Friday, September 4, 2009


i know, i haven't posted in a HOT minute.. my bad. i've just been really extremely busy.. i just got back from the states, and the wedding dress is purchased! which makes me extremely excited.. so my bad for the delay.. i missed the song list for august so here it is:

88-keys, kid cudi - ho is short for honey
nas - black zombies
lmfao - i'm in miami bitch
nas - made you look
kid cudi, david guetta - memories

so i know i owe two more 25's.. i haven't given up.. i'm actually STILL working on the next one, i haven't stopped working on it. it's taking a lot of work, so i have to take an intermission.. but, it IS coming. so make sure you check back for it! the weather has been absolutely fucking amazing, it's so fucking hot! i'm getting darker and darker.. whooo yeahhh!! the beer hasn't stopped flowing and niether have the parties.. i got some grade A friends, as always, so everything is piiimppp! i've been to a few concerts and shit within the week, so pics from all those and the past few adventures are coming! i'll have my next two 25's done within a week, FERRSUURE. that's my word.
i'm also working on this next project, and need some help with it.. feed me some dares bitches! whatever you want me to do, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! my only rule is: nothing illegal. post it, or email it at:
i don't wanna talk too much about it, so im gonna leave it at that. this weekend is bound to be interesting so i gotta go ahead and get it started.. let's paint this city drunk!


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my sisters getting married this november and im antsy!!