Saturday, August 8, 2009


so do you run it? do you run the red light? i just got slapped in the face with a bunch of shit, and my mom slapped me even harder to say "stop it, we'll be fine". which is word, we'll be fine, but i feel like i still have a right to be angry.. but if i package up all that angry, put it in a box, is that cool?! if i just have a fucking beer with my friends and rock out with my cock out.. is that cool?! i wanted to hit yall with 25..
but i'm going to alive and i just don't have the time.. BUT that doesnt mean i won't do it. my camera's fucking spit to shit, it takes random pictures, that is, when it actually turns on. to turn it on, you gotta pull the lens out and hold the power button at the same time.. and after it shuts off right away.. the batteries are fully charged, so let's face it.. it's dunzos. summer's been.. not quite summer. the weather's been shitty, and so has the news. i'm bitter and angry but i still laugh my ass off like everything's cool cuz that's how i deal with shit. sometimes i'll slip and cuss everybody off, but it isn't too often, which i'm proud of. things aren't going my way, but my night life is on point.. i'm good if i don't think about things. wait wait. is this sounding depressing?! LETS BACK TRACK. let's just say, SUMMER, you are one interesting son of a bitch.
i'm about to fucking cheat and hit yall with 25 pictures from the past week excluding the last cause it's from maribeth cuz i needed a filler.. fackahhfff.. the beach, chillin.. and alive in the district (SICKEST SPOT IN LIFE!)


1. LMFAO. oh boy. forreal?! this had me laughing for days. you gotta say it with a sexy male voice though.. and pretend youre wearing suspenders and touch them seductively.

2. drunken botch takes photos like this. the floor had glitter in it! i dunno about yall but that was interesting to me.

3. I MISS YOU I MISS YOU I MISS YOU. damn airplanes for splitting us apart!! *cries in corner.


5. i'm here for the music.

6. some zoom for ya fucking mind.

7. told you. i'm dark now. my make up doesn't match my face and bitchess is killiiinn ittt

8. sickest spot in the world.

9. no drama, everybody's having a good time, and life is good!

10. i should do a 25 on this guy, cause i'm sure i have enough pics by now. i'm going to name him FABIO. at the end of summer, i'll post all my pictures of fabio for yall.

11. sup!

12. kings of leon time, i'm gaaame.

13. "bianca he's so drunk i feel bad for him, we should at least like call his friends or something to come get him." "uhh botch, that's the guy that was hitting on us saying such rude shit." "really?! wow. fuck that guy. haha look at him, he just bumped into that tree." or something.

14. i wonder if you know.. how they live in tokyo.. if u seen it....

15. ya fucking cave man!! this is what happens at alive, you fucking rock out and mosh, and people step on you, and spill drinks all over your legs. then you get shoe prints all over your feet.. be prepared.

16. CAN I GET SOME FUCKING STEAK NOW?! to the steak house!!.. i mean..

17. whoa what.. my camera randomly takes pictures once you turn it on.. even if you don't press the button :( but hi. we're at the beach now.

18. we're the smart ones who go to the beach on the week days to the side where hardly anybody goes anddd its all ouurs once we beat up these people and send them home.

19. sleep my precious.

20. AT THIS POINT i was trying to fix my camera, i would have deleted this picture but you can see my insect sting!! not from a wasp, or a bee, it was from a wood-tick looking bug but it wasnt a wood tick.. it fucking hurt though FUCK! and after.. all around the sting, it turned all red with hives all over it.. and it was just burning hot. it was fun.

21. my name is botch, and i am dark.

22. and whatever, have my boobs.. this is a cheating post so fuck it, hey *cheers.

23. this is more like 25 failed pictures, cuz i was trying to get this guy in a speedo but he slipped into his tight ass denim shorts before i could capture him.... yeahhh this post blows ahahahhaha

24. BUT WAIT! speedo man was not done.. luckily he wanted some more sun time and i was able to cop this bad boy.. sadly my zoom no longer works ahahahha.

25. i love this picture cause this day was so fun. maribeth took it. that's my best friend and my boy friend. chillin in the fuckin hood.

okay so i know. this post was kinda shitty.. but i didn't wanna leave yall hanging for another day without another post. so tell you what i'm gonna do.. ima call this post my 15 out of 25.. BUT, i'll throw in a 15.5 out of 25.. which means an extra 25!! which really means you're fucking getting 26 instead of 25.. but this was a cheat so it doesnt really count. i just needed to post something.. since my phone boyfriend can't. just kidding alex, i love you, most days.
uhh fuck! TRUE BLUE PARTY AT ALIVE! and if you aint there you aint shit.. okay so it really isnt a true blue party.. but im gonna cheers to that all night long.. and when "im in miami bitch" comes on, it's so done. i'm gonna get so fucking drunk tonight that my guts will be splattered all over the city.. you know why?! CUZZZZ IM IN MIAAAMMIII BIIITCCCHH!!!
OH YO! i forgot to mention.. i had my first "syntifik" encounter yesterday. it was pretty gnarly./ remember back in the aa days when people would be like "yo i go to ur page!!" well i got a blogger!! this girl came up to me and said "you're 5YN-tifik right?! i read your blog!!" anyway, it was really fucking cool, so yo, whats up! thanks for saying hi! coolesttt thing evverrrr..
dont be shy, say whats up.. regardless of what i say, im really a friendly person.. and yo.. if you see that jason au dude around, yall can go up to him too!! just go up to him and be like "yo.. you're jason au?! dont you like.. know botch?!" and im sure he'll love it.
just kidding son. happy 1 year to the masses..!! (still waiting for my custom birthday tee.. JUSSSTTTT THROWIN IT OUT THERRREEE:)

let's get fucking sloshed.


telephone boyfriend said...

k so right after I got off the phone. I called all the ppl's and all the plans ended up falling apart, so for another saturday, I am left at home. so I started my journey of hand picking my toronto pics via google. I just finished getting them and now am resizing them. then finally decided to go on your blog and to html it all up and found this entry. it broke my heart cus I really was going to spend all night doing my entry and instead found this "cheat" of an entry. party hardy! I'll be that hangover of a phone call whenever you wake up. call me when you do

Anonymous said...

fuck ur so hot

syntifik said...

alex: i still want you to write it!! baby you my errything you're all i ever wanted..we can do it real big, bigger than you everr done ittt..
fuck you're so hot:)