Wednesday, September 9, 2009


yo chill blog. i can only do so much! my next 25 is still in progress.. my LAST twenty five, is pretty much post-able as soon as my next 25 is posted.. but in order to post it, the next one has to be posted, and blah blah. so what chu want!? no posts or a post?! i'm still here.. so lemme give you some shit to please you.
i just finished spending the last few days with my boyfriend. WADDUP SCARBOROUGH..! i miss you terribly :( so now i can get a re-cap in.. and along with that, i'll post pics i've missed from all my past adventures.. and my next post hopefully will be my next 25!! okay.. so let's recaaappp!

FRIDAY! airport status to head straight to ztrip. airport then party!? pretty much paris hilton status. good looking out mike, thanks for getting us in, you'se the bomb diggity.
SATURDAY! alive alive alive. alive is good alls the time.. if you havent been, GO! but go late! at like 12ish.. that way i have room on the patio.. thanks.
SUNDAY! chill day. bbq followed by tavern/. chill na chill.
MONDAY! sleep in ! bbQ at jamziz! and then inglorious basterds.. i FINALLY watched it.. people had mixed feelings, but i friggin loved it! janet..!! it's amazing!! i wanna watch it again!! right now!! plus it was the first movie i watched with my boyfriend! aW check us out.. milestones and shiiit!! cute!
TUESDAY! official boyfriend day! beers and wing status.. left my camera there.. WAHWAHH.. im a fail, i know. shut up. thanks. so i at first had a broken camera, now i have no camera! which blows cuz i won't have it for my trip in october:( *sigh. but oh well.. we got mediocre'ly drunk.. and walked through the hood, and made out on a bridge, and peed in alleys.. and i basically love him. that is all.
WEDNESDAY! i could not wake up to save my life! but i did, to kiss scarborough good bye, and cry in front of my boyfriend, and pretty much die.. and when i got home, i ate some spinach fettuccine with salmon!
hahahaha EPIC.

now, i owe some thanks.. bianca! yo you my nigga. bonibelle and ma! for making stops. eliza! for taking care of me! boys! for being down and awesome, alls the time! alex! for smelling so good and having a heart beat that sounds too ill na na when i lay on yo chest.

NOW.. lemme post some eye candy.. expect little captions, you're gonna have to make due with the visuals.. ;) five different nights, let the pics begin!

"how tall are you?!" "6'4" ".. holy.. shit."



so when the line is too long for the girl's bathroom, i go into the boys.. and they have these pictures all over the wall..

WHAT?! how come we don't get this?!

you guys really need this shit to pee or what?!

thas my dj!

play me cudi?! hahah.

life has been outrageous.

periods are such buzz killingtons. kenny and spenny are back?! HALLELUJAH!! thank goodness.. one of the greatest shows in life!! i need to meet kenny and spenny !! aCk. i need new clothes and have no moneyyy. whooooo!! cmon birthday, you couldn't be coming any slower!! hahaha.. also.. i have a quick rant to get in.. i just wanna dag on people girls who get dumped, then they start posting all these "sexy" pictures on facebook.. like they're ill na na. we get it, you got dumped, you wanna look good. (you still don't but okay) it's obvious, but if you wanna feel good about yourself, i get that./ but to the girls who start posting their profile pictures with other dudes, in a sad attempt to get their ex-boyfriend jealous, you aint foolin nobody.. you just look like a hoe.

1! hahahah


rodrigues said...

k so only built 4 cuban linx 2 is being considered a classic (I can vouch for that) and is #1 in album sales over blueprint 3?! BUUUTTT jay-z's album hasn't dropped on itunes yet (you were right about it dropping on the 8th), it would be crazy if raekwon sold more than jay, but I still think jay will find some way to outsell raekwon. cudi's album is different as usual but LEGIT, something to blaze and chill out to for sure (let's do it sometime) pursuit of happiness and soundtrack 2 my life are PIFF. he'll def sell more then drake:( 50 still gotta come through and make his money, 50 ft. drake LOL!!! lookout for relapse 2 and thank me later.

couldn't sleep last in an empty bed, it felt akward, really wanted to go and party with chris, plus I missed you a million!!!

anyways im off to muskoka to preach to the kids and make a small penny. hold the fort down till then

syntifik said...

i TOLD YOU jay moved it up! i just finished listening to cudi, i cant wait to buy it! DELUXE EDITION.. i LOVE enter galactic and alive. i listened to jay this morning, but didn't get a real good listen.. i like empire state of mind and already home.. but nothing made my jaw drop. i'll give a real listen this weekend and we'll talk about it.. you can't stop drake. even if you stopped drake.. raekwon's album is bound to be fire with a track listing like that!

i'm not gonna buy blueprint 3.. but i'll buy relapse.. and cuban linx, and man on the moon:) i'll download it though..!

two people brought up my neck today, funny stories to follow.. call me as soon as you get back! til THEN.

Anonymous said...

Wunderbar fraulein!! It's definitely a "love it or hate it" film. BUT knew you'd love it! And I can tell you that it's better the second time around!

Good choice on the first movie date!
Is it illegal to wankoff in the boys bathroom?!?! SHOULD BE, I think.


syntifik said...

i DO love it, i plan to watch it a BILLION times..

jerking off should be illegal anywhere outside house doors..!