Monday, July 13, 2009


and the tan for your grand!! ..beach.
3 hours of sleep, alcohol after math and no make up after the jump.
no hottie manotties to be found, people yelling in random languages and kites up in this biiiiatttcchhh!! we were the meat of the beach sandwich, you ain't at the right beach if the seagulls don't fly, umbrellas as a home, hoodies, red flags and green flags, don't fuck with inflatable devices, and perfume smelling bathrooms. AND IF YOU DONT GET ANY OF THAT.. then you just had to be there.

you guys look warm. harhar.

ill na na

sweet pad, can i come in

siiiick system.. your place is too illlll

sleeps my darling.

death over there!!

party over here!!

mami to my right

how high



kinda close to that.

so they decided they needed to get higher.. but in order to practice, you gotta stretch first.

it's the only way they'll become the best.

pray to the jumping gods.

get your yoga on.. whatever it takes!! whatever it takes!!

let's jussssttt sleeeppp

step into my spaaa

aint havin thaaattt

thazz it son. more beach times to come..! can i get a holla for summer one time please! in other news, fuck you. i never expected things to happen quick fast, but i actually gave you a shot. i hereby state i will make no further efforts. suck my dick you wannabe botcho!
i'm not angry. i should be.. these past few days have been a rollercoaster. up, down, up, down. i'm having a good time then all uvvah sudden something sucky happens.. and i'm like WHOA! LIFE! PAUSE! but i'm cool with it.. like it's sucky but fuck ittt.. i'm getting better at just saying "well that fucking blows..!! hmm.. i'm hungry." youknoowww.. "i juzz dunn givvuhhh fuucckk" type thing. that. yeah. it's good. instead of dwelling on it forever. let's move on. "SHIT THIS DAY SUCKS! WHATS GOOD FOR TOMORROW, LETS GRAB A BEER SON!" yo. sick. blast some hip hop, wave your middle finger in the air and we're back to good. easy. like that. snap yo fingers. done. dirty.
whoa botch, are you like high or somethingg.. uh.
it's summer yo! enjoy it. we only got it for like a week more hahahah.
i wanna go to chicago!! but i just found out i need 1200 in two weeks (not for chicago, for the philippines, HOLLAAA). so uhh yeah. sweet.
say good bye to my room! GOODBYE ROOM! good bye. it's all gonna look different next month.. and i'm sad aboud it boud it. but hey.. change is necessary.. let's go get em!
so i'm working on my 25 favorite hip hop albums!! IF YOU ARENT EXCITED ABOUT THAT.. i just don't know what to blog about folks! it's taking me a lifetime! and i'm having a really hard time dropping albums and adding more in.. and organizing them in order.. basically just making this list in general. it's good times.
i'm going for a run soon times with bianca, and i hope i don't die, tear these nike frees to shreds already! if i remember correctly bianca, in basketball tryouts you were a decent runner.. and so my friend, i guess we shall run. we will run.. TO THE DEATH!
*evil laughter and thriller music start up*


rodrigues said...

entourage season 6 trailer
bleek mixtape
game diss

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, me and Alex (I know, bad grammar, but I don't give a fuuuuuuuck) ... are the only people that have commented, man.


So here's another comment.

Hey, Alex, why don't you have those weird animations up? Are those non-postable? Cause if that's the case... 1 point for LJ, 0 for blogspot.

syntifik said...

alex: you the fucken' best..!! downloading in full effect.

bonibelle: i'm on the phone with you.
all i need is you two in my fan base and im set.
cop my album.. january fourth.

syntifik said...

**im on the phone with you so this comment is pointless..** i cant multi-task

DSM said...

Yeaaa more you in a bathing suit please.

Yea I made it!

syntifik said...

haha yay!!
i gotta promote, i just gottaaa..

i'm botcho btw.