "when you're four years into the game, we can have a conversation/ eight years in the game, i invite ya on vacation/ ten years in the game, after i've enjoyed my fame/ only then, i'll let ya pick my brain.."
more from "let there be light" cuz shit.. just don't. it wasnt aimed at soulja boy or none, but ima go ahead and say THATS FOR YOU SOULJA BOY! haha. nas has been in the rap game since TIIIME. i've been listening to nas since time, and i still don't feel like i've taken in everything he's spit.. no matter how many times i've listened. that's word. greatest of all time. period. plus tre williams sings so fucking ill on this song! at the beginning of this song he says "its like your hang gliding over the hood" and trust.. once you hear this song you honestly fucking feel like that. hip hop is dead is soooo under-rated.. feed that shit some love bitches!

NAS > your favorite rapper.

that post only took me two and a half hours.. congrats botch! that's almost a new record..!! on to other random blogging blurbs.. HELLO WEATHER!! hooooly shit. SUMMER IS HERE ! we're looking at NOTHING BUT +30(AND HIGHER!) C for the entire week..! so summer was late this year, i can live with that. i hereby declare that i will be beaching this entire month! fuck yeah son! EVERYBODY COME TO THE BEACH TOMORROW! it'll be 32! im so excited.. i can barely keep my pants on.. literally. wahhhwahhh! you know why?!
IM ROCKING VANS, IM IN THE SAND, I GOT A REDBULL AND VODKA UP IN MY HAAANDDDD.. you know why?! cuzzz im in miaaammmiiii biiiitttccchhhh!! drink all day.. play all nighttt..
so that axe shower gel commercial is some hot shit.. like wow. how do you not wanna dangiddy dangiddy after that commercial?!
let's get a weekend re-cap in. friday.. i honestly can't remember what i did. ahah.. i think it involved beer though.. yeah i really cant remember. saturday though. ohhh laawwddd.. went to alive.. got smashed !! all on a 5 dollar budget. and got smassshheeddd.. which means i really dont remember anything.. I DO REMEMBER, leaving alive for a different location (which for now will not be named cuz i totally was not supposed to be theerrreee) and we totally talked our way into getting in for free. which was awesome./ danced my ass off.. i remember seeing a few people and telling them they had ugly shirts on.. and i remember yelling at the bartender "SLLLLLLLOOOOWWW !! WHY ARE YOU SERVING SO SLOOOWWW.. slooooooowww!!" hahahaha. i also remember asking dj to play nas, and being really disappointed when "if i ruled the world" came on. not that i dont love song, it's just that's the only nas song every dj always plays. im gonna start asking for halftime every time i ask for nas now. not only that but there was a lot of reggaeton.. not for me, thanks. hahah i was really fucking drunk.. BUT VERY WELL BEHAVED. i would just like to pat myself on the back for that.. *pat pat*. honestly, i like avoided all trouble-some situations.. cause me 6 months ago woulda been all over that ahahhaa BUT NOPE! im goooood..! my hangover really didn't kick in til like 5pm on sunday.. and i was REALLY extremely badly hung-over. which is weird, cause i never get hung over. my usual complaint a day after partying is me being tired, or something being sore from rocking out too much.. but NOPE! not yesterday. yesterday i was really hung over.. and i was a fucking mess. woke up today feeling extra good though! and in two weeks i should finally be getting my passport so hollllaaa! plus i got to hang out with my mom dukes today who was looking absolutely LOVELY. after not seeing your mom for a month you kind of grow to miss them.. fuck i love her! .. and i don't wanna type anymore.. good day!

but first..! one cudi pic for my eyes..



legit list but 15.5? said...

Had eight partners growin up, eight turned to seven
Seven turned to six niggaz, got two in heaven
Six of us, holdin it, now it's five rollin thick
The sixth one's parole flipped; five niggaz, went to fo' quick
when he went O.T., college life, converted into gangbangin
Four niggaz still hangin, years passed and slang changin
Three of us now, fourth nigga ain't around
We all thought he was real -- he did the snake shit
Fake shit -- beat his ass down, yo his mouth
could've got us all wasted, what a fuckin clown
All I got left in the end is two of my best friends
And we all goin out, to the death for these ends, WHAT?
- you know what it's like

I take summers off, cause I love winter beef
- greeeeezy

Take 27 emcee's put them in a line and they're out of alignment
my assignment since he said retirement
hiding behind 8 Mile and The Chronic
Gets rich but dies rhyming
- 50 cent subliminal

dick sucker lips
- lmao


syntifik said...

this is why you're my boyfriend.
.. the 40 busters.. my crew the 40 busters! 41st side of vernon posse.. (see how bad?!)

Unknown said...

Number 21 isn't from, "Let There Be Light." It's from, "You're Da Man" off of Stillmatic.
And Number 9, what do you mean that line wasn't written by NaS, but by Mega? NaS spit that line. Nice list, nonetheless. I shall make mine soon.

Unknown said...
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syntifik said...

ryan face: i dont check song titles, thats reeally what i thought it was called.. you can call me on that.. but mega did write that line dude.. he wrote it before they were beefing.

Unknown said...

What song did Mega say that line?

kanJay Chedda said...

Ayo, the brother is "Stillmatic"
I crawled up out of that grave, wiping the dirt, cleaning my shirt
They thought I'll make another "Illmatic"
But it's always forward I'm moving
Never backwards stupid here's another classic


blood of a slave, heart of a king

syntifik said...

ryan: poetry!

j: ill na na nas all day