Wednesday, August 5, 2009


*sigh. life without a camera just isn't the same! especially as a blogger. ugh i wanna cry! hahaha. ugh life. throw me a fucking break here. i break/lose something important like every month. my id.. my cell phone.. my wallet.. the list goes onnnnnn and so do my 25's......
at least technology has advanced enough to allow the world cameras on our cell phones. ALL HAIL THE CAMERA PHONE..


1. yo you try and be the one to tell me this cow boy is not whylin'. his pose is on point and he has a purple lunch box. you can't fuck with that in the wild wild west!!

2. oh bathroom pictures.. i personally hate them, but after endless misses of trying to get both of us, we just had to.. plus this night was so wild.

3. HOMESKIES! awwwww.. dont you just miss the summer nights in winnipeg when you would head out to the plaza and blaze and laugh til three in the morning?! sooo good.

4. oh teej. you're just the nicest, ever.

5. oh poker nights. gotta love poker nights:)

6. this is marti. we were fighting because i wanted to sleep, AND AS ALWAYS, he wanted to sleep too.. BUT MARTI YOU ALWAYS SLEEP! and i was soooo tiiired.. after enough arguing, we ended up making enough room so we could both sleep.. for five minutes then it was time to go hahaha

7. oh look another tuazon! this is richard. i was living on like four hours of sleep, and rich was living on like two hours in like 3 days.. and we finally got to lay down. sleep my precious, sleep!

8. the beer was too expensive and the strippers were ALRIGHT.. but at least i got a lollipop! .. i hope it was clean. LOL


10. what is better than hot weather, beers, hip hop and cigarettes?! nothin/. absolutely fucking NOTHING.

11. carm mother fuckin' raz. i still want that nas shirt son..!!

12. OH BIANCA. 3 in the morning, do you know what that means?! IT MEANS JOHNNY G'S SON! get that food in our belllyyy.. and like five glasses of water please.

13. these are my doggies. they were bezz frennnzzz :( every time i see this picture it hurts my heart a little.. i miss this so much!!

14. UFC FIGHTS. all day.

15. sooooo fuuuuckinggg pretty right

16. so it was like +35C outside. seriously, it was hot as fuck.. and this girl was rocking a fucking red wool sweater, some sweats, and these socks. SANTA CLAUSE FACES, all over these socks. seriously dude, it was mad summer, and she was rocking these christmas socks. respects though, she go hard. i pinned this pic to bonibelle and she messaged me, "jingle fucking bells" and i was laughing so hard, hoping she didnt hear my berry make that camera sound.

17. glock clocked, we stocked ahhaha. DISGUSTINGLY GREAT.

18. so i guess most pics on my phone are of bianca hahaha.. we were upstairs hanging out with keys n krates.. only the craziest show ever. sickest night, sickest music. that's my word.

19. yup. that's a hot dog. yup. peanuts, peanut butter, strawberries, some jam, and some fuckin capt'n crunch on that shit! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW.

20. this is the man who bought it. thanks for letting me try.. that. he's the biggest r kelly fan i know, and i hope one day, he gets to share the above hot dog with him.

21. on our bike ride the other day, we spotted a BAMBI! HELLO BAMBI! bambi was actually a lot closer than this picture makes it seem.. i feel like if i were to ever pet a deer, it wouldn't be soft.. that's fine with me, i'll just take pictures of them from my biiike.

22. YO CHIIINA! get on that best buy tip and hook me up with a fucking camera yo!

23. this statue scares me. her eyes were mad scary, the flash took away from their darkness.. but aCk. BEAUTIFUL, but scaryyy stills.

24. REALLY?! how.. do.. i .. REALLY?! let me just.. maneuver.. like.. this .. does that work?! can someone help me out here?!

25. they're back in action! guile doesn't look so pansy-like anymore. he actually looks like he can handle business.

YALL KNOW ME.. i'm rockin' vans, im in the sand.. i got a redbull and vodka up in my handddddd..I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! so i'm still at number 13 out of 25.. 12 more to go. at least i made it to the half way point?! hopefully i'll be able to finish this saga by the end of august. i think my sister and i might go to a concert next saturday at the pyramid. step ya game up son, yagerbombs are on special there, so i'm pretty sure it'll be a fun night.. as for this weekend, bound to be too crazy. i dunno why i'm so excited, it's only wednesday!!
i had a good day today. i went to work, and it was a good day. nothing special happened, it was ordinary.. i'm just in a really good mood, which is shocking cause i still haven't really slept yet.
i am faaaaaaaaattt bitches. can we treadmill mother fuckers please?! or at least go biking more?! something~!@! help me out! i need motivation!! and a nicotine patch!! oh life, im such a fail. i loove cigarettes too much to quit. let's face it, they look cool.
i want a horse! a horse that doesn't poop or eat or drink water, so i only have to worry about riding it! or i can just hope for a horse and a butler who looks after my horse.. that makes more sense. i love kid cudi.


Anonymous said...

This is my first time I'm commenting on your blog ! It's Bianca by the way :) anyway just wanted those pictures are always all of good nights ! Too bad about your camera though :( have a fun on your weekends !

syntifik said...

haha word life! WHOOT WHOOT LADY! if anyone should be having fun this weekend, it's YOU!! have a kick ass time and get a tan son!!

how do u like my song? said...

syntifik said...

and i was gonna switch for the iphone, now i cant.. cuz one day cudi and i will be pinning each other!!