Friday, July 10, 2009


went to pre-order, and sorry but there's no way i can make a 9.5 work, i'm a 7 in women's. A 7! i will not stuff my shoes jason au, i just will not. so alex, i'm just gonna have to lick yours ! okay, thanks. guess i'll never reach lily allen's shoe game level.
*world crumbles*

so i was downtown and realized, wow it's 12.. and bonibelle's lunch is at 12!! so i met up with her and we grabbed some grub. then we walked a little, went to footlocker to get my pre-order on.. which obviously didn't go well.. and can i also say that everyone in footlocker seemed angry!? don't mean to rain on your footlocker parade guys. so then i went out for a cigarette, bonibelle left for work again and i see ben! & we were wearing the same jeans, and purple tops. so.. that was exciting? ahahhaha. faCk.
i also let some girl use my phone, AGAIN. second time i've done that this week, but the last time it was a little old lady.. this time it was a hood rat. so i stood up while she sat down so if she tried to make off with my phone i could stand my ground and whip out some muay thai.. it wouldn't have happened like that, she would have gotten away as she was in sneakers and i was in evil non-sneakers.. that and i haven't learned the art of muay thai.. but it's nice to think so.
anyway. "lmfao" just dropped, and i still haven't bought it.. cuz i like have no money and shit. but cunninglynguists & chubb rock in a few days so hollllaaa hmv. you are gonna get some love. j-kwon is also dropping an album!? uh. what? fucking weird man, fucking weird.
shout out to DOWNTOWN. DOWNTOWN ALL DAY, and roger, well, roger never:)
anyway.. it's friday.. so here's my list of goals from last weekend, actually a list of fails from last weekend..
- make out in the rain
- go to a concert
- spit off of a bridge
- blaze on the beach
- see tj and eliza
- rock out with my cock out

PRETTY WEAK! i know.. let's go harder.. this weekend's goals are!!
- don't go over budget
- bite somebody
- get somebody to eat a hot dog
- trade lighters with somebody
- NO mcdonald's
- go to a pub YA TRICK YA!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddddd it's the weekend! i gotta nap before i get ready otherwise tomorrow will be so bruuuutal. let's get dark, drunk and danced bitches! have a good one:)


rodrigues said...

this sucks!

Anonymous said...

Really? You didn't make out in the rain? Wasn't it raining when Alex was here? Haha

I <3 youuuu


Anonymous said...

I dunno why I left a huge space like that...

rodrigues said...

whoa new layout? keeping it classy. looks like my birds and bees joint lasted long

syntifik said...

where do i starrrtttt..

winker: keep on winkin

bonibelle: :(

alex: gotta keep it classy..i like a little sassiness, a lotta class, reach in my bag, pass the fifth.. ima leader at last, this the don you wit.....!!

kanJay Chedda said...

i told YOU! check to see if the 2001 retros came in kids sizes and just grab those! they'd probably be around the same price anyways since they're kids sizes. and i see that you're listening to 'kanJayChedda' on imeem hahaha

syntifik said...

ughhhhh.. YOU DO IT FOR MEEEE!!

damn that imeem. damn it! hahaha.. i wasnt listening to it okay! it just shows up when i go to your blog.
you're a gay.