Sunday, September 27, 2009



these are my cigarettes, they run shit. i've been smoking them for about 6 years now, and they're basically my love.. today, my spot didn't have them.. so rather than going to another spot (which i would usually do) i decided to try their new style..
these guys:

(the one on the right)..

my regular belmonts work out to be about 54 cents a cigarette, where as these bad boys work out to be about 50 cents a cigarette.. which might not seem like a lot, but it is.. however these are thinner.. but still have the charcoal filter, which is why i love belmonts. chances are if you smoke belmonts, and you know me, i'm the one who got you started smoking them.. lol cocky or not, that's truth. i started out as a du maurier smoker. i loved me dumo's.. but after one belmont, i switched over.. which was hard at first because my hometown didn't really sell them anywhere except for the boonies.. it's worth the trip. the consistency of the smoke in belmonts is phenomenal and it doesn't leave a gross taste in your mouth, it actually smells good, they're smoother than any cigarette i've ever tried (& i've tried them all).. they're tasty while not being weak.. and that's why i smoke them.. these new "edge's" look homo but the box says "the same old belmont taste in a compact cigarette" so we'll see how this goes.. wtf?! am i doing cigarette reviews now?! hellllllo.

8 minutes later.. wow. weird. these cigarettes are like.. ultra thin man, i felt like i was gonna break it.. tastes like a regular old belmont, only difference is the size.. in diameter, it's like a lollipop stick, no joke.. i like it cuz i can fit the pack in my back pocket, but other than that no difference..
why does it matter i dunno?! but that's the most exciting thing to happen to me today! hahahha.. basically, belmonts are the greatest cigarettes ever made!!!!! so if you're a smoker, and haven't tried a belly, do it.. you'll never regret it.. and if you're not a smoker, don't try one, cuz i guarantee after a belmont, you will become a belmont smoker.. "i don't smoke cigarettes.. i smoke belmonts". that is all.