Wednesday, September 23, 2009


well.. this month is going to be busy as fuck.
i went from wearing my bikini on monday to rocking a sweater and a jacket yesterday to hot ass weather today!! fuckin sweatin and shit.. this weather is crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU. this summer has been.. the worst summer of my life.. but that's not saying a lot, because past summer's have been a kick to the gut to compare to. they've been such fucking ragers. so although this summer was rage all day, it gets an overall 5/10.. not to say i didn't enjoy it. it was so fucking awesome.
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY BOTCH?! i dunno have some pictures.

:( hahahhahaha

thaat's betterrr.

okay hardcores.

your favorite local best buy team.

right ?!

stop head butttinggg

PIC! hahah

if i didnt know yall, i'd say this was pretty homo

no homo

WELL.. if this isnt lindsay lohan enough for ya i juzz dont know what is..



you can't tell, but there is high headbutting results in this photo.. unfortunately, the camera took away from said results.

smashed at 2 in the afternoon, no probleeemmm..!

i still have more lupe vids to post, but they take long to upload, and i'm simply not down for that right now.. i am pretty down for some ice cream though! maybe it's too cold for ice cream.. fuck that. it's never too cold for ice cream.. ICE CREEEAMMM!! "YO BOTCH WHERE YOU BEEN?!" i know right, i'm so m.i.a.. i got moves to make.. sorry if you stop by and i haven't been around.. i guess since i'm so m.i.a. you're gonna have to read more of my blog now huh?! boo ya mother suckahs, boo ya. im fucking on my grind bitches. gotta get some library time in. this girl who was chompin on her gum totally gave me the eye cuz i was listening to my nas. i'm sorry but your cow sounds aren't any better doll! OH speaking of bitches, lemme get this quick convo in:
"wow you're a bitch"
"what why?!"
"she totally said hi to you, and you didn't say anything, hi. bitch."
"whatever dude, fuck that girl's a douche."
"okay shit, she's a fuckin douche though. dirty ugly trick ass wanna be us but cant type slut."
"what did she do?!"
"she fucking stepped on my shoes man."
NO. she didnt really step on shoes.. makes said story hilarious though? no? well i laughed.

im sleeeeeeppy.. yeah so i get tired at 11pm now, but i still can't wake up without my wake up calls.. geeze. sexually frustrated, sleepy and over-wrecked. i know, lame. hey mary jane, what's yo sign?


Anonymous said...

in the words of miss syntifik herself, "rage" lol

syntifik said...

lol you dunn even know!!!