Thursday, July 22, 2021


It took me a while to get June posted because I was so ridiculously busy. I shot my first commercial! In a pandemic! Also have had a few interviews and trying to organize conferences and workshops and trying to keep sane. Of course, MUSIC HAS HELPED. So here's a late, but great, playlist. I took some time at the lake and let this one bop and it suited the warm weather nice. So enjoy it while you can because I'll be bringing in July in the next few days! This playlist is definitely shorter, but sweet too.

Hope you find a song you like.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

MAY 2021

I've been trying to post my May playlist for a few weeks now and unfortunately either Spotify glitches out, or my computer glitches out! It's also been a scorcher so I've been up to outside activities, but I do have a lot of music to share. I was finally able to get May going today, so enjoy! And hope you find a song you like ayyyyyyyy :D:D


Tuesday, May 25, 2021



I made a playlist that covers the good and the ugly. Some songs just hit ya. From missing you to loving you, this ones for the ones in love, the heartbreaks, and the best days. Music is meant to take you places, and sometimes that's forward, sometimes it's backward, but if it moves ya, then the song is doing the job! I hope you find a song you like.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I'm searching for my place in the sun.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dancing under my project.

Nothing by myself
Nothing nothing else
Nothing I can hide
Cruising story tell
Bike lane up and down
Lofty flower cry

Okay, I heard this song a while back but for the past few months, the lyrics in it slapped me in the face. So beautiful. Kuma Overdose studied jazz, as evident in this chune. This song sounds like a perfect Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hypemachine, Blog cocktail. One of the songs you find digging through articles and your crush's playlists. This song is off the album, Lofty, which has a lot of Asian influences blended in with modern day hip hop. One to add to your collection for sure, but this song takes the cake for me. It is *chefs kiss*

Hope you like it.


Friday, April 30, 2021

Everybody dies a little, I just wanna dance tonight.

April 2021, a promising month for me. I detoxed and had a loving relationship, with music! I am sooo in love with Noname, so I listened to her on loop a lot! But there are quite a few gems in here, a lot of hip hop, house and indie of course, but also some new genres that aren't my norm. Some Lido Pimienta, who I had the pleasure of seeing live just before the pandemic hit, and WHAT A SHOW. I can't wait to go to live shows again, honestly that's the thing I'm missing the most during this, live music.
I took a bit of a digital break, spent some time by the fire, went a few days without WiFi and reconnected to the biggest love of my life, music. Things aren't moving at all, and they are also, moving. I have a meeting with the mayor in a couple of weeks! I'm continuing to build my life and focus on the best version of myself. Landscaping is being completed, I have a truck now, my doggies are healing and happy. I'm still working insane hours, but I'm feeling great now that I'm vaccinated. I'm single without any dependents but somehow my taxes didn't completely destroy me even though I worked an entire year without any days off! So. We're moving along. 
I hope you're doing well. I hope this music heals you, helps you, moves you. With much love, a curated playlist, just for you! And as always, I hope you find a song you like.